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“Sleeping under the stars….”

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The bed is the ultimate escape. A pocket of sanctuary for renewal, respite and romance.

Creating a hideaway where the bed becomes a self- contained haven, means that wherever you may be, and however small the sleeping area, it is possible to climb between sheets and be instantly transported to a quieter place in time.

When on the move or sleeping under the stars, the sensory effect is sharpened and as a way of reclaiming our links with nature and recapturing a simplicity of experience, it has little equal, although one which we all too rarely capture.

A hammock or tree house in the garden during balmy summer months can provide a wonderfully simple escape, whilst a flight of fancy exotic beachfront retreat with a basic platform bed under a canopy of palms and the sound of the sea, might be the ultimate tropical fantasy.