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Cute Bedroom style…

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Forget bedroom formality and think “cute” for a bedroom style that ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people who want gentle touches and warm accents in the bedroom. Accessories and centrepieces such as a charming focal point traditional bed, or even personalised pictures, can all be included within the list of cute items that make such a bedroom complete. Whether you are decorating a room for a little girl or a teen, or you just want to add a touch of whimsy to your own bedroom space, there are several colour and pattern options that that will help you achieve your décor goals, for this most personal of room spaces.

Whatever the agegroup, animal print makes a good place to start. Cute yet stylish for a teen girl or adult’s bedroom or fun and upbeat when included in a little girl’s bedroom décor. For instance, pair a zebra- print duvet or bed throw with cherry red or neon green throw pillows to add colour to your daughter’s bedroom, or paint a bed-head accent wall in cheetah print and team up with curtains and an area rug in bronze. A cowhide rug is also a sophisticated addition to an animal print style room as the black and white pattern looks great with eggplant coloured window dressings or a cobalt blue chaise.

Consider polka dots and stripes for a different take on things… This is a cute combination that make a bedroom welcoming and attractive with a hint of retro. Choose two colours for the theme that you or your daughter find attractive, and go bold with design and execution. Feature an accent wall with pink and purple stripes, or blue and green polka dots. To complete the style select room accents such as long mirrors that bounce the design around, or a circular throw rug decorated with polka dots. Continue the theme by adding stripes to an old toy box or trunk or have fun painting polka dots on a rocking chair. Circular and striped pillows are an appropriate addition to a black or cream coloured metal bed in traditional or more contemporary style, as well as a bed throw in a solid colour that harmonises with the décor scheme, so as not to overwhelm.

Bold primary colours have a key role to play in this style of room, and whilst the colours red, blue and yellow are most often selected for children’s rooms, you can give your own bedroom a lift with these shades. Paint the accent wall a bright shade of yellow for instant cheerfulness, which looks great when paired up with a medium shade of grey that you can introduce in the form of throw pillows or curtains. Select furniture pieces in red and blue such as a funky modern painted wooden bed or streamlined metal bed design, or pick a lamp in medium blue for a corner of the room to cast light onto a cherry red ottoman.

As a final thought consider floral print. A bedroom with this theme can be adorable and it gives us the excuse to use lots of colour. Have an artist paint a large image of your favourite bloom on an accent wall; a tulip or yellow rose are good subjects, and use this as inspiration for the room décor as a whole. Large oversized wallpaper patterns are another good alternative, and you might like to extend the theme with a bouquet of yellow roses in a black vase atop a white dresser for appealing colour contrast. Throw pillows with floral shapes or patterns will also be at home here to scatter on the bed, an armchair or in a corner of the room to create a cosy lounging area. Pick up the pattern with the window dressings to complete the look in true cute floral style to appeal to all generations…

Great themes for teenage bedrooms

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
Emyvale - Metal Beds collection from The Original Bedstead Company.

Emyvale - Metal Beds collection from The Original Bedstead Company.

IT NEEDN’T BE a war-zone when the time comes for a teen room design makeover that leaves everyone feeling happy.

Quite the contrary, for it’s possible to have great fun coming up with themes that range from kitschy to contemporary to more classic design styles. Whenever tastes clash, just work on a compromise.

It’s usually easy to find.

The beauty of interior decorating styles, is that there are so many to choose from that it’s usually really easy to identify a theme or variation that is going to please everyone. Let’s face it, modern day teenagers have a far more sophisticated slant on interior design than previous generations. We are constantly bombarded by images on TV and in the media so it’s hardly surprising that we become pretty astute and demanding when it comes to getting exactly what we want.

Design choices these days are available at all price points in thousands of permutations, and this very same breadth of choice has meant that  parents are able to create living spaces for their offspring, that are decoratively appealing and yet at the same time, functional. These days teens can showcase their personality whilst the parents enjoy the knowledge that practicalities are catered for whilst decorative themes can be changed with relative ease at the whim of fad or fashion!

Beach themes, particularly at this time of the year offer a fun, relaxed decorative solution. The style usually features exotic flower or palm tree fabrics or a tropical theme with tiki material, bamboo or anything with a Hawaiian slant.

Images of surfboards or the real thing might prove to be the perfect centrepiece as a wall feature or even as an unusual headboard.

A low modern iron bed would also work well in this environment and a Milano in glossy silver finish would be the perfect partner for any beach theme.

Using camouflage fabrics as bedding or window treatments, also imparts a funky feel. Not necessarily in traditional earthy military hues of green and brown, but also in more colourful palettes where it would be particularly suitable for a girls room.

A mosquito net canopy would be a trendy addition to this theme and Army surplus stores make happy hunting grounds for cheap but effective accessories to make the look complete.

And for a room design that almost any teenager would endorse, it’s always worth considering a modern style room that that features a few arty and fabulously funky elements. Think Retro or kitsch, and you’re on the right lines. The theme can involve the brightest of colours and the most gregarious textures and geometric patterns and abstract shapes.

Metal furniture and particularly metal beds works well within this design style and nickel and chrome beds and furniture are a good choice.

Metal locker storage systems and metal shelves introduce an industrial functional feel, all complemented by vivid abstract prints or teen idol posters.  Girls are arguably the most demanding when it comes to getting the look “just right” and for them one highly fashionable theme right now is French or glam inspired with a touch of nostalgia and a hint of retro romance.

Curvy wood and iron furniture fit well into this theme with satin touches and velvet detailing for extra appeal. We think that a romantic Marseille bedstead in single size and finished in glossy ivory finish would make a pretty addition here complemented with glittery accents such as a small crystal chandelier, mirrored furniture pieces and beaded bed fringes.

For the finishing touch a faux fur bed throw might just be the ultimate in bedroom glam to satisfy even the most demanding teenager!

Sleeping in the modern age

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
Bedroom Styles

Bedroom Styles

There can be little doubt that one of the benefits of living in the 21st century is that, in terms of bedroom style, we have never been spoilt with so much decorative choice and captivating design innovation. And whilst modern living might conjure images of contemporary minimalism, it need not be so.

Most would agree that that our preoccupation with contemporary design and an uncluttered approach to styling themes has had a significant effect on modern day bedrooms, and indeed, many architectural themes are perfectly suited to this philosophy. Yet many traditional bed designs can look strikingly modern in the correct setting, with basic contours that are perfectly suited to low maintenance settings and neutral colour themes.

Dark English oak and emotive Victorian Antique Brass are two such materials that simply come alive when sympathetically married to the minimal urban aesthetic. With clever lighting and inspired use of complementary accessories, some definitive results are possible as old and new come together with intriguing results. It is often a surprise to find that the Modernism trend is actually not modern at all but has deep roots that are linked to a period in design history almost a century old.

In fact today’s contemporary interiors often unknowingly pay homage to the style of the Machine Age and the early Modernist architects and designers, albeit with a different take on their maxims of function and simplicity. In clean-cut homes where technology has replaced artifice, and decorative nuances rely on simplistic texture and colour rather than pattern, the often elaborate period bedroom style has been replaced with a desire for calm minimalism and understated detail.