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American 1950s style bedroom ideas…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Think classic Hollywood or American diner décor and your instantly transported back to mid- century trans- Atlantic style; an optimistic post war era of enduring appeal, where rock and roll, poodle skirts and the golden age of movie stars were the defining influences of the era. In modern-day homes and bedroom schemes the style remains timelessly relevant and upbeat. After all, we love anything with a retro vibe right now, so why confine our chrome accents and 1950s styling to the kitchen or bathroom, when a touch of Hollywood glamour or an appealing Disney theme can transform a humdrum master bedroom or a daughter’s bedroom to something that has true wow factor. Use classic memorabilia, mid-century artwork and posters, splashes of chrome, and inspired use of fabrics and colour to evoke the vintage American mood…

For an enticing romantic touch a classic Hollywood 50s bedroom exudes elegance and memories of well-loved and golden screen movie stars as inspiration for Art Deco room style or a simpler makeover with just a few accent colours and some rich fabrics. If you fancy a specific theme consider choosing a favourite star such as Marilyn Monroe to inspire your artwork or photo accents, or you might look at a more generic style with several movie stars or none at all in mind. Paint one accent wall a deep burgundy or forest green, leaving the other walls a neutral shade as the perfect backdrop for interesting furnishings and fabrics. Allow the accent wall to become the background for a glamorous metal bedstead or a fabulous piano black lacquered wooden bed flanked by matching bedside tables. Set a pair of vintage table lamps with dark fabric shades on the bedsides and continue the theme with rich window dressings in a similar colour or material. Dark wood or highly polished furniture will never fail to evoke the Hollywood mood. Consider too sophisticated chrome bed and chrome furniture designs or furniture that incorporates accents of chrome, or classic “bull-nose” furniture styling that was popular through the 50s. Canopy beds or a regal four poster bed design might also be at home here complete with an animal stripe bedthrow or runner for extra Art Deco pizazz.  Don’t forget also to include at least one over-sized gilt framed wall mirroron an accent wall or above the bed, with a mirror finished dresser or vanity unit which seem to be all the rage right now.

Disney themes never date, and for a touch of nostalgia that should appeal to all family members, capture the essence of old-fashioned Disney with some of your favourite characters from this era for a unique child’s or young teenagers bedroom. Use a cheerful colour for the walls such as light yellow, robins-egg blue or a dusty pink to strike a fun chord, and install shelves to showcase some Disney antiques or characters. You might like to build the room theme around just one character such as Mickey Mouse or decorate and accessorise with several in mind. This style of room is particularly appealing as it is oblivious to the vagaries of fad and fashion. A simple pretty “little princess” metal bedstead will create an enchanting room focal point here that is nicely in keeping with the vintage Disney theme, or a natural wood and white painted wooden bed design for an equally appealing sleep-time solution that will harmonise with future décor styles whenever it’s time for a room-style change.

An American 1950s diner style bedroom theme might seem like something of an anomaly, and yet there is much to be enjoyed about a bedroom design that mimics in part some of the elements that we associate with the definitive roadhouse diner style. It’s a theme that might make the basis for a fun teenager’s bedroom, with a reproduction miniature jukebox, or framed jukebox artwork and other diner-themed memorabilia such as ice cream shakes or a classic glitzy diner scene. Incorporate antiques and memorabilia that evoke the “Fonzie” mood such as an old vintage ice cream machine or a chromed stool or chair. A mid-century modern metal bed is sure to make a bold and authentic statement here to play up the diner theme. Look out for simple low-rise contemporary styles in silver finishes or a mirror-finish chrome bed design for the ultimate style statement. Diners often featured black and white checkerboard floors although this is probably not a practical solution for the bedroom. Instead, replicate the pattern in the form of a black and white patterned bedside rug or a duvet in a checkerboard design, with red trim for a splash of colour. This back/white/red combo was diner style to a tee, which together with those nostalgic accents and collectables, is guaranteed to effortlessly set back the clocksto that classic vibrant American era…

Lime Green and Hot Pink teen bedrooms…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

We’ve touched before on the extrovert personality of lime green room décor. It’s not a theme or  colour-style on everyone’s wish-list, and yet as the basis for a contemporary space makeover there is much to recommend this vivid summery shade. Flexible enough to evoke a retro vibe or to create a splash of verve in a master bedroom, this is a colour that really comes into its own when paired with other complementary tones such as  blue, purple or sunshine yellow. For a teenagers room or even that of a slightly younger son or daughter, the pink and lime green combo is where it’s all at, so we are going to have a quick look at this most funky of colour-ways. Get the colour balance right here and hold back on the temptation to include too many prints and patterns within the room, and vivacious lime green and smoking hot pink kid’s room style becomes a breeze.

A really popular and effective way to establish a funky lime green and hot pink room theme is to use a room chair rail as a natural divider to achieve that all important colour balance. Paint the chair rail black or white with a lime green paint job beneath the rail with pink above to the ceiling, or vice versa. Alternatively you might wish to paint the area below the rail either of the two colours with alternating pink/green stripes above. For rooms without a chair or dado rail, an adhesive paper border in an appropriate design serves the same purpose to divide the room into two, whilst for a bold approach suited to larger rooms, paint the entire room in one colour with the window frames and other woodwork in the combination colour of lime green or pink, extending this décor theme to other accent pieces such as scatter pillows, lamp shades or a bedside rug.

A natural way to continue the lime green and hot pink theme is to incorporate modern bed and furniture designs as well as accessories that are finished in these colours. You might be able to track down a bean bag, funky pink chair or an upholstered bench or bed in a pink or green fabric, or consider some re-upholstery work on an old chair or ottoman for a cost effective and personalised touch. If you can’t find the furniture styles that you are looking for in these colours, repurpose tired old pine furniture or cheaply bought wooden pieces with a couple of coats of spray paint, for instant retro revival.  Other furniture styles that will work well within this décor scheme are silver or chrome contemporary metal bed designs, or those finished in a satin black finish to ground the scheme. White iron beds and matching furniture are also at home here with low rise white painted wooden beds offering a different but equally appealing proposition.

Ultimately the finished room persona has to be a matter for personal taste, although the best results will rely on achieving that all-important harmony when it comes to the colour mix and the sympathetic use of fabrics and décor accents that pull the room together into a cohesive unit. So by all means incorporate some favourite fabric patterns and style motifs within the curtains, bed throws and pillowcases, but counterbalance with those vivid lime green and pink solid colours, using the furniture and accessory selection as a way of reigning- in any visual overkill. The internet and interior design magazines will throw up all sorts of interesting style propositions. The rest is down to personal inspiration and a vision for bold artistic interpretation…!

Camouflage Bedroom décor

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Camouflage décor can work in a variety of room schemes but are particularly appropriate for teenager or younger children’s bedrooms where the camouflage aesthetic can grow with the child. Probably the most widely recognised camouflage style is the standard green/black/brown combination which is great for military or hunting themes, whilst blue camouflage patterns work well for both boys and girls, with pink variants putting a feminine twist on an essentially masculine design. Camouflage design is versatile in so much that it can be easily updated to incorporate new themes and accents as tastes change, whilst retaining the more expensive aspects of the room unchanged, such as the furniture mix and room fabrics.

Camouflage is a popular pattern that is easy to track down. Fabrics and wallpaper designs are available in the high street or online, and it’s a look that can lend an air of masculinity or whimsy to the bedroom depending on the colour and design execution. You might want to choose a camouflage colour that picks up on the colour of the carpet, but essentially it’s wise to keep a tight colour palette. The purpose of camouflage is to create an optical illusion and make things disappear, which means that badly chosen pieces of furniture or inappropriate colours will not harmonise as they should. Try pulling a colour from the camouflage to paint tired old furniture pieces, making sure that this colour will also work with other future themes should you choose to change the room style at a later date. Pick another colour from the camouflage combination with which to paint the walls to create cohesion and balance, with lighter backdrop tones in smaller rooms to create the illusion of space.

Update bedroom furniture with novelty camouflage knobs or reupholster an old headboard with camouflage fabric. Neutral coloured furniture that picks up on one of the camouflage room colours is the way to go here, such as a modern white metal bed in a girl’s room where a pink and white camouflage pattern sets the scene, or a sturdy black wooden bedstead for a more masculine vibe in a boy’s bedroom against a backdrop of a charcoal, black, and white camouflage patterns. Consider painting furniture in a camouflage design if the walls are finished in a plain neutral colour, or incorporate metal furniture such as a contemporary iron bed and metal cabinets for a gritty military locker room look.

Introduce camouflage into the scheme through patterned fabrics in the form of a duvet cover, curtains or an area rug, but include materials in plain neutral colours also so that the camouflage effect does not visually overwhelm. Mosquito netting hung above the bed or at the windows will soften the mood of the room, whilst staying true to the décor story, and camouflage netting can be used to cover the ceiling, walls or the bed to vamp up a military or hunting excursion vibe.

Jazz up walls with artwork or peel-and-stick decals that continues the camouflage theme. A bedroom for a youngster that has a military flavour might include visuals of soldiers, aircraft or other military paraphernalia, whilst for a trendier approach, camouflage-style picture frames, mirrors, or picture boards might be the order of the day. Above all it is essential to strive for visual balance to avoid a finished result that is too masculine or overly juvenile. Balance those strong camouflage features with gentler more feminine accents, or look out for drapery hardware that features elements of nature such as tree branches or green foliage patterns. Not everything in the room has to follow the camouflage story… use those subtle earthy tones to create a natural synergy that allows the camouflage theme to shine without assaulting the senses.

Italian bedroom themes…

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Whether it’s the sleek contemporary minimalism of a chic apartment in Rome, or the weathered rustic charm of a Tuscan villa, an Italian inspired bedroom can evoke the look through genuine furnishings and accessories sourced from Italy, or with pieces that capture the very essence of true Italian design. Complement the scheme by integrating paintings, prints or textiles for an unmistakable aesthetic that draws on a long and colourful history and culture. From rolling vineyards to busy street cafes, and images of the Mediterranean coast, there is diversity here that lends itself wonderfully to the most emotive of bedroom moods…

Set the tone with an Italian-inspired colour scheme. For a rustic vibe stick with natural hues such as cream, stone grey, burnt umber or espresso brown. Keep dark woodwork, stone elements or brick, unpainted for a rougher look, or subtly brighten them by using a coat of thin whitewash. For a more vivid Mediterranean feel consider earth tones teamed up with bolder colours such as ocean turquoise, poppy red, the vibrant green of unripe olives or olive oil gold. Ripe pear colours are good for walls as are aged fresco creamy hues. For added effect create depth in the walls by texturing with plaster to resemble the nuances of mural frescoes.

Introduce focal point furniture that exudes Italian style. Italy has a long and illustrious history when it comes to furniture design and manufacture with many family businesses trading for generations. Wood is the staple material with pieces often finished with decoupage in a style that is referred to as arte povera, or poor man’s art. Heavy ornate wooden styles with elaborate embellishments define the craft, and older examples will exhibit a rich patina with a weathered distressed finish. Choose a rococo style wooden bed design, or a four poster bed creation for added visual impact. The Tuscan farmhouse look may have shabby chic elements, and an ornate iron bed frame is totally appropriate here. Team up with antique wooden furniture for a pleasing counterpoint. Bedside tables, dressers, and ornate occasional tables all have a part to play within the overall design scheme.

Use textiles to soften surfaces and add accent colour to that traditional bed and throughout the room. A rich Mediterranean blue works well within most types of Italian décor, and looks great when combined with sunny yellow or mango orange. Keep the look cooler if desired by accenting the blue with green or a vintage white. Italian style fabrics include damasks in oversized scroll or floral patterns and tapestry designs and muted silks or cottons with small prints or striped designs are also popular. Embellish with fringes or rich silk thread tassels for a hint of luxury.

Personalise Italian bedroom décor by hanging favourite prints or paintings in rough wooden frames, and accessorise with Italian inspired elements that marry form and function. A painted ceramic vase will showcase a bouquet of wild flowers, whilst a line of wine bottles on a mantel or floating shelf might function as impromptu candle holders. Black wrought iron hardware adds sculptural style to light fittings, wall sconces and picture frames, while elements from nature such as dried grapevines evoke memories of a sprawling vineyard in Tuscany. Give freedom to your decorative aspirations for enticing Italian room style that is sure to delight…

Lodge style bedroom décor.

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Creating a rustic lodge theme entails combining comfort with a traditional rough-hewn no-nonsense style. It’s a look that can be successfully applied to an annexe bedroom or might be particularly appropriate for a teenager. In forest holiday home settings it is clearly in its element, although the aesthetic translates well in less rural environments, whenever a woody Scandinavian flavour is the order of the day. Folk art touches, a warm classic colour palette, and earthy simple furniture come together to bring lodge bedroom décor to life. So whether it’s a tucked-away weekend retreat, or an intriguing makeover in the family home, consider the attraction of a lodge style theme for a cosy setting that might just be a welcome departure from the mainstream norm…

Folksy furnishings strike the perfect note and will provide the inspiration for the colours, textures and little accent details within the room space as a whole. Log style wooden beds fashioned from rough- hewn timbers or reclaimed woods such as oak or antique pine can’t fail to add an earthy touch to any lodge themed bedroom, whilst if you are looking for a more classic stance, a wrought iron bedstead will ensure traditional country style without appearing too formal. Pair a rustic bed with knotty pine bureaus and bedside tables, or vintage distressed furniture to complete the look. In larger rooms when space permits, position a steamer trunk or coffer at the foot of the bed or a rustic bench upon which to sit or to provide a holding area for clothes and blankets. Some comfortable seating will not go amiss here either, and log-style upholstered chairs or a high backed settle with plump cushions are sure to be a welcome addition.

Bring the room to life with quilts and curtains and fabric accents that evoke the traditional appeal of lodge décor. Log cabin style patchwork quilts, crafted in the traditional manner with red fabric accents are the perfect partner for wooden or vintage metal bed designs, and the style can be replicated for window dressings or scatter cushions. Hunt down genuine antique quilts or take the far easier route and buy or make your own. If you go the DIY route, be sure to buy plenty of fabric for extra touches throughout the room. Nothing shouts louder than vintage patchwork to create the perfect vibe in folksy cabin bedrooms.

Finalise the scheme with those all-important room accessories and features that ensure uniqueness and individuality. Consider painted watering cans to hold a bouquet of ornamental grasses or fresh flowers, or stash jewelry in a vintage breadbox. Anything with a folk-art flavour will be at home here and likewise wrought iron wall sconces, candlesticks, lamp bases, and decorative features at the windows or flanking the traditional bed, are sure to strike just the right chord…

Earthy Bedroom themes…

Monday, February 20th, 2012

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Create a tranquil and relaxing bedroom space with earthy tones that are easy on the eye and senses. Soft earthy colours, natural finishes and highly textured elements all combine to create a feeling of the great outdoors. Creating such a theme is a simple process as well as a great opportunity to experiment with recycled ecologically-friendly materials. Whether you are a fan of lighter, softer shades or bolder darker tones, with a little imagination anyone can achieve an earthy nature-inspired interior within the bedroom.

Select earthy colours for the walls of your bedroom. Combining shades of brown, rusty red, burnt orange and yellow evokes the feeling of autumn days, whilst the addition of light blues and shades of green will create a more summery feel. For smaller rooms keep the wall colour neutral with warm earthy undertones. In larger spaces or to create an intimate and cosy feel in smaller rooms combine a rich mocha brown with creamy accents for a particularly pleasing effect.

Create an accent wall with wallpaper that features a nature inspired pattern such as leaves, flowers or grapevines. Don’t be afraid of using wallpaper with brown tones as the other room accents will lift the overall mood. Create an intimate feel by placing the head of a traditional bedstead against the accent wall with over-bed wall light sconces to pick out the earthy tones and create a cosy atmosphere.

Extend the earthy feel with wooden furniture pieces that complement the colour scheme. An eclectic medley is always welcome here with a combination of darker woods such as walnut or mahogany and the lighter shades of pine or oak. Redwoods introduce warmth whilst darker vintage oaks, a welcome touch of antiquity. Choose a glamorous wooden bed as the perfect room focal point in this respect from which the remainder of the room scheme can draw inspiration. Matching or contrasting furniture, according to taste, will extend the earthy wooden theme, with added texture in the form of woven storage baskets or a natural wicker chair.

Select flooring to complement the wooden features and earthy room tones in a contrasting shade for best effect. Area rugs add texture, warmth and interest, or alternatively use a natural fibre carpet such as seagrass, sisal, hemp or jute. Created from renewable resources these floor coverings are completely biodegradable so that they can be shredded at the end of their lives as well as being extremely hard-wearing.

For added comfort levels, pile cushions, pillows, throws and blankets onto the wooden bed to tie all the earthy shades together and create an inviting lounging area. Use plenty of different earthy hues such as dark greens and coffee colours, bold and soft oranges and yellows, rusty reds and splashes of hazy lavender with even a few accents of blackto add depth.

Complete your earthy décor schemewith a few well-chosen accessories. Arrange a display of mocha coloured candles to complement the décor and cast a welcoming glow whenever the occasion demands. Fill a wooden bowl with pine cones for an accent feature that is rich in texture and forest glade romance. Nature inspired artwork featuring autumn scenes will pick up on the colour backdrop within the room, with splashes of green or blue for a hint of springtime…