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Blue and Brown bedroom design for all the family…

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

The earthy shades of brown rival that of many more neutral tones, as an eminently versatile colour that you can match up with almost any other shade for fabulous results. This is particularly true when it comes to the brown and blue colour combo that you can dress up or down for a trendy or ultra- relaxing effect that, depending on the execution, mix of textures, furniture choice, and room accents, can appeal to all age groups, young and old alike…

Within teen bedrooms this colour pairing has particular appeal with a funky persona that is easy to enjoy. Trendy aqua shades in contrast with chocolate brown create a distinctly modern vibe with hints of retro. Paint the walls with solid colours, stripes, polka dots, or a combination of all three. Use beige and white accents to ground the room in the form of linens, furniture and accessories, as too much aqua will create a less than restful atmosphere, whilst too much brown will make the room feel small and dark. Try painting three walls beige with some white detailing with the fourth wall chocolate brown topped off with aqua circles. Incorporate white furniture such as a satin white metal bed in contemporary or transitional style, with aqua window dressings and a mocha coloured bedspread featuring aqua retro inspired patterns. Floral patterns rather than more 60s style swirls or circles might be more appropriate here if the room is to have a more feminine flavour.

Within adult bedrooms use a backdrop of pale or faded blue with chocolate brown accents to create a luxurious space, far removed from more ubiquitous room schemes. Pale blue walls will create a calming effect and create the perfect canvas to enable chocolate brown furniture to really stand out. Consider a traditional wooden bedstead design in walnut, cherry wood or dark oak for the perfect room focal point from which the room style as a whole may draw inspiration. Matching bedside tables, vanity units and dressers will extend the theme, with some quality plain white bed linens married up with a satin or damask comforter set to bring the traditional bed design to life. Choose bed throws and quilt covers that reflect your individual style, such as nicely contrasting pale blue covers with a brown piped border, or a chocolate brown comforter with a blue flower or damask pattern. Add a large white artificial flower or bunch of fresh white flowers in a blue vase to the room scheme to rest on a nightstand or the dresser, whilst white pillar candles can sit within brown china or antique brass candlesticks to add a romantic flavour in tune with the room style as a whole.

The blue/brown colour pairing is totally at home in younger daughters or sons rooms, and for a young girl is particularly charming if you opt for a robin’s egg blue wall treatment with perhaps a mocha accent wall at the head of the bed. Add polka dots or circles to the brown wall or large blue wooden block letters that spell out her name. A pretty white princess style metal bedstead will look fabulous here, and team it up with a reversible quilt that that features blue and brown polka dots on one side and stripes or a solid colour on the other. Rest a bedside lamp with a brown trimmed blue lampshade to the side of the bed and frame pictures and posters with brown or light blue frames.

For a boys bedroom, follow the same décor principles, but opt for more steely blue paint shades and a lighter brown such as tan for a warmer effect if desired. Ametal headboard in a satin black or bronze finish, or a bolder colour for a splash of visual interest is sure to tie in well, or consider darker wood bed and furniture choices for a more mature vibe.

High-tech bedroom style…

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

For an ultra- modern, no-nonsense approach to bedroom style, very little comes close to the gritty urban look of a high-tech room setting where colour, cool textures and steely accents come together for an aesthetic that is definitely masculine in character, where simple accents and furnishings do the talking.

Any such scheme needs a catalyst to get the ball rolling. A focal point bed is the perfect contender here to provide inspiration for the room mood as a whole. Keep things simple but classy with a basic bed that is nonetheless supremely comfortable. Think soft but supportive mattress on a box spring, continental style or on a carpet covered platform. Adjustable bed frames are also appropriate here with or without upholstered head and foot ends, or consider a contemporary metal bed design in any number of paint finishes. Black, white, pewter, silver in satin or textured guise are great choices, with nickel and chrome bed creations offering the perfect solution for the most sophisticated room settings. Metal bed designs embody the high-tech room mood requiring the minimum of dressings and frippery to make a bold room statement. So keep bed fabrics simple with a quilted solid or blocked geometric bed spread and with scatter cushions well out of the equation. Standard bed pillows in plain covers are fine and if it’s necessary to hide a box spring or divan base, it can be upholstered or covered with a plain bed skirt.

Be creative with nightstands that will complement the bed design whilst offering practical style. A rolling metal cart, hi-fi shelves, or a rolling office storage unit of basic drawers will work here. Whatever you choose need not match the bed, although this is one solution, but it should radiate the same persona to ensure cohesion and uniformity.

Stow clothes and other bedroom clutter in chests and other storage units that borrows from the school of office furniture design, including black or white laminate as well as of course, metal finishes. Consider using lockers or wire-drawer closet systems within the scheme, and cover the hard surface artificial floor area with only the plainest of area rugs for just a hint of comfort and texture contrast, such as natural sisal or a bound offcut of commercial grade carpet.

Keep wall treatments simple with monochromatic grey or white semi-gloss paint with some black accents for a grounding feel. Gloss paint is great in this environment too, but will highlight any wall flaws so works best on walls that are in pristine condition. Metallic wall finishes or metallic wall accents are another option. Think textured industrial steel plates or aluminium cladding for a truly gritty flavour, whilst for something a little less assertive you might consider an accent wall in pure yellow or crayon red for a splash of brightness in contrast with those cooler room shades and elements.

Select lighting that’s industrial in nature. Photographer’s lights, adjustable metal halogen lighting and recessed halogen lighting solutions, will all extend the urban mood. Have them illuminate wall and free standing artwork and contemporary sculptures, such as black and white photos in chrome or black frames, or oversize abstracts and contemporary cutting-edge carvings or metal statuary.

Natural light falling through tall glass widows or ceiling panes can be controlled as though they were in a purely industrial setting with venetian blinds, vertical blinds, high-tech look perforated roller shades, or grommet topped curtains hung on a simple metal curtain rod, for a softer feel. Consider curtain fabrics that feature a simple geometric pattern such as stripes, or a solid coloured utility-type fabric such as canvas, burlap, or unbleached muslin.

White and Navy Bedroom style.

Friday, March 16th, 2012

For a different and enticing stance on bedroom design, decorate your bedroom in the combination colours of navy blue and white or cream, for a look that is crisp and clean or has a distinctly masculine appeal. You might even like to incorporate accessories, textures and accents that lend the room space a romantic flavour, depending on your personal preferences. Navy and white also makes the basis for a nautical theme so might be perfect for a young teenagers room or for those with a penchant for all things ocean-related. Either way, keep everything simple by sticking to navy and white as the main colour accents for a seamless look, whilst adding accents of contrasting colour such as red or brown to break things up a little and for a visual splash.

Start by painting the walls a light navy shade, or white, or a combination of the two. Install a white wooden dado rail around the room and paint the bottom half navy and the upper walls white or a gentle vintage white hue. Another option is to paint three of the walls with vertical stripes or solid white with an accent wall in navy at the head of the bed. Navy walls with a white ceiling can also work well with white woodwork lightening the effect, although would be better suited to medium to larger sized room schemes.

Introduce furniture into the room theme that complements the white/navy combo. A focal point wooden bedstead in a lime washed finish, or perhaps with white wicker panel inserts would look fabulous, or consider a vintage iron bed in an ivory or white finish, with antique brass detailing for a touch of Victorian glamour. Darker wooden bed designs might also look great against a navy and white backdrop. Think traditional sleigh bed styles or simpler panelled wooden bed designs for a no-nonsense masculine flavour. Where lack of space is a consideration or a softer look is desired consider an upholstered headboard in navy velvet as a charming contrast to plain white wall finishes.

The bed should inspire the room theme as a whole and the task of choosing finishing touches and complementary furniture should be made easier as a result. So use that fact to your advantage and build on the room working from the bed outwards. White bedding with navy blue stripes or patterns will match the room décor nicely, whatever your bed style selection, or add patterned pillows if you have opted for standard plain white bedding.

Incorporate accessories strategically and with restraint within the room to avoid overwhelming the space. Start with an accent rug in white if you have dark bare wooden floors, or navy if the floor treatment is pale. Patterned rugs featuring both colours with polka dot or stripy patterns can also work in more contemporary room schemes, whilst for another touch of comfort include an upholstered chair at the foot of the traditional bedstead or in a cosy reading corner, upholstered in white, navy or a fabric of your choice that matches the bed pillows or scatter cushions.

Finish off the makeover with wall mirrors, artwork and candles to add visual appeal. Displays of white or red roses will help create a romantic oasis, whilst white wicker accents suggest a coastal feel with a feminine twist. Reliance on navy tones to give the room a more moody masculine air will always be successful, but should still incorporate splashes of colour to avoid a scheme that is too sombre. Bedside table lamp shades, small floral arrangements, or a colourful throw or runner over a chair or at the foot of the bed will all do an excellent job of brightening things up in this regard.

More Mission style bedroom themes.

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The rustic Mission style bedroom finds devotees either side of the Atlantic, and beyond, with an earthy, somewhat masculine appeal that has particular relevance within bachelor bedroom schemes whenever a no-nonsense approach is desired. Mission style décor, also referred to as Craftsman style is the well- recognised American interpretation of furniture, architecture and design from the Arts and Crafts movement. Give any bedroom a Mission style makeover by bringing in period-appropriate elements and furnishings for a unique flavour that defies the conventional norm…

Colour choice is key here so invest time in a little research and select wall paints that evoke the Mission mood. Consider earthy shades such as tan, brown, gold, pumpkin, mossy green, rust, or apricot if you are striving for a warm palette (great for bedroom schemes), or try sage, lilac, berry, or blue-green if you prefer a cooler vibe. Whichever flavour you opt for, go with muted rather than brighter shades for an authentic look.

Add a stately bed as the perfect room focal point inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, either as an original if you can track one down, or in reproduction form for an equally authentic look and well-planted presence. Appropriate choices are wooden bedstead creations with straight lines and a somewhat heavy feel, lacking in any ostentatious ornamentation. Consider also a panel wooden bed, or a Prairie bed design that features slatted timber between thick square corner posts. Choose classic quartersawn oak if possible, or consider cherry, walnut, or maple as an option in a medium to dark finish.

Dress your choice of traditional bedstead with a mix of neutral solids and stylized repeating patterned fabrics, such as those by Liberty or William Morris. Avoid fussy ruffles, pleats and flounces, keeping everything simple, and don’t use a bed valance unless the bed style demands it. Simple plain duvet covers and matching pillows will allow the bed design to shine through without distracting from the self-assured design message. And likewise furnish the rest of the room with bedside tables, and a dresser or a chest that complements the character of the bed, although they need not be an exact match. Look out for iron or copper hinges, and knobs and drawer pulls with a rustic hand forged appearance. Stick with clean –lined that emphasise fine timbers and judicious craftsmanship, with some style-appropriate carving or simple inlay should you desire.

Window treatments should be true to the theme with simple curtain panels made from cotton, linen, or wool in neutral colours for an authentic feel. Add visual interest by embroidering the hems with a geometric pattern, or go with a curvier, stylized stencil design, influenced by the bed fabrics. Hang curtains on narrow brass or iron rods, and show off Mission-worthy woodwork by mounting the rods inside the window frame with barrel brackets, or gooseneck brackets if you choose an outside mount.

Incorporate bedside lamps with wooden, iron, or copper bases and choose shades made from mica or stained leaded glass. Ceiling lighting fixtures should complement, and consider framing nature-inspired artwork, such as vintage illustrations from a botanical book, to hang on the walls or over the wooden bedstead. Finish of the room theme with a flourish of simple accents and accessories, such as a collection of southwestern pottery and a trio of hand-forged iron candlesticks and pillar candles.

Exotic Chinese bedroom themes.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Timeless Chinese décor lends itself perfectly for use within the bedroom with beautiful and exotic room schemes that draw on Chinas rich culture, history and tradition. At its very simplest, Chinese décor can be ascetic and modest or far more elaborate in design, but one thing that is common whatever the style, is that the elements of the room must work together in harmony to create a calm and peaceful environment. With a close attention to detail, and careful selection of colours, textures and room accents, comfortable and inspiring room sets are possible that calm the senses and eclipse the stresses of the day.

Do a little research on the internet and by trawling through Interior magazines for inspiration to select a pleasing colour palette for the room. Traditional colours used in Chinese décor are symbolic: red for good luck, yellow for long life, green for peace and harmony, purple for spirituality, and browns, ranging from light tans to rich mahoganies, for grounding. A bold wall colour is appropriate here although lighter neutral tones might be better suited to the bedroom theme. Combine with tapestries and screens as an authentic alternative.

Chinese style furniture is traditionally low and boxy with clean lines and would often be mixed with ornamental pieces for impact. Dressers, trunks, benches, occasional tables and chairs, are all in their element here, whilst a low modern beds, platform style finished in a light wood or a contemporary metal bed design will form the perfect focal point within the room scheme. High gloss oil painted or lacquered furniture offers a sleek look and is always very popular, as are high-backed elaborately carved wooden chairs, or a grand ornamental headboard featuring mother of pearl or gold inlays, as an alternative to the platform bed option.

Add texture to the room with natural woods such as bamboo, and traditional fabrics such as silk. A silk or bamboo screen is the perfect addition to any Chinese themed room, and embroidered fabrics with a mixture of contrasting colours featuring traditional Chinese designs such as dragons, peacocks or flowers, will always look the part. Incorporate such designs in the form of wall hangings, area rugs, throw cushions and bed and table runners. Allow the theme as a whole to be illuminated naturally with simple window treatments, such as bamboo shades or carved wooden shutters, whilst for added ambiance, include some Chinese lanterns to hang within the room.

Avoidthe temptation to clutter the space or crowd it with furniture. A minimalist approach is the way forward here. Instead pick a few interesting pieces that relate to each other in terms of style, colour and materials or that incorporate the Chinese designs described above. Each piece should have a specific purpose so don’t squeeze in any more than you need. Strive for symmetry, balanced colours and evenly placed furniture and accessories, so that each piece makes an impact in the area where it is sited.

Finally, add accessories that carry the theme through, such as wall hangings that feature scenes from Chinese mythology, delicate bamboo umbrellas, a large fan, or Buddha statues. High gloss pottery or granite carved pieces can also work well, but whatever you select, go for quality rather than quantity. One large accent wall tapestry or a single colourful dragon statue placed prominently on a low occasional table where it catches the light, is far more effective than lots of little trinkets scattered about. Achieve the perfect balance of colour, texture and furnishing harmony, for results that are wonderful on the eye,creating  a welcome place of calm away from the pressures of the day…

Making the most of unusual bedroom spaces…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

While bedrooms by their very definition are a place for sleeping, it goes without saying that not all rooms of this type have to share the same generic decorating scheme. If your bedroom contains interesting architectural or quirky features that already set it apart from the rest, or you simply wish to create a less mainstream space that better represents your taste and aesthetic preferences, consider some unique ways in which you can pull together an unusual bed room. By incorporating some off-the-wall design features within your decorating plan, it’s possible to create an aesthetically attention seeking space that remains functional, personalised and stylish.

Start by surveying the space and give consideration to what furniture arrangement the room might lend itself to. For example, if the room is long and narrow or contains a large number of windows, this will throw up immediate challenges that dictate room layout, unless structural changes are an option. Accentuate desirable uncommon features to create your unique space.Some features that set your room apart from other more humdrum styles may in fact become very desirable with sympathetic colour, texture and accentuating treatments. Odd window designs or interesting ceiling treatments fall into this category so rather than attempt to disguise,don’t be afraid to use bold paint hues to draw attention to the feature and draw the viewer’s eye as an integral element of the room design as awhole.

Room shape and size often dictates the style and size of bed that is suitable and for rooms that err on the small size or have odd layouts, simple bedstead designs might be the order of the day. Contemporary room décor makes this easy with simple minimalist modern bed styles that eat up the minimum of room although more ornate traditional bedstead designs have a part to play in more vintage room settings that are tight on space, with low foot-end bed designs being particularly relevant within awkwardly proportioned rooms.

Downplay immoveable features that you wish to overlook with neutral tones; for example, within poorly constructed rooms or those with an uneven ceiling, or in rooms with exposed utilities a neutral paint job will help make all these defects or eyesores a lot less attention grabbing.

Choose contrasting hues to feature in the space. Select a set of tones that contrast well such as brown and blue or black and white, upon which to centre the room décor. Purchase linens that that are plain as to not attract attention or detract from the bedstead design whenever you the room dynamics dictate, or alternatively seek out a bold look that serves as a décor focus. There are no hard and fast rules here as all room characteristics will be different, and often it will take a little trial and error to get the balance just right.

Finally, hunt down unusual accent pieces. Look beyond those items that you might expect to find within a bedroom scheme to create a space that is quirky and totally original. For example, consider placing glass accents initially intended for use within the kitchen or industrial location or metal pipe or bronze sculptures that appeal to your personal sense of style. Arrange the furniture layout and accent items in such a way that it grounds the room scheme and is easy on the eye, whilst following the limitations of the room shape and emphasising or minimising any characteristic irregularities.

Rustic Mediterranean Bed Styles

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Mediterranean style decorating themes takes its cues from Spain, Italy, France and Greece. For true Mediterranean authenticity you’ll need a rustic traditional bedstead to form the room centrepiece. A bed in weathered vintage style created from dark stained wood or a metal bed in black wrought iron sets perfectly the old-world tone for the bedroom setting. Dress your chosen bed design in crisp white linens or earth tones such as bronze, gold, terracotta or olive shades. Accent this colour palette with a splash of verve with vivid blues or wine hues for a true taste of Mediterranean drama.

Whether you choose the straight traditional lines of a wooden panel bed or a traditional wooden four poster, the wood style should be dark with a rustic distressed finish. Dark oak, walnuts and cherry wood are all good finishes in this regard, whilst Mediterranean style headboards and footboards tend to be tall in nature, creating a dramatic focal point within the room. Many Mediterranean styled beds exhibit detailed hand carving and forged metal accents giving them an old European appearance.

Wrought iron is a durable, practical material for beds and traditional iron bed styles come in any number of engaging designs, from the very simple to glamorous and highly ornate, although for true Mediterranean authenticity textured or satin black finishes are the way to go, with antique bronze or antique brass designs as another option rather than lighter finishes such as cream or white.

Many Mediterranean themed bedrooms feature headboards upholstered in either a brocade fabric or in brown, black or burgundy leather. Leather headboards look particularly rustic when edged with nail head trim, whilst other headboard styles feature a combination of wood and padded leather inserts.

For a little extra intrigue and romance opt for a canopy style bed theme in either a wood finish or rustic wrought iron. If you choose to go the wooden route, seek out a design that features carvings on the headboard, footboard and leg posts in true vintage style, and dress the canopy ina material to match or accent the bedding, with luxurious brocade or a light sheer fabric.

Likewise, when it comes to bedding, extend the theme with either simple or more lavish fabrics as either will reflect the Mediterranean style. Start perhaps with solid coloured classic sheet sets, and in the case of simpler bedstead designs, choose a matelassé bedspread in white or cream with antique style lace pillowcases. For more elegant or ornate bed designs, use a brocade or damask bedspread or comforter with a bed valance. Ensure that the fabric has a little sheen and stick with more dramatic jewel or earth tones.

As a finishing touch, add decorative pillows to the mix, with rich trims such as fringe, tassels or beads for an inspired and enchanting  final Mediterranean flourish …

Pinstripe bedroom themes

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Black and white pinstripes need not be the sole preserve of the fashion industry. There’s far more versatility to this style than most people realise… Use black and white pinstripe themes in the bedroom for an original room style that is sophisticated or even a little eclectic. Use a pinstripe theme to create a room vibe that is different from the mainstream norm, yet is a relaxing space in which to chill out and recharge. Work around the pinstripes if you aren’t crazy about them but can’t change them. The neutral nature of black and white lends the look particularly suitable for the integration of a brighter accent colour or an array of colours that you wish to feature.

Hunt down black or white furniture or update existing pieces with a coat of paint and a little imagination. A focal point white or ivory wooden bed or iron bedstead design, will influence the room style as a whole whilst working in harmony with the pinstripe look. Incorporate black furniture and a contemporary or traditionally styled metal bed for a sophisticated feel with a more masculine edge, whilst furniture pieces with a piano black high gloss finish might turn the glamour thermostat up a further notch or two.

For a more colourful approach choose an upholstered headboard or have one upholstered in the fabric of your choice that picks up on or repeats other fabric accents within the room. Red or purple tones will work well here as a dynamic contrast to the black/white pinstripe theme, whilst warm wood tones can bring a welcoming touch to the room and will also harmonise with more eclectic room schemes.

Incorporate pinstripes elsewhere in the room, such as in the bed valance or in the form of a few throw cushions, to unite the décor. Use solid white, black or coloured bed linens, curtains and duvet or a bed throw, whilst other black and white patterns can also work if chosen with care, such as large floral patterns or a white comforter with black polka dots or hearts.

Hang artwork, pictures, or mirrors on the wall to break up the stripy theme and add visual interest. Monochrome photographs in  black or white, or perhaps a chrome frame will tie in with the backdrop, while more colourful alternatives will introduce some verve and brighten the wall space. Usethese visual messages to convey any theme that you might be trying to convey, be that a fashion theme or perhaps a Parisian flavour.

Accessorise with items that are functional or that you simply enjoy, or maybe have sentimental memories. Small bursts of colour, hints of black and white pinstripes or solid black or white accents are all at home here depending on personal taste and preference. A bedside table lamp with a pinstripe shade, black knobs on a white dresser, or black storage boxes on white shelves are just a few examples of how to play up the colour scheme. Red roses, real or artificial, in a black vase or a zany purple area rug will introduce welcome splashes of colour thatcatch the eye and stimulate the senses…

The perfect Italian bedroom scheme…

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

The warmth, romance, and sophistication of Italian design, has a beguiling appeal. For those wishing to recreate memories of an unforgettable visit to Tuscany or simply dream of sun-kissed villas and rolling vineyards, the Italian style delivers a wonderful alternative to mainstream bedroom design as it creates a sense of timeless beauty that is unlike anything else. Italian style is hard to pin down, unapologetically borrowing all the best elements of its European and Mediterranean neighbours, and yet two things are a given; warm vibrant colours and impeccable attention to craftsmanship. Keep these attributes in mind, and we are well on our way to creating the Italian bedroom of our dreams…

Start from the ground up and consider the flooring. Wall to wall carpets might be warm and comfortable but they are not in keeping with Italian style. Marble, parquet or terracotta tiles are nearer the mark although arguably perhaps too cold for the average bedroom scheme. A nice compromise is bare hardwood floors with area rugs that are in keeping with the Tuscan theme featuring rich warm hues and appealing textures.

The colour choice here should extend to the bedding so colour your world Italian style based on warm earthy tones that shout Italian country villa. Burnt reds, vibrant ochres, and delicious eggplant shades are perfect for bed throws and accent cushions and bolsters. Hang rich tapestry drapes around the windows and banish white walls, instead ragging them to replicate the look of old plaster. Roll on a warm hue, then apply a deeper shade over the top to give the illusion of texture.

For best effect, mix and match the room furniture, as most Italian rooms evolve over time with an eclectic range of furniture that nevertheless works in harmony. So consider pairing an imposing wooden bedstead with metal furniture pieces and a shabby leather armchair, or alternatively an iron bed, traditionally styled with antique brass features, with a medley of wooden furniture that offers a pleasing counterpoint of materials. Art deco style lamps might work well with an 18th century vanity table and so on and so forth, but whatever the eventual mix, avoid the temptation to buy a matched set. If you already own one, mix things up a bit by moving certain pieces into different rooms.

Accessorise artfully. Italians pride themselves on their quality artisans, and their decorating features everyday items that have been crafted with great care. Hang majolica plates on the wall above the dresser and place a copper pot full of fragrant rosemary on the bedside table next to the traditional bedstead. Display silver candle sticks in front of a jaded thrift store mirror featuring a wrought iron frame.

Increase the romantic temperature with pink tinged light bulbs and flickering candles and drape a cushy mohair throw over a supple leather armchair or as a runner at the foot of the bed. That well-loved ,lived-in look is essential for the authentic Italian bedroom flavour, so keep things distressed, aged and even a little shabby around the edges for charming and timeless Italian style that is warm and inviting through and through…

White and Green bedroom themes…

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

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We shouldn’t need too much reminding in these designer-led and lifestyle conscious times, that the bedroom is the one place on earth, where, if we’re lucky, we can escape the pressures and demands of the world, for a space where we can recharge, relax and generally enjoy a little quality time. Décor that has a calming effect is not surprisingly then, often pretty near the top of most people’s wish-list when it comes to decorating time, and green is always a popular choice for all its calming qualities which we widely recognise. If your bedroom already has some green elements, be that a paint scheme or green flooring, then you are already ahead of the game. From soothing mint greens to more dynamic pine greens, team them up with white accents and elements for a truly inviting flavour that is both cool and relaxing in equal measure.

White/green colour themes are versatile so choose any style that attracts you for your bedroom theme. From shabby chic, through to ultra- contemporary, this colour combo has great scope for potential. Once you have settled on a particular scheme it makes it a whole lot easier to home in on particular fabric styles, furniture type and those all- important accents and accessories. A wealth of green hues might be your only choice dilemma, but sampler paint pots and colour charts always make this part a little easier, and with a bit of experimentation and trial and error, the perfect green shade is easy to find.

Use white furniture to brighten the room. Again, from traditionally distressed to minimalist and modern, choice is vast. A wooden bedstead in French rustic style might be your thing, or perhaps a Victorian style iron bed design with heavy casting and antique brass detailing? Ivory or satin white metal bed creations are always going to look the part here, as they contrast nicely with a green backdrop and provide inspiration for the room theme as a whole. Include also a white chaise longue chair for an extra splash of comfort; maybe one that features a green pattern within the fabric, and paint woodwork and trim white for added contrast. Whether your walls are mint green or a darker bottle green shade, those white accents will add a sense of visual pop within the room whilst harmonising with other white accessories.

Choose flooring that complements the style. If you are aiming for a rustic mood or a relaxed country style you might like to opt for bare floorboards and an earthy woven rug with green and white in the pattern. For a more contemporary feel an area rug that features blocks of colour would be good to ground the green/white message and make the space feel complete.

Fabrics with a green and white pattern will add further visual interest to the room and for French country themes a floral green/white patterned bedspread paired with matching window treatments will create a cosy feel. For more formal treatments try experimenting with a green and white brocade fabric or toile for an eminently pleasing effect.

Finally, it’s always worth incorporating a complimentary colour that ensures visual contrast without disrupting the main theme. Colours such as bold red or a muted yellow in small amounts in the form of vases, bedside table lamp bases, or picture surrounds should have great appeal. Alternatively include some scatter cushions in vibrant colours to accentuate that traditional white wooden bed or charming iron bedstead. Their contribution to the room scheme as a whole might seem less than significant, but visually it adds a new dimension that can be changed on a whim or with the seasons. The very essence of the flexible décor approach that working with green and white colour combinations allows…