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Deep Purple Bedroom moods…

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Purple enjoys universal appeal. It is a colour that is gender friendly and remarkably versatile in a vast palette of hues to suit just about any room theme. Use deep purple in your bedroom design to create a lush and regal space in which to relax and unwind. The richness of purple can overwhelm a room without a degree of restraint, but with caution and a little colour planning you can indulge in eggplant or merlot hues with ravishing results that feel anything but claustrophobic. Incorporate natural and artificial light along with lighter accents for a room mood that is bright and airy and undeniably inviting…

If a bold and romantic colour vibe is your pleasure then deep purple shades could be the perfect choice. The trick here is to counterpoint the richness of purple with those lighter accents to ensure balance and visual harmony. Rich dark purple bedroom walls look fabulous and when married with silver or vintage white linens, woodwork and accessories, the story really comes to life. Silk bed coverings or window treatments also come into their own here, and help to reflect light around the room creating the illusion of space. Keep the colour palette simple with just one or maybe two shades of white, cream or silver, applying them within the space. Incorporate furniture in the form of lime-washed wooden bedsteads or a traditional metal bed in an ivory finish with brass detailing for a romantic flourish. Team up with matching bedside tables and a creamy upholstered love seat or reading chair to add a cosy flavour to the room, with additional fresh charm courtesy of a large bouquet of white lilies atop a nightstand or bureau.

An alternative approach sees deep purple walls paired with rich wooden furniture to create an enveloping sensual bedroom mood. Darker traditional wooden bed designs, from French style sleigh bed creations, to simpler wooden panelled beds in cherrywood, walnut or mahogany, create a luxurious and relaxing space in the company of a rich purple backdrop. Dark oak and ebony wood styles turn up the temperature with a regal aesthetic that can hold their own against the richness of the wall colour, and consider introducing added dimension to the room by seeking out wooden beds and furniture that have ornate carving features. Choose fabrics for the bed that have coordinating purple shades if you wish, but steer of anything that has elaborate patterns that will compete with the furniture and the walls. Instead, add visual interest with interesting textures in the form of bed linens, area rugs and scatter pillows that will complement rather than introduce visual distraction.

For smaller rooms and for those who are set on introducing purple into their bedroom décor without committing to a complete purple makeover, consider a two-shade approach that sees the wall space broken by the inclusion of a dado rail or chair rail as it is also known. Wooden chair rails add detail and dimension as well as a simple way to add a splash of contrasting lighter colour. Paint or wallpaper the wall below the chair rail in the rich deep purple shade of your choice, with the wall space above the rail finished in a neutral hue such as light grey or a vintage white or ivory. This two tone approach is very effective with something of a traditional country house flavour about it that enables us to enjoy the richness of purple without it becoming too oppressive or heavy. Another option is to use the well tried and tested method of finishing just one accent wall in a deep purple shade. This would normally be the bed head wall offering attractive contrast with creamy white traditional bed designs, or as the perfect partner for that romantic and timelessly enticing wooden bedstead…

Dragonfly bedroom themes for young and old…

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Here in the British Isles summer tends to be a pretty hit and miss affair even at the best of times, but for an all-year-round taste of summer, a dragonfly theme can give the bedroom an enchanting lift that translates eminently well in a youngsters bedroom or with a more mature twist for a master bedroom. Dragonfly themes give you great scope for the imagination, as they come in so many different shapes and sizes, and with just a few dragonfly accents it’s possible to add interest to the most ordinary bedroom scheme.

As always, room colour choice is the essential start point ingredient, but a dragonfly theme offers wide choice when the time comes to choose a backdrop colour. Subdued shades such as pale green, faded yellow and white variants offer a casual and relaxed mood, whilst for a more vivid vibe you might like to consider richer colours such as maroon and jade. Choosing one primary colour for the room with two secondary colours is invariably successful, or you could paint or wallpaper the bed head wall in an accent colour to draw the eye, using the remaining wall space as a contrast background for artwork and dragonfly features. Add splashes of contrasting colour in small amounts so as not to overwhelm the room with too much visual clutter that spoils the main design message.

Create theme interest by incorporating dragonflies on the walls in the form of artwork or posters or fabric wall hangings. A dragonfly patterned quilt atop a pretty traditional iron bedstead would be entirely appropriate for a young teenagers bedroom, and consider wall features such as metal dragonfly décor to harmonise with a metal bed and unify the room scheme. Dragonfly patterned wallpaper is another option, whilst stencils and wall decal applications provide great scope for personalisation and originality.

Windows allow the outside to filter into the room, and even on the greyest day, nothing seems more appropriate than including dragonfly accents here, to bring the outside in, as it were. For a soft delicate look that suggests those elusive lazy summer days, look out for sheer floaty window fabrics that feature dragonfly patterns. If you choose curtains for the window dressings, ensure that the fabric harmonises with your wall colours and the bed throw on that enchanting traditional bedstead, and look for tiebacks made from bendable wire or wrought iron to add a whimsical look to the room space.

Finish the dragonfly look with accents and accessories that extend the theme without introducing too much visual noise. For a pleasing look, include things that you might find in your garden or back yard, such as a wind chime, an old weathered bench that you can adorn with cushions, or some garden lanterns. Add a wrought iron candlestick or a set of dragonfly hooks to add texture within the room, and include additional dragonfly accents in the form of lampshades or mobiles. Dragonfly patterned pillows, rugs, ceramic vases, and sculptures are other charming features that you might wish to showcase for this fanciful summery room theme…

Mid- century contemporary Bedroom style.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

The mid-century contemporary design aesthetic developed as early as the 1930s here in the UK and across the Atlantic, but in fact is more commonly associated with the urban design and architecture of the 50s through to the 60s. Mid- century design celebrates simplicity and minimalism and a break from earlier ornate décor eras, by creating cohesive spaces with seamlessly integrated elements from floor to ceiling. Bedrooms that conform to this décor style exhibit clean, calm spaces through monochromatic colour schemes, sleek architectural lines and unfussy detailing with minimal embellishments on furniture and accessories.

For a room makeover that follows this aesthetic stick with furniture that conforms to this discipline, avoiding ornate wooden bedframes or headboards that display significant carving or inlay features; a legacy from earlier furniture styles. Instead, select low-rise contemporary bedsteads in painted wooden designs or transitionally styled metal beds for a clean look and simple silhouette. Black, blue, white or red bedframes lacking any headboard or footboard ornamentation offer a simple sleeping solution, with matching minimalist box nightstands and bureaus to create cohesion. To add interest, choose small pieces of accent furniture such as a chair in an unexpected material such as brushed steel or plastic, but avoid the temptation to introduce too much furniture into the room, storing clothes and other bedroom related clutter in closets or under- bed storage units.

The landscape of the room as defined by the floor, walls and ceiling should be the canvas for a muted colour scheme with a restrained number of patterns and textures. Though carpet is a traditional choice for most bedroom schemes, avoid patterned or brightly coloured styles that might give the space a dated appearance. Very light or dark bare wooden floors or even solid coloured tile is a more appropriate choice, and likewise, keep wall tones simple and monochromatic, with neutral colours such as white, cream, slate grey or beige. Consider creating an accent wall behind the bed with a brighter statement colour such as lime or burnt gold, and match in other details such as the bedspread and area rugs colour-wise to create cohesion. Avoid textured ceiling treatments or harsh overhead lighting, keeping things simple with white or a light grey paint finish.

Fabric choice can dramatically influence the design aesthetic of any bedroom scheme, and because most mid-century modern bedrooms embrace monochromatic colour moods, we can indulge the décor with fabrics that introduce unexpected and bold colour accents and geometric patterns. Avoid floral or pastel patterns that are more in keeping with colonial or traditional room styles, and instead aim for curtains and bed dressings in rich colours such as sapphire blue or red, incorporating repeating geometric shapes into bedspreads or scatter cushions. A bed throw that offers a bold contrast adds colour dimension; for example, choose a black and red bedspread for a predominately white or grey room, or opt for a grey bedspread with neon yellow accents to bring colour to the space.

Conclude the décor scheme with a restrained selection of arty accents, but above all keep dressers, bedside tables, and desks free of clutter or superfluous items. Select a couple of dramatic and interesting pieces of art and display them in an area that will attract the eye. Modernist metal or wire wall hangings are appropriate here as are stone or bronze sculptures for visual and textural contrast. Reproductions of bold artwork by 20th century artists such as Frank Stella or Andy Warhol in simple black frames are mid-century contemporary to a tee. Include them to ensure splashes of colour, vibrancy and sophistication to your mid-century modern bedroom design.

Exotic Chinese bedroom themes.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Timeless Chinese décor lends itself perfectly for use within the bedroom with beautiful and exotic room schemes that draw on Chinas rich culture, history and tradition. At its very simplest, Chinese décor can be ascetic and modest or far more elaborate in design, but one thing that is common whatever the style, is that the elements of the room must work together in harmony to create a calm and peaceful environment. With a close attention to detail, and careful selection of colours, textures and room accents, comfortable and inspiring room sets are possible that calm the senses and eclipse the stresses of the day.

Do a little research on the internet and by trawling through Interior magazines for inspiration to select a pleasing colour palette for the room. Traditional colours used in Chinese décor are symbolic: red for good luck, yellow for long life, green for peace and harmony, purple for spirituality, and browns, ranging from light tans to rich mahoganies, for grounding. A bold wall colour is appropriate here although lighter neutral tones might be better suited to the bedroom theme. Combine with tapestries and screens as an authentic alternative.

Chinese style furniture is traditionally low and boxy with clean lines and would often be mixed with ornamental pieces for impact. Dressers, trunks, benches, occasional tables and chairs, are all in their element here, whilst a low modern beds, platform style finished in a light wood or a contemporary metal bed design will form the perfect focal point within the room scheme. High gloss oil painted or lacquered furniture offers a sleek look and is always very popular, as are high-backed elaborately carved wooden chairs, or a grand ornamental headboard featuring mother of pearl or gold inlays, as an alternative to the platform bed option.

Add texture to the room with natural woods such as bamboo, and traditional fabrics such as silk. A silk or bamboo screen is the perfect addition to any Chinese themed room, and embroidered fabrics with a mixture of contrasting colours featuring traditional Chinese designs such as dragons, peacocks or flowers, will always look the part. Incorporate such designs in the form of wall hangings, area rugs, throw cushions and bed and table runners. Allow the theme as a whole to be illuminated naturally with simple window treatments, such as bamboo shades or carved wooden shutters, whilst for added ambiance, include some Chinese lanterns to hang within the room.

Avoidthe temptation to clutter the space or crowd it with furniture. A minimalist approach is the way forward here. Instead pick a few interesting pieces that relate to each other in terms of style, colour and materials or that incorporate the Chinese designs described above. Each piece should have a specific purpose so don’t squeeze in any more than you need. Strive for symmetry, balanced colours and evenly placed furniture and accessories, so that each piece makes an impact in the area where it is sited.

Finally, add accessories that carry the theme through, such as wall hangings that feature scenes from Chinese mythology, delicate bamboo umbrellas, a large fan, or Buddha statues. High gloss pottery or granite carved pieces can also work well, but whatever you select, go for quality rather than quantity. One large accent wall tapestry or a single colourful dragon statue placed prominently on a low occasional table where it catches the light, is far more effective than lots of little trinkets scattered about. Achieve the perfect balance of colour, texture and furnishing harmony, for results that are wonderful on the eye,creating  a welcome place of calm away from the pressures of the day…

Reviving a boxy bedroom…

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

It is a fact that many homes built during the last 50 years or so have a reputation for being architecturally soul-less.

No more so than in respect of interior design where economies of scale often translated into homes with somewhat uninspired room layouts lacking any real sense of character or innovation. With tight budgets, space at a premium and little scope for flair it’s perhaps not surprising that architects had no choice but to stick with tried and tested home designs, floor plans and exterior finishes.

And yet for any homeowner stuck with a little square apartment or less than inspiring last century house design, there are a number of mostly, very simple ways that sparkle and intrigue can be introduced for a touch of verve to transform the dullest boxy room.


Artexed or textured paper ceilings are notoriously last century. Reinvigorate with a skim of fresh plaster for a smooth surface finish before considering recessed lighting or track lights for a contemporary twist.


Hardwood or reclaimed flooring adds instant warmth and character to a room and in most cases, will outlast carpeting. The look can be changed easily by changing area rugs depending on your mood or for a fresh new look season by season. Stone, tiles and sisal flooring can also prove interesting and a departure from the accepted norm.

Skirting boards and coving.

This is the finishing touch to the fundamental shape and style of any room. Narrower skirts and ceiling coving look good in rooms with lower ceilings, whilst deeper mouldings should be used for loftier rooms.


The Mysteries of Sleep – fact and fiction

Saturday, March 6th, 2010


For centuries mankind has been intrigued by the mysteries surrounding sleep, and whilst we spend a third of our lives asleep, it is only within the last 25 years or so, that some of the answers to our questions have become clearer. There remains great debate regarding many aspects of this state of our existence that most of us simply take for granted.

Dreams, sleeping disorders, patterns of sleep and more, are all subjects that have spawned vast research and countless reports and articles. As a teaser, we include here a few interesting and thought provoking facts and figures surrounding this most fascinating subject….

  • In recent years, one of the most persistent sleep distracters is the presence and lure of around the clock internet!
  • As an age group, 18-24 year olds suffer more than adults with impaired performance when sleep deprived.
  • Studies suggest that women require up to an hours more sleep than men and that deprivation may be one reason why they are more susceptible to depression.
  • Teenagers require as much sleep as smaller children (10hrs) whilst those over 65 the least (6-7hrs), For the rest of us 8 hours is optimal.
  • Snoring only occurs during periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.
  • Ducks and dolphins at risk of attack, balance sleep and survival by keeping one half of the brain awake.
  • An evening spent on the wine will help us get to sleep, but it is likely to be a light dreamless, and ultimately, less restorative slumber.
  • To drop off we must first cool off. Body temperature and the brains sleep/wake cycle are closely linked. That’s why hot summer nights can cause restless sleep
  • Even tiny luminous rays from an alarm clock can be enough to disrupt the sleep cycle, interfering with sleep chemicals even though we may not fully awake. (more…)

Brass bedsteads….a Victorian legacy

Thursday, December 10th, 2009
Lochranza Brass Bedstead from The original Bedstead Company

Lochranza Brass Bedstead

The Victorians first perfected the art of Brass Bed manufacture.

In fact, as long ago as the early 1840s this expressive metal had taken a grip on the hearts of the nation as affluent and aspirational customer of the time, clamoured for the inspired and evocative designs made possible by the dextrous use of brass and the innovation of the era.

As the Industrial Revolution inexorably continued, hundreds of iron and brass foundries enjoyed boom times across the British Isles as they catered for a nation that had embraced the Brass Bedstead revolution.

From the smallest factories producing only a few bespoke beds a week, to the largest, manufacturing on a grand scale, by far the highest concentration of plants were to be found in the industrial heartlands of the Midlands and Birmingham in particular. Here, skilled artisans worked with this opulent new metal to produce bedsteads of huge elegance and style.

Incorporating such elements as porcelain and mother of pearl into designs of often-immense detail and majesty, there are wealth of wonderful creations from this era that are still preserved and revered today. The Victorians liked to furnish their homes in style and often the most important piece of furniture within any lavish country home or elegant town house would have been the bed.