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Pink and White teen girl bedrooms…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Pink is the colour of the moment right now. From catwalk fashion to home soft furnishings and interior décor themes, whether it’s delicate pastel pink tones or shocking lipstick pink, this is an expressive and versatile colour that looks great as the basis for a teen girl bedroom scheme. Add shades of off-white and sage for a vintage vibe or vivid magenta teamed up with midnight black for a punk rocker aesthetic. Create interesting tonal dimension and texture by mixing different shades of pink within the bedroom or opt for something coordinated and funky by mixing up a variety of patterns and style motifs in the same shade.

Faded pastel pinks make the perfect backdrop for a variety of bedroom themes whether that’s vintage Victorian, country cottage moods or something altogether more contemporary. Paired with pale grey-green celadon shades or sage green and vintage white or ivory, this bedroom motif is ideal for a free-spirited nature lover who could spend hours sipping tea whilst gazing out a lofty window onto rolling lawns. Fall in love with an enchanting traditional iron bed design in a glossy ivory finish and select a duvet cover or bed throw and coordinating curtains in toile, chintzy or floral patterns, to continue the cottagey theme throughout the room. Include antique pieces, shabby chic accents and vintage artwork as inspired finishing touches.

It’s difficult not to notice the ultra-bold tones of shocking pink or lipstick pink just about everywhere on the high street this season. As an expressive summery colour it’s more popular than ever as the basis for floral patterns or a stand-alone shade, particularly within the context of bathroom and bedroom design and accessories. Whether you lean towards the look in magenta tones or perhaps a more neon-influenced pink, it is a vivacious colour that adds energy and a sassy feminine vibe to any room scheme, particularly against the contrast of satin black accents or stark white room elements. Paint woodwork and dado rails in a high gloss white as the ideal partner or incorporate stylish black lacquered furniture or a contemporary black metal bed as an inspired counterpoint. Such bold modern furniture selection plays up the trendy modern theme, whilst the inclusion of zebra or leopard animal prints injects a flavour of fun and youthfulness. Include damask elements as an alternative approach should you wish in the form of framed wallpaper samples, wallpaper borders, stencilling on walls or within the bedding and window materials, for an intriguing touch of gothic flair.

Combining pink on pink shades creates tonal depth and throws up the possibility of a variety of motif styles. Go 70s retro with pink on pink polka dots and squares or geometric prints, or feminine toiles or soft damask patterns for a more grown-up flavour. White curtains trimmed in pink sequined or beaded ribbon, accented with appliques gives the room an invitingly relaxed feel, with multi-textured bedding and white cotton pillows, extending the theme atop a focal point satin white traditional metal bedstead with rich brass detailing for a hint of visual glamour.

For a pink room scheme where the patterns do the talking, consider a striped pink and white wallpaper treatment or pink on pink patterns with crisp white mouldings and wood trim. Toile style pink and white curtains, against pinstriped wallpaper and a solid white dado rail, will all bring flair to the décor story without the necessity for an overall theme. The secret here is to mix and match patterns that coordinate and complement each other without overwhelming the visual message.

Black and Silver bedroom décor

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

For an upbeat contemporary take on bedroom style consider the combination of black and silver for an intriguing décor option that is not only gender neutral but offers great flexibility when it comes to creating a personal space that is instantly inviting. Adjust the mood with the colour mix of these complementary shades, adding brighter accent colours for a splash of visual verve in the form of fabrics, décor pieces and evocative wall art.

As always it is the backdrop wall colours that set the tone for the room scheme as a whole. White walls or off-white derivatives serve as a great neutral canvas against which to feature contrasting colour furniture selections or fabric choices, or you might have some wallpaper styles in mind to use on some or perhaps just one accent wall. If you are considering using a white or silver contemporary bed to establish the mood, a black paint finish on the bed head wall will strike a sophisticated urban tone, although if the thought of an all-black paint job is a step too far, explore black and silver patterns as an alternative. Damask, swirls, diamond grid patterns and geometric motifs are all worthy of consideration, whilst a silver/blue or grey wall colour or wallpaper design would also ensure easy classic modern style.

Incorporate white furniture such as a white painted simple wooden bed design and matching pieces if you want something lighter and airier to balance the room. White metal bedsteads with a streamlined contemporary edge will also work here, whilst a colourful headboard in a rich red, yellow or turquoise fabric is sure to create a splash against white, silver, or black walls bringing a funky vibe to the room. Black furniture also suits the room style and offers the flexibility to coordinate well with future décor updates should you wish to change the aesthetic at a later date. Another great option comes in the form of chrome accents and chrome bed designs, adding sparkle and an almost art deco flair to the room for an ultra-sophisticated statement, although just one or two key furniture pieces will be enough to create the mood without overkill. For a modern eclectic look, marry a streamlined chrome bedstead design with a mirrored dresser, a black storage chest at the foot of the bed, and a pair of reflective silver bedside tables.

Softer room textures such as bedding, window fabrics and area rugs should complement the furniture mix and the walls, bringing balance to the black and silver colour palette. A silver bed valance, black sheets, and a cream duvet cover with pillows in all three colours will work against darker walls or furniture to retain an airier room feel. A silver duvet with black lace overlay is a great option for adding a romantic sensual flavour in the room, extending the same treatment to the widows with black lace curtains and sheer silver panels, whilst a black bed throw or duvet featuring silver motifs is a good choice for a teenager’s bedroom. Consider grey bedside rugs to lighten up rooms where black is the dominant colour, or plush black rugs to counterbalance silver room themes.

Dress up the room with interesting black and silver accessories, adding a third brighter colour tone in the form of table lamps, decorative porcelain or some scatter cushions for a pop of colour. These smaller room accents can easily be exchanged for other colours for a seasonal or fashion change on a whim, changing the character of the room without investing a lot of time or resources. Incorporate flowers, candles, bed runners and artwork to get the desired look, with perhaps a dynamic piece of artwork in a chromed frame on the bed head wall for a dramatic individual room statement…

Contemporary Chrome Bedrooms…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Chrome is firmly back on the décor map right now. In truth it’s never really been away ever since the heady Hollywood inspired Art Deco days of the 50s, and enjoying a greater or lesser impact within most contemporary home-styles ever since. From simple chromed mirror and hardware fixtures to larger pieces of showcase furniture, chrome certainly is no longer the sole preserve of the kitchen or bathroom. In fact chrome has an effortless quality when it comes to transforming most contemporary family rooms, and no more so than within the bedroom where it’s mirror-finish qualities make it the ideal medium for smaller accents such as lamps and picture frames, or an ultra-sophisticated modern chrome bed as a focal point room centre-piece to inspire the room scheme as a whole. Incorporate chrome against a backdrop of contemporary colours such as white, red, silvery greys, and most definitely the urban tones of black, for a bedroom style that is modern- day sensual and unmistakably cutting edge…

Look out for streamlined chrome furniture pieces to make a big impact here or dark wooden bed or metal bed designs, set off against chrome accents for a more reserved approach. Contemporary angular styling with simple silhouettes and minimal detailing really has to be the design discipline to strike the perfect balance. Chrome bed low-rise creations in heavy round or square tubing will establish the mood. Consider those with black leather head and footboard inserts for another stylish twist on the chrome theme or stick with something ultra-minimalist for an ascetic vibe where less is most definitely more. Black metal beds are invariably the perfect partner for other chrome elements within the room. If you can find a bed and matching furniture styles that incorporate a combination of these finishes, then so much the better. Otherwise opt for black contemporary furniture to counterpoint chrome elements such as bedside tables, table lamps, mirror or picture frames or black tables and chairs with chrome legs. Even little features such as chrome drawer pulls or window hardware will strike the right chord against more dominant black room features, without overpowering with too much glitz. The perfect contemporary bedroom design keeps things simple without any evidence of clutter. After all, we are not looking to create a spaceship or all-American diner vibe.

Instead use those textbook wall colours to lay down a stylish backdrop with one or perhaps two accent walls in a darker shade of grey, red or black with neutral tones or white on the remaining walls. White or off-white variants enable chrome or black furniture and accessories to shine whilst contributing to the gritty modern aesthetic. Again, it’s all about the inclusion of key room elements here for that definitive understated sophisticated design message. With a little experimentation and planning and sympathetic inclusion of textures and fabric colours to flatter the inherent metallic austerity of chrome, a ravishing room style becomes an easy proposition.

Bring balance to the chrome theme with classy decorative elements that pull the style together. Wall prints and monochromatic framed photographs are an inspired choice that bring individuality and personalisation to the décor mix. Whether it’s calm and relaxing or something altogether more gregarious, choose wall art that reflects your lifestyle choices or aspirations or opt for over-size family or partner photographs, displayed in a heavy chrome frame above the bed or on a feature accent wall…

Large Master Bedroom Décor Ideas…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

They say that one of life’s great luxuries is that of space, but whatever your opinion of that rather sweeping observation, there is little doubt that larger homes with proportionally up-size rooms and bedroom size, present a great canvas upon which to project a whole new raft of creative design and decorative styles, creating an expansive scheme that simply wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. As always, whatever the architectural style or room configuration, it is our personal design and style tastes that should dictate the look, whether that be country-style shabby chic, an Asian inspired contemporary vibe , or something altogether more expressive, glamorous, or even a little decadent. Large bedrooms offer the unique opportunity of giving such themes room to breathe, although as with any project a set of design rules are the basis for success. Greater space offers greater margin for error, but achieve the perfect mix of colours, textures and furnishing style for ravishing room moods bar none.

Large master bedrooms offer the space, and invariably and just as importantly, the natural light to control the visual impact of bold wall and floor colours whenever a contemporary edge is the requirement of the moment. Warmer colours such as burgundy, burnt orange, crimson, chocolate brown and regal purple reduce any loftiness within the room, creating an area that is welcoming and romantic. Alternatively to maintain the feeling of space and airiness, opt for a pale cool colour such as mint green or a powder blue, with creamy or off-white neutral wall tones creating great contrast for bold room elements, fabrics and furniture selections. Where these light or neutral colours are the order of the day, consider a bolder accent bed-head wall in a toile or damask patterned paper, or even a fabric treatment for a warm sophisticated luxury hotel flavour.

When it comes to floor treatments, although traditionally larger bedrooms feature fitted carpet to ensure comfort and heat and sound insulation, it’s worth giving consideration to natural timber floor design for both traditional and contemporary room styles. For here the rich patina of woodgrain helps balance the light and textures within the room, with contemporary, Oriental, or retro-style area rugs flanking a focal point fabulous wooden bed or metal bed design, or picking up on colours or the pattern motif within a grand oversized tufted fabric or leather headboard.

Furniture selection demands a considered approach so instead of filling a large room with an equally large collection of oversized furniture pieces that invade the space, consider two or three showcase pieces that make a dramatic statement, complementing them with less imposing functional pieces in a supporting role. Large bedrooms open up all sorts of possibilities for furniture choice that simply wouldn’t be possible in smaller rooms, so it’s a shame to miss the opportunity. A canopy or ornately detailed wooden four poster bed adds an element of romantic opulence as the centrepiece of a large bedroom, with a large armoire or linen press cabinetry continuing the theme. A king sized iron bedstead in traditional or contemporary style depending upon the preferred décor  makes for an equally appealing centre-stage option, dressed with rich linens and bed throws to bring the bed design to life.

To create a welcoming dual-function room area that maximises the space on offer, consider designating an area of the bedroom as a seating area, particularly if the aesthetic is more traditional in nature, with a fireplace or stove, around which you might group an area rug and plush upholstered chairs or a sofa to define the area. Alternatively or as an inviting add-on, install a window seat or chaises longue beneath a tall window, lining the surrounding walls with book shelves to create a snug mini-library reading nook.

Apple Green walls for Black and White teen bedrooms…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

For a bold contemporary vibe, the combination of crisp green wall finishes, counterpointed with ultra-stylish black and white room furnishings and décor, creates an undeniably trendy and yet timeless motif for a son’s or daughter’s bedroom. And better still, it’s one that can grow with your teen with the flexibility to accommodate revised décor and accessory accents as tastes or function requirements evolve. Personalise the space with funky plaids, bold damask designs, whimsical polka dots, or classic white walls should you prefer, with black and green splashes of room colour, for a décor statement that is exciting and unique. Give new life to jumble-shop finds or vintage items for a retro or shabby chic style. Transform tired old furniture with a coat of paint and updated knobs and hardware for a frugal room makeover or choose sleek modern bed and furniture designs for a minimalist flavour that will appeal to all the family.

Cast aside more conventional colour themes with an extrovert apple green wall scheme using several coats to ensure a bold saturated hue. Even in larger bedrooms a couple of walls finished in green with the remaining walls painted a complementary neutral tone, will be sufficient to establish the right vibe, whilst smaller rooms might benefit from just one bed-head accent wall so that the green does not overpower the space. Consider also painted green dado rails, coving or skirting boards to introduce an element of green to the walls whenever a more restrained approach is the requirement of the moment. There’s also the option of extending the apple green colour to the floor with a fitted carpet floor covering, although it’s no surprise that bright colours fall from favour more quickly than neutral tones, so a safer bet might be a carpet in a light beige or cream with perhaps an accent apple green bedside rug as a fail-safe and flexible accent option.

Look for coordinating accent furniture to establish the black and white motif within the room, playing off against those green backdrop tones. A white wooden bed design with a simple silhouette and low-rise stance will easily establish the contemporary mood here, whilst a modern metal bed finished in black or white with the bare minimum of detailing will strike an ascetic, upbeat chord. Chrome furniture and décor pieces might also work happily within this room style, with black/white checker-patterned bed duvets or a faux fur throw, extending the motif. Stripy black and white patterns such as zebra stripes bring a touch of tropicalinterest to the mix and bounce off those green room tones for a touch of jungle intrigue, while for truly individual and funky furniture style, consider revamping old vintage store wooden furniture finds with a few coats of apple green paint or neutral colours with green painted trim, which you can easily repurpose colour-wise when the time comes to redesign the room.

Finalise the scheme with accessories and décor pieces that pull the look together for a seamless design style that sits easily on the eye without resorting to excessive amounts of visual clutter that spoils the effect. Throw pillows, cushions, bed canopies and window dressings will all soften the look and allow for fine-tuning when it comes to the green/black/white colour mix. A bright green ceiling fan, stained glass bedside table lamp, or black and white wall photos or prints, will all bring an element of pizazz and texture interest to a personal space that’s truly funky-fabulous…

American 1950s style bedroom ideas…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Think classic Hollywood or American diner décor and your instantly transported back to mid- century trans- Atlantic style; an optimistic post war era of enduring appeal, where rock and roll, poodle skirts and the golden age of movie stars were the defining influences of the era. In modern-day homes and bedroom schemes the style remains timelessly relevant and upbeat. After all, we love anything with a retro vibe right now, so why confine our chrome accents and 1950s styling to the kitchen or bathroom, when a touch of Hollywood glamour or an appealing Disney theme can transform a humdrum master bedroom or a daughter’s bedroom to something that has true wow factor. Use classic memorabilia, mid-century artwork and posters, splashes of chrome, and inspired use of fabrics and colour to evoke the vintage American mood…

For an enticing romantic touch a classic Hollywood 50s bedroom exudes elegance and memories of well-loved and golden screen movie stars as inspiration for Art Deco room style or a simpler makeover with just a few accent colours and some rich fabrics. If you fancy a specific theme consider choosing a favourite star such as Marilyn Monroe to inspire your artwork or photo accents, or you might look at a more generic style with several movie stars or none at all in mind. Paint one accent wall a deep burgundy or forest green, leaving the other walls a neutral shade as the perfect backdrop for interesting furnishings and fabrics. Allow the accent wall to become the background for a glamorous metal bedstead or a fabulous piano black lacquered wooden bed flanked by matching bedside tables. Set a pair of vintage table lamps with dark fabric shades on the bedsides and continue the theme with rich window dressings in a similar colour or material. Dark wood or highly polished furniture will never fail to evoke the Hollywood mood. Consider too sophisticated chrome bed and chrome furniture designs or furniture that incorporates accents of chrome, or classic “bull-nose” furniture styling that was popular through the 50s. Canopy beds or a regal four poster bed design might also be at home here complete with an animal stripe bedthrow or runner for extra Art Deco pizazz.  Don’t forget also to include at least one over-sized gilt framed wall mirroron an accent wall or above the bed, with a mirror finished dresser or vanity unit which seem to be all the rage right now.

Disney themes never date, and for a touch of nostalgia that should appeal to all family members, capture the essence of old-fashioned Disney with some of your favourite characters from this era for a unique child’s or young teenagers bedroom. Use a cheerful colour for the walls such as light yellow, robins-egg blue or a dusty pink to strike a fun chord, and install shelves to showcase some Disney antiques or characters. You might like to build the room theme around just one character such as Mickey Mouse or decorate and accessorise with several in mind. This style of room is particularly appealing as it is oblivious to the vagaries of fad and fashion. A simple pretty “little princess” metal bedstead will create an enchanting room focal point here that is nicely in keeping with the vintage Disney theme, or a natural wood and white painted wooden bed design for an equally appealing sleep-time solution that will harmonise with future décor styles whenever it’s time for a room-style change.

An American 1950s diner style bedroom theme might seem like something of an anomaly, and yet there is much to be enjoyed about a bedroom design that mimics in part some of the elements that we associate with the definitive roadhouse diner style. It’s a theme that might make the basis for a fun teenager’s bedroom, with a reproduction miniature jukebox, or framed jukebox artwork and other diner-themed memorabilia such as ice cream shakes or a classic glitzy diner scene. Incorporate antiques and memorabilia that evoke the “Fonzie” mood such as an old vintage ice cream machine or a chromed stool or chair. A mid-century modern metal bed is sure to make a bold and authentic statement here to play up the diner theme. Look out for simple low-rise contemporary styles in silver finishes or a mirror-finish chrome bed design for the ultimate style statement. Diners often featured black and white checkerboard floors although this is probably not a practical solution for the bedroom. Instead, replicate the pattern in the form of a black and white patterned bedside rug or a duvet in a checkerboard design, with red trim for a splash of colour. This back/white/red combo was diner style to a tee, which together with those nostalgic accents and collectables, is guaranteed to effortlessly set back the clocksto that classic vibrant American era…

Lime Green and Hot Pink teen bedrooms…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

We’ve touched before on the extrovert personality of lime green room décor. It’s not a theme or  colour-style on everyone’s wish-list, and yet as the basis for a contemporary space makeover there is much to recommend this vivid summery shade. Flexible enough to evoke a retro vibe or to create a splash of verve in a master bedroom, this is a colour that really comes into its own when paired with other complementary tones such as  blue, purple or sunshine yellow. For a teenagers room or even that of a slightly younger son or daughter, the pink and lime green combo is where it’s all at, so we are going to have a quick look at this most funky of colour-ways. Get the colour balance right here and hold back on the temptation to include too many prints and patterns within the room, and vivacious lime green and smoking hot pink kid’s room style becomes a breeze.

A really popular and effective way to establish a funky lime green and hot pink room theme is to use a room chair rail as a natural divider to achieve that all important colour balance. Paint the chair rail black or white with a lime green paint job beneath the rail with pink above to the ceiling, or vice versa. Alternatively you might wish to paint the area below the rail either of the two colours with alternating pink/green stripes above. For rooms without a chair or dado rail, an adhesive paper border in an appropriate design serves the same purpose to divide the room into two, whilst for a bold approach suited to larger rooms, paint the entire room in one colour with the window frames and other woodwork in the combination colour of lime green or pink, extending this décor theme to other accent pieces such as scatter pillows, lamp shades or a bedside rug.

A natural way to continue the lime green and hot pink theme is to incorporate modern bed and furniture designs as well as accessories that are finished in these colours. You might be able to track down a bean bag, funky pink chair or an upholstered bench or bed in a pink or green fabric, or consider some re-upholstery work on an old chair or ottoman for a cost effective and personalised touch. If you can’t find the furniture styles that you are looking for in these colours, repurpose tired old pine furniture or cheaply bought wooden pieces with a couple of coats of spray paint, for instant retro revival.  Other furniture styles that will work well within this décor scheme are silver or chrome contemporary metal bed designs, or those finished in a satin black finish to ground the scheme. White iron beds and matching furniture are also at home here with low rise white painted wooden beds offering a different but equally appealing proposition.

Ultimately the finished room persona has to be a matter for personal taste, although the best results will rely on achieving that all-important harmony when it comes to the colour mix and the sympathetic use of fabrics and décor accents that pull the room together into a cohesive unit. So by all means incorporate some favourite fabric patterns and style motifs within the curtains, bed throws and pillowcases, but counterbalance with those vivid lime green and pink solid colours, using the furniture and accessory selection as a way of reigning- in any visual overkill. The internet and interior design magazines will throw up all sorts of interesting style propositions. The rest is down to personal inspiration and a vision for bold artistic interpretation…!

Summertime Lime Green bedroom ideas…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

The zesty youthfulness of lime green evokes images of summertime and carefree days. As one of the most vibrant of all colours it’s an extrovert shade that requires careful handling when it comes to room décor, where strategic accents of lime green scattered throughout a room can still make a large impact. Surprisingly perhaps, lime green is a versatile colour that can form the basis of many room designs, such as vamping up a feminine room, or integrating happily to play up a retro or contemporary theme. Use it in the nursery, as the inspiration for a son or daughter’s room, or even to add more spice to adult bedroom décor, whenever a jazzy modern twist is the order of the day…

For a bold bedroom statement lime green can serve as the main backdrop colour for your room, complemented by supporting accent colours, or for quieter themes as an accent colour in its own right adding interest and impact to other room colour combinations. Popular colour partnerships include lime green and hot pink for feisty teen bedroom décor, or lime green and sky blue for an exotic tropical vibe. Lime green and purple is another interesting combination that can work well in a nursery, child’s room or guest room, or consider sparking interest in a primarily neutral room of chocolate brown and cream with bold lime green accessories and fabric choices. For extrovert schemes lime green and yellow is one to consider although perhaps a little too vibrant for many tastes, whilst black and white room style, including zebra prints and polka dots, provide the perfect background contrast for lime green accents to make the boldest of colour statements.

An all-wall lime green wall paint job might be too much for most bedroom makeovers, but taming things down a littleby painting just one accent wall lime green, or by incorporating a lime green pattern, gives the room a whole new perspective. Consider balancing those green elements with turquoise or sky blue stripes or polka dots for a fun vibe, or paint lime green and white polka dots on a chocolate brown wall. You might even choose to incorporate bold geometric patterns in the form of removable wall decals for those that enjoy a constant change of scene or for seasonal décor variation.

Look for lighter coloured wooden bed designs in painted white finishes, or light natural wood finishes to lend a coastal flavour to lime green and blue bedrooms, or to tone down a child’s lime green and hot pink bedroom. A contemporary styled white or ivory metal bed design will be equally at home here, whilst an iron bedstead in a darker finish or a dark grained wooden bedstead and matching furniture, looks great in a modern room space with a predominantly neutral palette featuring just a hint of lime green, or to tame a yellow and lime greenroom. Black modern beds and furniture harmonise with many room aesthetics that feature lime green accents, and provide the ideal partnership for black and white and lime green room décor. For a pop of colour paint one piece of furniture such as an old chest, bookcase or chest of drawers lime green if you’d like it to stand out against a white or dark mocha brown wall background.

Pull the scheme together with lime green accessories, particularly in more restrained neutral colour rooms. For example, a lime green area rug can have great impact in the room if it’s placed centre-stage at the foot of that stylish contemporary metal bed, or consider a rug featuring animal stripes, polka dots or a geometric pattern to tone down the impact of loud lime green room style. Curtains, bedding, scatter cushions or a green reupholstered chair, are other ways to flood a neutral room with lime green accents, or to simply add a hint of this zesty colour. Smaller accessories go a long way in this respect, perhaps in the form of a cluster of lime green candles atop a dresser or mantel or a furry green lampshade on a bedside table for the perfect vibrant final flourish…

Pastel bedroom moods…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Gentle pastel bedroom colours bring a breath of fresh air to bedroom style with shades and textures to promote relaxation and serenity. With hues that evoke the feel of springtime, pastel colour room schemes create the backdrop for any number of room styles, from vintage Victorian, to country cottage style, shabby chic, or as the colour scheme for a nursery or guest room. With careful execution, pastels become suited to more contemporary room design also, where room furnishings and elements contrast with neutral pastel backgrounds. In fact whatever the design aesthetic, with the sympathetic execution of the colour and patterns mix and with the inclusion of interesting textures and some bolder accent pieces, this is a décor theme that will promote relaxation without becoming too girlie or mundane.

Set the scene with a soft pastel wall colour such as peach or spring green or a soft lilac blue. These colours create the perfect backdrop for a number of room styles, setting  the mood for the room as a whole and offering a soft glow that would be missing from bedrooms painted in white or off-white hues. In addition, gentle blue and green of soft yellow tones are good mood enhancers, with faded yellow walls particularly welcome in rooms that are north facing, lacking in natural sunlight. For a touch of visual interest consider drawing attention to an accent or bed head wall with a colour contrast that extends the pastel theme in an understated manner. A blue wall against a yellow wall scheme might work here or vice versa, whilst a gently patterned wallpapered accent wall is another pleasing option. Consider wallpapers featuring simple floral designs or perhaps a muted toile motif for a country house flavour.

Bring a little visual interest into the design mix with a selection of patterns that pick up on the pastel theme of the room. That toile design is a good example, but look at mixing and matching other patterns that work together with a colour thread that ties them all together. For example a traditional brass bedstead or Victorian inspired iron bed might just be the perfect focal point for a shabby chic or country cottage style room. Introduce pattern interest and breathe life into the bed with a vintage patchwork bedspread and yellow paisley checkered pillows and matching bed valance. As long as the motif mix isn’t too busy and there is that common colour theme, the patterns will harmonise forming the perfect counterpoint for a pastel backdrop.

Extend the theme with some shabby chic country-style window fabrics to contrast gently with the wall tones. Those that feature a floral pattern or simple stripe design will be in keeping here such as a motif of pale pink tea roses against the contrast of a mint green wall, continuing the effect with a bedside rug to bring warmth and texture interest to the floor, creating a link with those other pastel room shades. Remember also those little forgotten nooks and corners of the room, adding pastel or patterned wallpaper to the shelves in a closet or a chest of drawers, or perhaps painting or wallpapering a dressing screen for soothing room balance.

Finalise the pastel scheme with wall artwork that evokes the springtime flavour such as vintage illustrations of vegetables or floral compositions,complemented with a pastel coloured flower arrangement. A vase of lilacs or an orchid display on a bedside table or mantel, are sure to lift the spirits, whatever the season…

Teen Four Poster Bedroom ideas…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

A four poster bed makes an undeniably dramatic statement in any bedroom scheme, whether comfortably traditional or contemporary in style. It’s a look that lends itself supremely well to classic adult master bedroom designs, yet has just as much relevance for younger family members where the combination of visual drama and cosy night time and chilling-out time comfort holds great appeal. Where space, budgets and aspirations allow, create a teenage bedroom with a stylish four poster bed as the room showpiece from which the décor theme draws inspiration, with colour, fabric and complementary furniture choices that unify the scheme for visual pleasure and sensory calm.

Tracking down a suitable four poster bed design is an easy enough task although enthusiasm needs to be tempered by consideration for any space limiting factors!Furniture invariably appears smaller when it is out of situ in open display areas. Original carved Tudor or Tudor-style four posters are a wonderful acquisition with family heirloom credentials, but wildly expensive, a pig to transport, and scarcer than you might anticipate, whilst reproduction wooden bed designs are more accessible yet still far from affordable. More simply styled wooden or metal four poster bed creations are possibly the preferred choice here, not lacking that all-important wow-factor and offering all the functionality aspects without the cost and flexibility downsides. Anyhow, simpler four posters have the advantage that you can dress them up or down according to taste, tying ribbons to bed posts for a charming feminine touch and warming up the bed with rich curtains, or sheer fabrics for a wispier airy flavour. Incorporate large tassels to tie back drapes, should you choose to feature them, for times when the bed is vacant, or leave the drapes drawn for an appealing dramatic, private vibe.

Minimalist metal four poster bed frames have particular appeal to teenage tastes with a more streamlined contemporary edge well suited to younger family member’s lifestyles and ideals. Metal designs finished in silver, pewter, black or even chromewill coordinate well with most modern room motifs and colours, and can still be dressed up with drapes and over-bed materials for a cocoon-style flavour that will appeal tomany. Half tester and poster beds that lack a canopy are all variants of the traditional four post bed design, offering a wealth of design style inspiration for stimulating teenage bedroom themes.

Use room and material colours in bold and interesting ways to create a personalised room space that allows a focal point four poster bed to shine. Contemporary shades of mocha, blue,red or yellow are all appropriate here, offering a great colour counterpoint for modern bed designs in charcoal, pewter or other moody colour finishes. If you are incorporating bed drapes within the scheme pick out the same colours within window curtains or look at a combination such as sand beige window fabrics withocean blue bed dressings and drapes, for a cohesive ultra-modern design message.

Ground the scheme with floor treatments that continue the chosen decor style. Old traditional dark wooden four poster beds look fabulous against natural wooden flooring of similar tone and characteristic, softened by bedside area rugs of Oriental style or those that pick up on the colour of fabrics elsewhere in the room. As a more likely scenario, fitted carpet treatments offer more warmth and 21st century practicality in lighter shades as a contrast for darker contemporary bed finishes, or in a colour that complements bed curtain tie-backs and tassels or other fabrics and upholstery accents throughout the room.