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Lime Green and Hot Pink teen bedrooms…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

We’ve touched before on the extrovert personality of lime green room décor. It’s not a theme or  colour-style on everyone’s wish-list, and yet as the basis for a contemporary space makeover there is much to recommend this vivid summery shade. Flexible enough to evoke a retro vibe or to create a splash of verve in a master bedroom, this is a colour that really comes into its own when paired with other complementary tones such as  blue, purple or sunshine yellow. For a teenagers room or even that of a slightly younger son or daughter, the pink and lime green combo is where it’s all at, so we are going to have a quick look at this most funky of colour-ways. Get the colour balance right here and hold back on the temptation to include too many prints and patterns within the room, and vivacious lime green and smoking hot pink kid’s room style becomes a breeze.

A really popular and effective way to establish a funky lime green and hot pink room theme is to use a room chair rail as a natural divider to achieve that all important colour balance. Paint the chair rail black or white with a lime green paint job beneath the rail with pink above to the ceiling, or vice versa. Alternatively you might wish to paint the area below the rail either of the two colours with alternating pink/green stripes above. For rooms without a chair or dado rail, an adhesive paper border in an appropriate design serves the same purpose to divide the room into two, whilst for a bold approach suited to larger rooms, paint the entire room in one colour with the window frames and other woodwork in the combination colour of lime green or pink, extending this décor theme to other accent pieces such as scatter pillows, lamp shades or a bedside rug.

A natural way to continue the lime green and hot pink theme is to incorporate modern bed and furniture designs as well as accessories that are finished in these colours. You might be able to track down a bean bag, funky pink chair or an upholstered bench or bed in a pink or green fabric, or consider some re-upholstery work on an old chair or ottoman for a cost effective and personalised touch. If you can’t find the furniture styles that you are looking for in these colours, repurpose tired old pine furniture or cheaply bought wooden pieces with a couple of coats of spray paint, for instant retro revival.  Other furniture styles that will work well within this décor scheme are silver or chrome contemporary metal bed designs, or those finished in a satin black finish to ground the scheme. White iron beds and matching furniture are also at home here with low rise white painted wooden beds offering a different but equally appealing proposition.

Ultimately the finished room persona has to be a matter for personal taste, although the best results will rely on achieving that all-important harmony when it comes to the colour mix and the sympathetic use of fabrics and décor accents that pull the room together into a cohesive unit. So by all means incorporate some favourite fabric patterns and style motifs within the curtains, bed throws and pillowcases, but counterbalance with those vivid lime green and pink solid colours, using the furniture and accessory selection as a way of reigning- in any visual overkill. The internet and interior design magazines will throw up all sorts of interesting style propositions. The rest is down to personal inspiration and a vision for bold artistic interpretation…!