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Black and Blue Bedroom style…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

It might not appear on too many shortlists when it comes to bedroom colour choice, but blue, with perhaps the exception of navy blue and some other darker derivatives is a calming and serene colour that makes it particularly well suited for use in the bedroom. In partnership with sophisticated black accents in the form of furniture, fabrics and accessories the decor effect can be striking and enormously attractive. For a soft nature-inspired aesthetic or a contemporary room design with a modern vibrant vibe, it’s a colour combo that is not only gender neutral but one that offers great flexibility to suit all tastes and architectural styles…

Choose a room backdrop colour to start the scheme, opting for a light blue shade rather than something too dark to avoid any dungeon-like associations, with softer pastel blue shades for a gentle feminine aura, or a brighter blue treatment with turquoise or cerulean for a bolder more forceful impression, suited to more masculine room style. When using these brighter shades, paint just one or two walls in the bold tones with a neutral wall colour such as light mocha or cream for the remaining walls, to turn down the brightness levels for a colour scheme that is balanced and not overpowering.

Alternatively create an accent wall using a favourite wallpaper pattern. Choose a design that compliments the other colours within the room and one perhaps that features a black motif. Something with a nature-inspired theme is in keeping with the feminine country cottage look or perhaps a pastoral toile design might fit the bill?Prominent geometric or abstract patterns play-up a more modern vibe, or you could try using a faux paint effect such as sponge painting to introduce texture interest into the room theme behind the head of a featured contemporary iron bed design.

Incorporate black furniture within the room for a strong, striking and thoroughly modern effect. That sophisticated black metal bed creation might be low and streamlined or something more transitional in style, depending upon the room mood. Look also at black modern wooden bed designs in lacquered, painted or very dark stain finishes. Where budgets are tight old tired pine can be repurposed in this way, or you might prefer wooden furniture pieces in natural finishes for a softer more natural feel. White oak and ash are two timbers to consider here, with white painted wooden or metal beds or even white wicker, for a fresh airy vibe, particularly suited to more feminine bedroom schemes.

Dress up the bed in a range on blue and black tones and textures that pick up on the colours within the room, with a plush black bedside rug to warm up natural wooden floors or a fitted carpet. Add plenty of scatter cushions and pillows for an inviting flavour, combining pastels with bolder colour tones and black accents, mixing such textures as velvet, silk, cotton, and corduroy for visual and tactile intrigue. Drape a faux fur black runner over the foot of the bed and reupholster a chaises longue or love seat in black velvet or a black damask, with a black velvet deeply padded or zebra print headboard for a romantic variation on the bedstead theme, whenever space is tight or an art deco boudoirflavour ticks the boxes…

Simple Black bedspread style…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

For simple no-nonsense contemporary bedroom design look no further than the humble black duvet or a bedspread to strike a bold bedroom note from which the room décor as a whole can draw inspiration. Black bed coverings, whatever their nature together with black wooden or metal bed designs are a useful staple feature in just about any modern bedroom scheme, as they coordinate with such a wide raft of colours and decorating styles, offering great flexibility. Black as a neutral colour provides a blank slate for bedroom décor, no matter how many times you choose to change or update your bedroom décor. Weave other black details throughout the room to connect the look for a balanced style that is easy on the eye with the minimum of effort.

Stick with the simple approach by painting an accent wall behind the bed in a bright colour such as fuchsia or crimson, or a lighter shade to act as stark contrast such as vintage white or a creamy hue. Alternatively use a dramatic patterned wallpaper in a bold floral or graphic motif, or use interesting paint textures and techniques for depth and texture. Polka dot black and white designs or stripy patterns offer a funky note whilst grey damask patterns suggest a more classic design approach.

Marry-up those black fabric bed fabrics with lighter coloured wooden bed frames and furniture for contrast, or consider a white metal headboard or ivory coloured iron bed in streamlined contemporary style. For a moodier more masculine vibe, stick with darker furniture such as a black wrought iron bedframe or dark wooden furniture pieces in walnut, mahogany or dark oak for an earthy timeless quality. Add to this theme vintage leather accents or a mocha leather headboard for a “clubby” feel, or look to mirrored furniture for an art deco flavour with some black/white zebra stripe scatter cushions atop that black bedthrow for a punch of visual drama.

Bring other black textiles into the mix including window dressings, upholstery and an area rug. Black and white wavy rug patterns, together with those zebra print cushions, or black lace curtains over  gold silk panels, create a unified look that binds the theme together. Brighter colours come into their own here whenever a funky upbeat look is the order of the day, whilst neutral and metallic shades, and creams and beige harmonise with black for a classy and sophisticated aesthetic. For youthful bedroom themes bring in a pop of colour with bright pink or orange sheets to contrast with the black bed dressings, or cream and tan bed fabrics for a more luxurious mature flavour in a master bedroom or a bachelors hideaway.

Bring walls alive with artwork or family portraits. Black frames are the perfect companion for black and white photos and to pick up on those other black accents throughout the room. Add a splash of colour with a few boldly coloured décor pieces or a charming floral accent such as some red roses in a black vase on a dresser or mantel or a lime green and aqua lamp for some gentle night time illumination on a bedside table.

Chic Purple and Grey Bedroom moods…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Purple is an ever-popular bedroom colour that spans all genders and age groups, and no more so than when in the company of grey tones for a combination that is effortlessly versatile. From casually chic to bohemian contemporary, or unmistakably upscale and sophisticated, this is a colour partnership that can’t fail to impress. Match up with funky patterns, metallic accents and complementary colours such as leaf green and burnt orange for a real visual treat. Classic furniture styles or more modern interpretations counterpointed with unexpected accents and design twists, coordinate and complete the look of a room scheme that is a far cry from more utilitarian bedroom designs.

Highlight classic black or white furniture with purple and grey detail work, patterns or accents. A modern or traditional metal bed or timeless wooden bedstead design makes a bold statement in a bedroom theme where a purple/grey colour theme is the order of the day, providing great contrast and a style in spades. If you’re after a funkier mood consider painting tired old furniture in a purple and grey colour combo or add purple knobs to a light grey painted cabinetry for a classy vibe. Most furniture, whatever the style can be repurposed in this way to create a whole new motif.

Emphasise the rich and regal qualities of purple with satin sheets, sumptuous duvet covers or bed throws and plush throw pillows. Introduce varying shades and textures of purple and grey into the fabric décor mix to create diversity and visual intrigue within the colour scheme, and create versatility by using a mix of prints and solid coloured materials, as well as reversible duvet covers or pillow shams. For a sophisticated flavour hang purple curtains that feature a grey or silver trim or fringe, or soft grey window fabrics featuring fun purple designs for a touch of bedroom whimsy.

Wall colours create a visual backdrop that establishes the room mood, and as always an accent wall in a darker shade is the preferred aesthetic. Paint three walls in a lighter shade of purple with the wall against which the bed will rest in a brighter richer shade of purple to add contrast, or grey as an alternative for a different dimension. Damask patterns, harlequin diamonds, stripes, or even polka dots or funky 70s style swirls, in shades of iridescent purple and silvery greys, bring their own unique individuality to the room scheme, whatever your preferred style.

Finalise the purple and grey theme with accessories and decorative accents that pull the décor story together for room balance and colour synergy. Silver grey picture and mirror frames, beaded purple bedside table lampshades, and plush grey rugs add texture and dimension to the room whilst personalising the scheme as a whole. Chrome hardware and furniture might also tick the boxes whenever a highbrow ultra- sophisticated look is desired, with mirrored furniture or decorative boxes for a stylish splash of Art Deco. Experiment with patterns and designs that might not immediately spring to mind, such as animal stripes or animal prints with radical splashes of accent colour such as lime green or deep crimson in the form of wall art, lampshades or scatter cushions for an assured contemporary twist…

More Mexican Bedroom moods…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Inspirational bedroom moods come in many guises, but for a bolder room theme full of colour, interesting textures and intriguing accents, a Mexican décor style remains one of our favourites for a sunny vibe to lift the mood and brighten the dullest day. With its enticing mix of warm earthy colours and rustic hand-crafted furnishings, a Mexican themed room offers a medley of the very best colours, shapes and fabrics to create a visual feast that’s a welcome change from more introverted décor trends. With a little flair and arty inspiration it’s a great DIY challenge that promises much enjoyment and satisfaction without busting the budget.

For true authenticity and a style platform, background colour and room textures establish the scene with the warm tones of terracotta or burnt gold for bedroom walls or rich blues for a tropical flavour in an eggshell or matt finish. For smaller rooms or whenever you are hesitant about introducing too much colour, choose just one or two accent walls such as the bed head wall for a backdrop of colour, with the remaining walls finished in a contrasting but complementary shade of cream or beige or light mocha tone.  Plaster techniques shout Mexican rustic country style through and through, coordinating perfectly with terracotta or weathered gold colours, for a colour/texture mix that is authentic and inviting. It’s not the easiest of finishes to create however, so you might want to call in some skilled help here or maybe compromise with a stucco effect that is easier to apply and still creates texture interest. For a different take on wall décor for those with an arty bent or a talented friend, consider wall murals to evoke the Mexican mood. Landscape themes are particularly appropriate here to jazz up an accent wall in true Latin American style.

Furniture choice brings character and structure to the room, creating a design mix that is unique and personal, setting a base theme that makes the selection of harmonious fabrics and room décor an easier task. Rustic wood and wrought iron furniture is the style of choice, and start with the bed as the room focal point. Weathered heavy wooden bed designs with chunky leg posts and hammered iron detailing are sure to please, or opt for a sturdy iron bed in a black finish, for a no-nonsense design decision to continue the Mexican story. If space is tight or should you fancy a more whimsical approach, consider old window shutters as an improvised headboard design, continuing the mood with a pair of rustic bedside tables, complete with hammered wrought iron trim and primitive iron drawer pulls. Keep the costs down with tired old pine furniture, repurposed with a coat or two of brightly coloured paint and then distressed down with wire wool or sandpaper for an aged well-worn appearance. Turquoise, sky blue and that ever-relevant terracotta hue are all great colour choices here to maintain the exotic colour theme.

Window treatments should be simple and feature bamboo shades or vintage window shutters with fabrics that pick up on the colours within a bed throw or scatter pillows. Avoid window fabrics that are heavily patterned…here plain is best, and the same applies to bed linens where light beige or creamy coloured sheets and a plain chocolate or ocean blue throw or duvet cover are all you need to make the style statement. Bring colour to the fabric aesthetic with a bright bed runner at the foot of the traditional rustic bed that bucks the pattern rule with a bold Mexican-inspiredgraphic design, should you wish.

Finalise the scheme with a flourish with accessories and accents that bring the space to life, stamping a unique and personalised identity. Primitive Mexican art pieces such as religious icons, crosses, or hand-painted tiles to dress up walls, table tops, or a dresser are all appropriate here, as is anythingcreated from iron such as candle sconces, light fittings and furniture or window hardware. Look out for traditional brightly coloured Mexican pottery and ceramics in the form of decorative wall art or urns and vases, and include some large specimen cactus plants to decorate a window sill, mantel or as a floor standing feature in a corner of the room. Floors should be finished in natural hardwood, but softened with a Mexican or Aztec-style patterned area rug or rugs to the side or at the foot of the bed, to warm up the room, with an enticing splash of visual flair…

West Indies-style bedroom design.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Whilst arguably less instantly recognisable than its Caribbean-style counterparts, the décor style of West Indies design has great relevance for home decor themes whenever an informal tropical look is the order of the day. West Indies décor has great appeal to home designers who favour an exotic flavour, restrained by more European British or French colonial influences. It’s a scheme that allows for great flexibility and a chance to give design inspiration a free hand, with themes that range from the breezy beach house look to the more formal aesthetic of classic European styling. In either case or with variations on these themes, the bedroom provides the perfect setting for a West Indies theme that is a world away from more ubiquitous room decor trends…

Incorporate West Indies inspired architectural and woodwork features into the bedroom to impart a tropical beach house flavour. Add awning or small lean-to tiled roof features above a heavy wooden bed, or build in some bamboo accents in the form of window blinds or bedroom furniture pieces. Open up the space by widening windows or installing French doors to impart an airy room feel, and use sheer materials for window fabrics that allow plenty of natural light to flood the room. Skylights are another useful option here, creating another visual dimension and a link with the sky.

Furniture with a West Indies identity will establish the perfect mood. Look through the internet and design publications for inspiration, sourcing room pieces from specialist importers or retailers or ordering online. Consider such items as couches, dressers, bedside tables, and of course a centrepiece elegant wooden bedstead, that feature artisan touches such as hand-carved frames, engraved panels, and intricate detailing. Furniture should be of solid construction with a functional as well as artistic edge, and beach inspired furniture crafted from rattan, woven cane, and bamboo is also appropriate for whenever a more casual tone is desired. Colonial influenced décor might see a more metallic presence in the room with Victorian style iron bed creations, vying with other wooden bedroom furniture pieces, for a more formalised stance that hints at those early days of European influence and world travel.

Choose colour for walls and ceilings that evokes the West Indies mood without overwhelming the design message as a whole. You might like to channel the blue depths of the Mediterranean Sea with a jewel tone or a darker blue with green undertones, accenting these colours with bright white or creamy shades for dramatic contrast. Natural hardwood floors in medium or dark stains ground the theme, alternating with different wooden room furniture tones to emphasise the natural materials, textures and finishes. Include a brightly patterned Caribbean style area rug to the side or at the foot end of that inviting traditional bedstead, for a splash of colour and comfort.

Finalise the scheme by accessorising the room with natural elements and materials that reflect the West Indian tradition of blurring the boundaries between the great outdoors and the interior of the home. Natural wooden decorative pieces, windows with shutters and gauzy curtains, and exotic potted plant features such as palms and orchids, will all help to bring the scheme together with a look that is bright and fresh. Resist the temptation though to introduce too many accents, concentrating instead on a “less is more” philosophy, with perhaps a couple of key works of art featuring tropical themes, leaving table tops and other surfaces relatively bare. This rule applies also to room patterns and textiles where too busy an effect will dilute the West Indies design style, yet still allows freedom for some pleasing personal touches such as family photos or art projects framed in bamboo, for an individualistic touch on an accent wall…

Majestic Gold and Red Bedroom themes

Monday, June 4th, 2012

For the ultimate self-indulgent room makeover, consider the colours gold and red as the basis for a majestic bedroom theme. Use various textures and fine materials to extend the theme throughout the bedroom by coordinating jewel tones that mimic ruby and exotic brushed gold. With a traditional bed dressed in rich linens, and red and gold accents within the room in the form of window dressings and soft upholstery, the style will come together seamlessly.

Set the tone with a deep red or crimson accent wall, with adjacent walls finished in more neutral earth tones or red if the room is large and enjoys a lot of natural lighting. Alternatively choose an accent wall such as the bed head wall and dress it with patterned wallpaper featuring a floral or Victorian era stylised gold-on-red pattern or something with a damask texture flavour. Dress the bed with jewel-toned bedding that picks up on the wall colours and texture that features gold accent threading to lend the space a touch of glamour and nobility.

Romantically styled wooden bed designs sit perfectly in this room setting. Choose those which are assured and planted, featuring ornate detailing, or simpler sleigh bed styles for a Gallic flavour. Wood tones should be dark or almost black. Dark oak, walnut, and mahogany are all good choices here, or go bold with a 19th century style brass bed, for unrivalled enticing glamour. Pile the bed with gold and red pillows in satin, silk or damask fabrics and bring the bed to life with a rich quilted comforter and tasselled bed runner to drape at the foot.

Extend the theme to the windows with red sheer curtains for privacy, and to harmonise with other partnered tones within the room. Include lavish gold tasselled tie-backs to extend gold accents to the window and wall area, and include wall prints that feature both gold and red as dominate colours to ensure further coordination. A third colour within the room space such as a lighter neutral tone or perhaps cream, will serve to break up the colour palette for a pop of visual interest whilst assuring that the red/gold theme doesn’t overwhelm. Likewise include framed personal photographs withinthe roomin black, cream or dulled brass frames for a splash of personalisation and a pleasing contrast with more regal colour room elements. Place them in a little collection atop a bureau or dresser, or choose a feature wall for the display. A larger framed photograph or majestic gilt framed oil painting on the focal-point wall over the head end of the traditional bed, is also an appealing décor solution. Flank the bed with a pair of nightstands or bedside tables for gentle symmetry and a touch of regal class…

Masculine bedrooms with Black Furniture

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Black furniture in the form of a stylish metal bed frame, dressers, desks, and perhaps a contemporary work bureau, can give the blandest of room spaces an instantly functional and sophisticated vibe that inspires other colour and decorative accents within the room. The real beauty of black furniture is that it complements a vast range of textures and colour trends, and with such flexibility, any number of décor styles become possible. Depending on personal taste and preference, choose furniture pieces in moody black wooden finishes, assertive wrought iron, steel, or softer finishes such as acrylic and rattan. Richly upholstered headboards or upholstered bedsteads, would also be in keeping here, in lustrous black suede finish or dark leather for a clubby feel. Take into account hobbies, interests and family links when choosing accents and features within such a room scheme, for a makeover that is a true reflection of personality for a bold personal décor statement.

Stick with wall treatments, be that paint, fabric finishes, or wallpaper, in the light natural colours of neutral white, taupe or pale silvery greys, to provide a backdrop contrast for the black furniture elements. Avoid colours that are too dark if you want to avoid a closed-in cave-like feeling, although a darker accent wall in a rich burgundy or burnt gold might make for an appealing feature in larger rooms. Choose black furniture pieces that complement each other. That doesn’t necessarily mean going for a room set, but there should be colour and/or design style that ties them all together. For example, select a black contemporary or traditional iron bed or metal headboard, that has masculine rustic or modern appeal, depending upon the overall room theme, and marry it up with a wooden black dresser. A black fabric or rattan headboard would work equally well here, but if you are working to a tight budget, consider transforming existing furniture pieces with a lick of black paint to give them a new lease of life.

Enhance the bed with a duvet or bed throw that complements the black scheme whilst exuding comfort and style. Subdued tones such as burgundy, dark grey, storm blue, or a mid- tone beige will do the job, and consider accenting the bed with black decorative pillows and a matching runner at the foot. Place a plush black area rug to the side or at the foot of the bed to soften up the mood, particularly if the bedroom features a bare hardwood floor.

Incorporate a space in the bedroom for reading and relaxation when budgets and room dimensions permit. A comfortable black leather recliner with a chrome or brushed nickel reading lamp, and a bookcase filled with favourite novels, would be the perfect addition to a contemporary room theme, with perhaps additional chrome room accents to extend the design message. Drawer pulls, chrome  light sconces flanking the bed, or some brushed nickel shelving to display personal memorabilia, should all push the right décor buttons.

Lastly, choose chrome or polished metal frames for favourite posters or family black and white photographs to hang on the wall or beside the bed for that final individualistic touch…

Dragonfly bedroom themes for young and old…

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Here in the British Isles summer tends to be a pretty hit and miss affair even at the best of times, but for an all-year-round taste of summer, a dragonfly theme can give the bedroom an enchanting lift that translates eminently well in a youngsters bedroom or with a more mature twist for a master bedroom. Dragonfly themes give you great scope for the imagination, as they come in so many different shapes and sizes, and with just a few dragonfly accents it’s possible to add interest to the most ordinary bedroom scheme.

As always, room colour choice is the essential start point ingredient, but a dragonfly theme offers wide choice when the time comes to choose a backdrop colour. Subdued shades such as pale green, faded yellow and white variants offer a casual and relaxed mood, whilst for a more vivid vibe you might like to consider richer colours such as maroon and jade. Choosing one primary colour for the room with two secondary colours is invariably successful, or you could paint or wallpaper the bed head wall in an accent colour to draw the eye, using the remaining wall space as a contrast background for artwork and dragonfly features. Add splashes of contrasting colour in small amounts so as not to overwhelm the room with too much visual clutter that spoils the main design message.

Create theme interest by incorporating dragonflies on the walls in the form of artwork or posters or fabric wall hangings. A dragonfly patterned quilt atop a pretty traditional iron bedstead would be entirely appropriate for a young teenagers bedroom, and consider wall features such as metal dragonfly décor to harmonise with a metal bed and unify the room scheme. Dragonfly patterned wallpaper is another option, whilst stencils and wall decal applications provide great scope for personalisation and originality.

Windows allow the outside to filter into the room, and even on the greyest day, nothing seems more appropriate than including dragonfly accents here, to bring the outside in, as it were. For a soft delicate look that suggests those elusive lazy summer days, look out for sheer floaty window fabrics that feature dragonfly patterns. If you choose curtains for the window dressings, ensure that the fabric harmonises with your wall colours and the bed throw on that enchanting traditional bedstead, and look for tiebacks made from bendable wire or wrought iron to add a whimsical look to the room space.

Finish the dragonfly look with accents and accessories that extend the theme without introducing too much visual noise. For a pleasing look, include things that you might find in your garden or back yard, such as a wind chime, an old weathered bench that you can adorn with cushions, or some garden lanterns. Add a wrought iron candlestick or a set of dragonfly hooks to add texture within the room, and include additional dragonfly accents in the form of lampshades or mobiles. Dragonfly patterned pillows, rugs, ceramic vases, and sculptures are other charming features that you might wish to showcase for this fanciful summery room theme…

Décor solutions for narrow bedrooms…

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Not all rooms come in convenient décor friendly shapes and sizes. Older properties or modern small apartment dwellings often suffer from oddly shaped or compact bedroom spaces, and yet good design doesn’t have to suffer just because your bedroom is  a tad on the small size, or is longer than it is wide. In fact there are several design tricks that you can use to create a space that is cosy and comfortable that appears larger than it really is…

Start by clearing everything out of the room so that you start with a blank canvas, making it easier to decide what will fit within the scheme and what will not. Smaller rooms draw attention to wall and ceiling imperfections, so take the opportunity to affect any remedial repairs whilst the room is clear and clutter free. Use lighter paint or wallpaper colours and a large wall mirror to make the room appear wider. You might choose to paint the two long walls a different colour for pleasing contrast or a lighter and darker shade of the same hue. Colour is subjective, so don’t be afraid to use darker colours if you wish. Red, for example can make a room feel cosy, whilst lighter purple shades lend the space a sophisticated air.

Hang the large mirror on the darker painted wall or use a free standing floor mirror where space allows. The mirror will reflect the lighter wall colour, brightening the room and giving an illusion of space. Likewise, hanging a mirror opposite a window creates more natural light in the room, making it feel wider than the dimensions might suggest.

Decide where to position the bed in order to maximise floor space and not block any doors. A modern or traditional bed with its longest side against the wall gives the impression of a day bed, or you may wish to purchase a day bed proper, that can be converted to a seating area when it is not required for sleep. To make the best use of the space position a dresser or bookcase behind the head of the bed or to one side of the day bed, rather than a bedside table, and place a lamp and alarm clock on the dresser to create more floor room.

Divide the space to create smaller vignettes. Creating smaller zones in this way is particularly effective if the room is extremely long. Use drapery to create a delineation and make a cosy reading zone with a chair, area rug and reading lamp that is separate from the sleeping area. You might also like to consider a Japanese style screen or purpose made room divider to create the same effect. Draperies should complement the wall colour, and using fabrics that hang from wall to ceiling, allow the eye to travel up and down, once again breaking up the space.

If your bedroom is to incorporate a TV, hang it on the wall or position it on an armoire whenever space allows. Flat screen wall mounted TVs take up virtually no space and wall mounts with swing arms increase the viewing angle range.

Finally make up the bed with linens that harmonise with the room colours with textures and accents that appeal to the senses. If you are going for the daybed look, finish the scheme by positioning pillows against the wall for the appearance of a sofa, with bolster pillows at each end to create a truly comfortable seating area.

More Zebra print décor ideas…

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

The Art deco look of animal stripes is always in fashion. From the catwalk, to home accessories and of course, home décor, there’s something about animal prints that appeals to our most basic ancestral instincts. So why not consider an alternative bedroom style that is anything but mundane, and unleash your wild side with a bedroom makeover with zebra stripes as the central theme?! This pattern lays the foundation for a safari or nature-inspired theme, which would suit a youngster’s room, or for an enticing Art deco fashionista statement. Use a few zebra print accent pieces for a more understated look, or allow zebra stripes to become a prominent feature that sets the mood for the room style as a whole.

For wall treatments find a zebra pattern that you like and place it on an overhead projector. Project the image so that it is sharply in focus on the wall and ensure that the width of the stripes is in proportion to the size of the wall and bedroom. It goes without saying that bigger spaces will require a wider zebra print pattern. Trace the outline of the stripes with a pencil, but possibly limit the application to a couple of walls maximum to avoid overkill, or choose to feature the bed head wall only to draw the eye to the focal point of the room. Complete the stripy theme by painting between the lines; a dark brown shade of your choice is an effective and authentic option and coordinates well with many other brighter room shades should you wish. Select white or cream background hues to contrast with the brown stripes in true zebra style.

Install coordinating flooring. Since the walls provide a dramatic statement, a more subtle choice of flooring will help balance the effect, and earthy organic tones are entirely suitable here. Mocha coloured carpet is a sound choice for a warm and comfortable flavour, whilst bare hardwood flooring with an accent rug or two at the foot or to the side of the bed, offers a more exotic solution.

Likewise, solid colour furniture pieces will help to anchor the room theme, without detracting from the zebra print story. A rustic wooden bedstead in a dark finish might form the perfect room focal point, whilst a traditionally styled iron bed in a rusty metal finish, or black, ivory or white, will contrast nicely with the stripy deco theme. Add brighter colours for accent interest, such as red or a bright blue in the form of accessories and fabrics, such as a red love seat or reading chair or as the chosen fabric for scatter cushions or a bed valance. Consider also a token piece of furniture featuring zebra stripes, such as an upholstered bench, chaises longue or cosy armchair, to extend the zebra print element.

Include complimentary textiles and patterns, such as a continuation of the stripy theme for window treatments, a lavish or faux fur throw for that rustic bed, pillows, or an area rug. Avoid the temptation to overdo the stripy message however; be selective and restrained. As an alternative incorporate solid brown or cream textiles for a monochromatic look, whilst the inclusion of hot pink or Tiffany blue linens, will give the room a more feminine touch.

Finalise the scheme with accessories that are in keeping with either the earthy African mood of the room or reflect a more Art deco style. African inspired statuary, artwork, pictures and ceramics are an obvious choice here with red, turquoise, aqua, and yellow accessories in the form of lamps, mirror surrounds and artwork bringing appealing contrast to the décor mix…