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Sleeping in the modern age

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
Bedroom Styles

Bedroom Styles

There can be little doubt that one of the benefits of living in the 21st century is that, in terms of bedroom style, we have never been spoilt with so much decorative choice and captivating design innovation. And whilst modern living might conjure images of contemporary minimalism, it need not be so.

Most would agree that that our preoccupation with contemporary design and an uncluttered approach to styling themes has had a significant effect on modern day bedrooms, and indeed, many architectural themes are perfectly suited to this philosophy. Yet many traditional bed designs can look strikingly modern in the correct setting, with basic contours that are perfectly suited to low maintenance settings and neutral colour themes.

Dark English oak and emotive Victorian Antique Brass are two such materials that simply come alive when sympathetically married to the minimal urban aesthetic. With clever lighting and inspired use of complementary accessories, some definitive results are possible as old and new come together with intriguing results. It is often a surprise to find that the Modernism trend is actually not modern at all but has deep roots that are linked to a period in design history almost a century old.

In fact today’s contemporary interiors often unknowingly pay homage to the style of the Machine Age and the early Modernist architects and designers, albeit with a different take on their maxims of function and simplicity. In clean-cut homes where technology has replaced artifice, and decorative nuances rely on simplistic texture and colour rather than pattern, the often elaborate period bedroom style has been replaced with a desire for calm minimalism and understated detail.