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Iron Daybeds

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Iron Day Beds may not be a new solution to everyday extra sleeping space dilemmas, but seldom does the answer come in such stylish form as our small collection of traditional iron day bed models. Moreover, it is worth remembering that among the earliest forms of multi-functional furniture from which contemporary design draws inspiration is in fact the Day Bed.

First seen in the palaces of Greece and ancient Rome they were used by the nobility to receive guests, eat, drink and sleep. Even these very early civilisations recognised the versatility of this furniture concept, and in much later years during the mid 17th century, day beds were being placed in a closet off the bedchamber, so that the lady of the house could receive admirers or simply relax.

Indeed in Tudor times the bedroom would have been used as the private reception room of the house where much romantic and chivalrous courtship might have taken place. This custom suited the use of the day bed, or couch superbly, which was more appropriate and convenient than the intimacy of the master bed itself.

The chaise lounge was a Victorian invention, and a variation on the day bed theme, taking the concept and adding a curved headboard and side arm.

It would have been placed at the bottom of the bed and used by the mistress of the house for drying her hair in front of the fire or reclining whilst receiving visitors in similar vein to her Tudor ancestors.

In time that is more recent the day bed concept is perfect for communal areas of the home, such as hallways and living rooms, where people can snatch a few moments of sumptuous comfort.

In a bedroom, it adds an elegant touch, appealing as it does, as a decorative statement and a truly versatile seating and sleeping proposition.

It is this style and versatility that ensures the enduring popularity of our Iron Day Bed collection, which can add a sense of occasion to the humblest room.

Designed to be used with a 3 ft mattress pairing, the specification of the customers choosing, these expressive day beds feature a super rigid metal base and German sourced quality sprung beech slats to ensure extreme strength and longevity.

A pop up trundle unit stored under the sleeping area converts the day bed to a king size cont.........