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More Mexican Bedroom moods…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Inspirational bedroom moods come in many guises, but for a bolder room theme full of colour, interesting textures and intriguing accents, a Mexican décor style remains one of our favourites for a sunny vibe to lift the mood and brighten the dullest day. With its enticing mix of warm earthy colours and rustic hand-crafted furnishings, a Mexican themed room offers a medley of the very best colours, shapes and fabrics to create a visual feast that’s a welcome change from more introverted décor trends. With a little flair and arty inspiration it’s a great DIY challenge that promises much enjoyment and satisfaction without busting the budget.

For true authenticity and a style platform, background colour and room textures establish the scene with the warm tones of terracotta or burnt gold for bedroom walls or rich blues for a tropical flavour in an eggshell or matt finish. For smaller rooms or whenever you are hesitant about introducing too much colour, choose just one or two accent walls such as the bed head wall for a backdrop of colour, with the remaining walls finished in a contrasting but complementary shade of cream or beige or light mocha tone.  Plaster techniques shout Mexican rustic country style through and through, coordinating perfectly with terracotta or weathered gold colours, for a colour/texture mix that is authentic and inviting. It’s not the easiest of finishes to create however, so you might want to call in some skilled help here or maybe compromise with a stucco effect that is easier to apply and still creates texture interest. For a different take on wall décor for those with an arty bent or a talented friend, consider wall murals to evoke the Mexican mood. Landscape themes are particularly appropriate here to jazz up an accent wall in true Latin American style.

Furniture choice brings character and structure to the room, creating a design mix that is unique and personal, setting a base theme that makes the selection of harmonious fabrics and room décor an easier task. Rustic wood and wrought iron furniture is the style of choice, and start with the bed as the room focal point. Weathered heavy wooden bed designs with chunky leg posts and hammered iron detailing are sure to please, or opt for a sturdy iron bed in a black finish, for a no-nonsense design decision to continue the Mexican story. If space is tight or should you fancy a more whimsical approach, consider old window shutters as an improvised headboard design, continuing the mood with a pair of rustic bedside tables, complete with hammered wrought iron trim and primitive iron drawer pulls. Keep the costs down with tired old pine furniture, repurposed with a coat or two of brightly coloured paint and then distressed down with wire wool or sandpaper for an aged well-worn appearance. Turquoise, sky blue and that ever-relevant terracotta hue are all great colour choices here to maintain the exotic colour theme.

Window treatments should be simple and feature bamboo shades or vintage window shutters with fabrics that pick up on the colours within a bed throw or scatter pillows. Avoid window fabrics that are heavily patterned…here plain is best, and the same applies to bed linens where light beige or creamy coloured sheets and a plain chocolate or ocean blue throw or duvet cover are all you need to make the style statement. Bring colour to the fabric aesthetic with a bright bed runner at the foot of the traditional rustic bed that bucks the pattern rule with a bold Mexican-inspiredgraphic design, should you wish.

Finalise the scheme with a flourish with accessories and accents that bring the space to life, stamping a unique and personalised identity. Primitive Mexican art pieces such as religious icons, crosses, or hand-painted tiles to dress up walls, table tops, or a dresser are all appropriate here, as is anythingcreated from iron such as candle sconces, light fittings and furniture or window hardware. Look out for traditional brightly coloured Mexican pottery and ceramics in the form of decorative wall art or urns and vases, and include some large specimen cactus plants to decorate a window sill, mantel or as a floor standing feature in a corner of the room. Floors should be finished in natural hardwood, but softened with a Mexican or Aztec-style patterned area rug or rugs to the side or at the foot of the bed, to warm up the room, with an enticing splash of visual flair…

Scandinavian bedroom décor.

Saturday, April 28th, 2012
Tain bedstead from Original Bedstead.

Tain bedstead from Original Bedstead.

Scandinavian design influences permeate many approaches to home décor within the western world, and whilst most often associated with clean minimalistic design and lighter woods and colours, the Scandinavian aesthetic can include traditional influences and more rustic elements. It is the geography, weather, seasonal peculiarities and cultural traditions that have shaped the Scandinavian approach to home décor and architectural styles that we recognise today. From Denmark through, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the far flung Faroe Islands, regional variables make up the rich décor tapestry of these beautiful countries, steeped in history and dramatic landscapes. As inspiration for room makeovers a little closer to home, there is much to be enjoyed and replicated for home design that is fresh and uplifting.

Throughout many months of the year Scandinavian countries are deprived of light, particularly in the northern extremes, and this in part has shaped a different approach to colour and design. Lack of natural sunlight necessitates the use of sheer fabrics, lighter colours and airy textures to lighten room moods, so emulate the theme with simple window treatments and clever use of ambient and artificial light. A collection of overhead, wall and free standing lighting allows for great flexibility when it comes to adjusting the mood and lighting levels, whatever the requirement or the prevailing weather conditions. Likewise, candles are an integral part of Scandinavian design and add an enchanting element of natural light to dark nights and short winter days.

For more contemporary room designs base your décor on the modern décor and furniture elements of the region that are recognised worldwide. The style is personified by a “form meets function” aesthetic, where needless decoration or frippery gives way to clean lines and a minimalist but stylish ascetic stance. Swedish and Danish furniture styles are particularly associated with this design approach, although the aesthetic is to be found all through Scandinavia. It is this simple, streamlined look, which relies heavily on lighter woods and metal accents that we find so appealing, and permits, should you so wish, to blend more traditional design objects and room elements without creating a cluttered space that would compromise the room persona. Low wooden bed or platform bed designs fit the brief perfectly, as would a simple metal bed or high gloss materials such as chrome or nickel to offer a pleasing counterpoint to more woody organic room elements. Deploy a sophisticated modern bed creation to define the room scheme as the starting point for other room furniture and texture/colour accents.

According to personal taste and architectural influences, include traditional elements within theroom to bring a degree of softness and colour intrigue to the mix. Scandinavian culture is famous for knitted wool designs, so cosy-up the space with some rich wall hangings featuring typical Scandinavian patterns or motifs, and incorporate also in the form of throw pillows and cushions, or perhaps a bed runner. Also look out for Saami designs to bring a touch of authenticity into the mix. These indigenous inhabitants of the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland have their own distinct culture and decorative variants. Seek out these regional accents to complement the bedroom scheme such as brightly painted wooden horses fromDalarna, or Royal Copenhagen china sets from Denmark. Denmark is also famous for its amber which you can find carved into decorative objects or sold in natural form.

Add further visual intrigue by including images of nature. Framed photographs of such landscape wonders as the Norwegian fjords or the wonder of the lava fields and waterfalls of Iceland, are sure to evoke the Scandinavian mood. Include, should you wish, pictures of native animals such as the Norwegian reindeer, or the elegant swans made famous by Hans Christian Andersons enchanting fairy tales. Showcase in rustic style wooden frames to complete the Scandinavian motif or opt for simpler minimalist wall treatments in airy contemporary Scandinavian bedroom settings

Winter White bedroom décor.

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

With summer a distant memory, and colder days just around the corner, it is perhaps topical to mention a décor style often referred to as Winter White, which often appears in fashion and design circles during its namesake season. Winter white is in fact just an off-white or creamy white; some might refer to it as a vintage white, which is particularly appropriate for predominately white bedroom design, where you would use different values of the same colour, highlighting them with texture and subtle pattern, rather than contrasting darker or brighter colour accents, to create depth and visual appeal. Inherently elegant and serene, winter white bedrooms look pleasing in just about any home setting, whatever the season…

Establish a monochromatic theme by mixing and matching different hues of the same palette for one of the most charming styles in interior design. Paint the walls a creamy white as a backdrop for the subsequent layers of décor, and give the winter white bedroom depth by using a myriad of different fabric textures such as velvet, satin, faux fur and chenille, to create a space with optimal visual interest and dimension.

Allow the bed to become the room focal point by dressing it in layers of winter white linens. A vintage distressed wooden bedstead in French style white- washed finish would be appropriate here with a four poster bed version being particularly appealing whenever space and budgets permit. Alternatively consider a traditional iron bed design in satin white or ivory finish, for an equally appealing flavour. Whatever your bed preference, include a ruffled skirt and tufted comforter for a rich enticing look, and include decorative pillows in different textures, ranging from beaded to tapestry, to continue the theme. Complete the bed ensemble with a sensual faux fur runner at the foot of the bed to add a touch of elegance and luxury to the entire bedroom.

Use crystal light fixtures to add an opulent touch to your winter white bedroom design. Placing crystal lamps on side tables or nightstands adds a timeless look and feel to the room, and crown the lamps with ruffled cream-coloured shades for a stylish accent. Complete the lighting scheme with a crystal chandelier hanging over that romantic traditional bedstead for a spectacular room statement that can’t fail to please.

Anchor the room scheme by incorporating winter white area rugs to the side and at the foot of the bed that have interesting texture and subtle tone-on-tone patterns. In bigger rooms place a large cream-coloured shag rug elsewhere in the bedroom to further soften and define the space, or use smaller accent rugs in monochromatic patterns to notate a cosy corner for reading or to partner a richly upholstered bedroom chair or love seat.

Accessorize with stylish white accents, such as a little collection of picture frames decorated with natural materials such as white seashells, cream buttons, or pebbles. Arrange them on a dresser or as a collection on an accent wall for a touch of personalised room décor. Hang a white feather wreath on the wall behind the bed as a textural wall accent, or mix in a few coordinating accessories in hues such as ice blue or woody warm browns for additional visual appeal and just a hint of visual contrast. Finish the scheme with floral flourish such as a silver vase filled with white roses atop a bedside table or vanity table as an enchanting and crowning touch for a bedroom mood that is timelessly enticing…

Contemporary bedrooms with a vintage twist…

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Prefer more modern room décor but love the look and history of older vintage accents? No problem, for it’s an easy room theme to create when you combine the old and the new in contemporary vintage style. Vintage décor has great appeal as it can be both whimsical with a distinctly romantic flavour. Fill your bedroom with cherished pieces that have a rich history and a story to tell, and marry them with modern colours, patterns and textures to create a space that is undeniably vintage chic. Shop smartly, and not only is it a fun and rewarding experience, but a budget friendly one too which won’t leave a huge dent in the pocket.

An appropriate colour scheme gets the ball rolling here and an accent wall in a bright modern colour is always a safe and successful bet within contemporary spaces. Choose the bed head wall for maximum effect; it is after all the room focal point, and consider such colours as slate purple, slate blue, a royal blue or green, or a rich red. When making your selection, keep in mind the characteristics of your vintage collection and how they will interact with the wall colours as a backdrop. Also ensure that your accent wall colour is not so bold that it will overwhelm the other room elements, but rather flatter and harmonise.

Mix and match your furniture choice, teaming up some pieces with simple lines and colours with others that have a vintage air that are maybe heirlooms or that you have hunted down at the antique arcade or auction rooms. For example, pair a simple modern panel headboard with antique or vintage style nightstands or a vintage desk or vanity unit. Alternatively select a traditional Victorian styled iron bedstead or an antique wooden bed design and flank with more contemporary styled bedside tables that nevertheless share similar texture or colour traits. This really is essential here, as success can be possible only if there is a similar scheme or colour thread that binds all the room elements, both young and old, together. Too many variations or too much disparity and your room setting runs the risk of starting to look like a thrift store with no coherence or distinct persona.

Add a simple colour bed throw or duvet that coordinates with the wall and complements the traditional bed, but keep the colour restrained as to not swamp the wall shade. Include a few throw pillows with a modern pattern which will not only draw together the contemporary and vintage elements but allow for scheme flexibility as you can easily change these accents at any time, subtly affecting the room mood in the process.

Place a piece of vintage artwork on the wall, above the focal point bedstead or headboard or on a feature wall. A landscape oil painting or dramatic antique print in a gilt frame could look fabulous here, or consider enlarging a favourite family or personal photo, transforming it into black and white or sepia tones in the process. Should you prefer more modern artwork try mounting it in a vintage style ornate frame for another intriguing twist on the old/new combination.

Conclude the room scheme with interesting, whimsical, or just plain quirky accessories and accents, such as a tea set from the 1950s, an old vintage vase filled with fresh flowers, a retro lamp or rug, or an old fashioned alarm clock. Consider also, vintage bird cages, coat stands, apothecary jars or a French marble mantel clock flanked by leather bound classic novels. Allow the imagination to run wild for a room scheme that introduces eclectic styles for room décor that is unique and eminently enticing…

White on white bedroom themes…

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

It’s easy to be deterred by the concept of a monochromatic bedroom scheme that by and large lacks any colour accents, relying instead on other stimuli to make a statement. There’s no shortage of décor tips to be discovered out there to ensure success if you are decided upon this decorative path and what they will almost certainly unanimously conclude is that it is the interaction of the textures and room elements that will bring this room scheme to life. For it is the careful selection of antique and vintage furniture here together with fabric and décor accents that is key to the task of creating a tranquil and dreamy getaway that is anything but boring or sterile.

A family of furniture within this room setting need not all be of the same genre, but the mix and how they interact with each other is the catalyst for the scheme as a whole. An eclectic jumble of furniture styles actually is to be encouraged where the mix of designs and textures takes the place of incorporating a variety of colours for visual interest. Do not be afraid then to bring in furniture from different periods, where for example, an old white occasional table might be complimented by a pair of white weathered metal chairs. Look for items that tell a story with intricately carved pieces sitting alongside those with cleaner lines. Place an old wicker hope chest at the foot of an antique wooden four poster bed, or choose an original or reproduction traditional iron bed in white or ivory finish to create the room focal point, flanked by white wicker nightstands for charming style contrast. In other words, the underlying white on white decorating success tip, is that it is the similar white accents that will make the theme cohesive, whilst varying the character and texture of the pieces will ensure a stylish feel.

Choice of lighting style and intensity is crucial in a monochromatic room setting; it’s an element that can make or break the design. Look out for antique chandeliers that can be easily rewired for romance and drama. Even if you can only find examples in black or gold, a can of white spray will soon fix that, and look for the lines within the piece as well as the embellishments that it features .Does it fit in with the overall persona of the room and are the proportions in tune? Apply the same philosophy to bedside lamps and wall sconces, and don’t forget the simple appeal of candles as an enticing lighting alternative whenever the mood dictates. Track down some old cut glass crystal candlesticks and line a vintage dresser or wall shelf with a cluster of candles at varying heights.

Within this room scheme, artwork should not deviate from the black and white style. To inject a personal touch make copies of old family monochrome photographs that evoke pleasant memories. School photos, wedding snaps, holiday adventures and old family photos are all appropriate. Newer memories in colour can easily be reprocessed into black and white vintage style patina photographs, whilst other artwork options include winter scenes and more contemporary photos that contain scenes of only white images.

Finalise the room theme with appropriate accessories, the hunting down of which, is part of the enjoyment of pulling the look together as a whole. This is where there is chance to introduce real interest to the room. For example, a favourite collection of porcelain angels could be displayed on a glass or white painted wooden shelf, whilst antique arcades and thrift stores are great places to track down vases, wash basins, decorative plates, and other pieces in white hues. But no matter what pieces you choose to incorporate, the essential factor here is that the room elements, from the style of furniture that you love, to your selection of accents, all showcase your unique personality, for a supremely classy room setting that is enticing and splendidly romantic…

Ethnic style bedroom décor…

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

There’s a certain restrained elegance about ethnic décor which is exotic without relying on over-styling. The look is achieved by incorporating specific aspects of this distinct culture style by way of colour, accessories and furniture and textures. The room need not be a theme room in entirety but should at the very least reflect accurately the ethnic aesthetic desired by the room occupants. With this decorating style, less is most definitely more. Incorporating a few dramatic ethnic pieces, because they are unique and unusual, will make a much bolder statement than similar generic pieces.

Start the project with a clean slate, remove everything from the room, and use such sources as magazine reference and internet research to introduce the colours and style for the bedroom. Ethnic style seldom includes wall to wall carpet, but rather favours darker bare hardwoods with perhaps some sisal area rugs or ethnic style rugs for comfort. Extend the look to the walls, with perhaps a texture if you choose to emulate stucco and add muted colour with wall and ceiling paint. Neutral tones are the way forwards here and the ceiling treatment should be in a similar tonal range as that used on the walls. If you opt to faux paint the walls for the illusion of texture, select a neutral lighter colour and apply that to the ceiling.

Identify the focal point. This will either be the window wall, or more likely the bed head wall, as almost without exception the bed is going to dominate the room, in turn providing inspiration for the décor theme as a whole. Plan walking paths between any doors and windows so that the bed does not intrude, but allows access to all areas that require freedom of movement. Position the bed accordingly and select a style that reflects the ethnic aesthetic. Low platform style wooden beds with clean lines are a sound choice as are traditionally styled beds that incorporate leather or wrought iron detailing. Rustic iron bed designs are also in keeping here, with wooden four poster bed creations appropriate for more glamorous room settings, draped with sheer fabrics for a hint of intrigue.

Should you decide to allow the window wall to be the focal point, or if the room configuration dictates that it is so, then consider a window-width pelmet with distinct ethnic shape and detailing. This is particularly relevant for Moorish type keyhole effects which can be created from wood and painted or covered in appropriate fabric designs. Place a low ethnic style bench underneath the window for added effect and practicality.

Position an ethnic style rug to lie at the foot of the traditional bed or emerge from under the foot of the bed to catch the eye as you enter the room. For added drama you might choose to angle it, and include a couple of bedside tables to flank the bed and introduce a sense of visual balance. Likewise a wooden wide and low dresser with plain simple lines would look the part positioned against an open wall, with cultural prints hung in a symmetrical arrangement above. The trick here is to keep the room set looking elegant and spacious and free of clutter. Should you have a collection of objects to display, group them together on a small tray rather than scattering about the room. In the same vein, allow cultural elements to pop against a neutral background. They are most likely to possess strong colour, pattern and shape identities, so feature these differences. Avoid dark walls unless the room is very large and rotate your cultural collections by displaying different pieces at different seasons throughout the year, retiring pieces to storage periodically.

Finalise the room scheme and add a touch of comfort, with ethnic textiles on accent pillows and cushions, but once again, with restraint. Consider positioning one single larger ethnic art piece or fabric accent over theheadboard or netting for an enticing draped effect. Simply styled bedside lamps will look the part on ornate nightstands, with more ornamental lamps in keeping if your bedside tables are simple and plain. Include one key decorative accent statuary on the low dresser and some strategic plant displays for an earthy natural flavour.

White and Navy Bedroom style.

Friday, March 16th, 2012

For a different and enticing stance on bedroom design, decorate your bedroom in the combination colours of navy blue and white or cream, for a look that is crisp and clean or has a distinctly masculine appeal. You might even like to incorporate accessories, textures and accents that lend the room space a romantic flavour, depending on your personal preferences. Navy and white also makes the basis for a nautical theme so might be perfect for a young teenagers room or for those with a penchant for all things ocean-related. Either way, keep everything simple by sticking to navy and white as the main colour accents for a seamless look, whilst adding accents of contrasting colour such as red or brown to break things up a little and for a visual splash.

Start by painting the walls a light navy shade, or white, or a combination of the two. Install a white wooden dado rail around the room and paint the bottom half navy and the upper walls white or a gentle vintage white hue. Another option is to paint three of the walls with vertical stripes or solid white with an accent wall in navy at the head of the bed. Navy walls with a white ceiling can also work well with white woodwork lightening the effect, although would be better suited to medium to larger sized room schemes.

Introduce furniture into the room theme that complements the white/navy combo. A focal point wooden bedstead in a lime washed finish, or perhaps with white wicker panel inserts would look fabulous, or consider a vintage iron bed in an ivory or white finish, with antique brass detailing for a touch of Victorian glamour. Darker wooden bed designs might also look great against a navy and white backdrop. Think traditional sleigh bed styles or simpler panelled wooden bed designs for a no-nonsense masculine flavour. Where lack of space is a consideration or a softer look is desired consider an upholstered headboard in navy velvet as a charming contrast to plain white wall finishes.

The bed should inspire the room theme as a whole and the task of choosing finishing touches and complementary furniture should be made easier as a result. So use that fact to your advantage and build on the room working from the bed outwards. White bedding with navy blue stripes or patterns will match the room décor nicely, whatever your bed style selection, or add patterned pillows if you have opted for standard plain white bedding.

Incorporate accessories strategically and with restraint within the room to avoid overwhelming the space. Start with an accent rug in white if you have dark bare wooden floors, or navy if the floor treatment is pale. Patterned rugs featuring both colours with polka dot or stripy patterns can also work in more contemporary room schemes, whilst for another touch of comfort include an upholstered chair at the foot of the traditional bedstead or in a cosy reading corner, upholstered in white, navy or a fabric of your choice that matches the bed pillows or scatter cushions.

Finish off the makeover with wall mirrors, artwork and candles to add visual appeal. Displays of white or red roses will help create a romantic oasis, whilst white wicker accents suggest a coastal feel with a feminine twist. Reliance on navy tones to give the room a more moody masculine air will always be successful, but should still incorporate splashes of colour to avoid a scheme that is too sombre. Bedside table lamp shades, small floral arrangements, or a colourful throw or runner over a chair or at the foot of the bed will all do an excellent job of brightening things up in this regard.

Bachelor’s Bedroom design…

Friday, March 16th, 2012

We are spoilt for choice in these modern days. Bombarded with images of glamorous home design and stylish accessories, there has never been a time when so much inspiration was right there at our finger tips. In the media, on the internet, all the hard work has been done for us… So boring room settings and uninspired bedroom schemes truly can be relegated to the past and no more is this so for all of us bachelors out there looking to make a personal décor statement, whether we are looking to impress or simply create a calm space for relaxation or a bit of both. The scope of design options makes personalisation a breeze, so whether we seek a theme that is contemporary, bohemian, traditional, rustic, or gritty urban, to name but a few, every design flavour is within reach. The key here, whatever the choice, is that the room should be able to accommodate entertaining, reading and perhaps even incorporate a work station. It should also contain conversation pieces, so consider including family photographs, favourite books and artwork.

Deciding on a stylish colour scheme is the place to start. You can keep the look neutral yet sophisticated with a blue-based grey, or introduce a touch of warmth with a rosy grey. Antique white with espresso accents lend a classic sophisticated vibe, with sunshine yellow brightening the room with a mid-century modern aesthetic or earthier mustard yellow for a more rustic traditional stance. Consider also accent walls at the head of the bed in a bolder hue, such as peacock blue, moody red, or poppy seed black for a grounding feel.

The bed that you choose is likely to become the room focal point, so considered selection here is crucial to extend the mood. A low modular platform bed with a simple futon mattress keeps a bachelor room looking streamlined although may not be the most comfortable sleeping solution. Low contemporary metal bed designs will be at home here in modern room settings, with black, pewter, and silver colour finishes sending out a stylish message. Heavy modern chrome bed designs insuper shiny finishes, work well in classy industrial inspired or urban settings, whilst more traditional lit bateaux style wooden bed creations bring a timeless English country house hotel feel to the room space. Consider also Victorian inspired antique brass bed creations for this style of vintage room layout, or a glamorous iron bed counterpart, complete with brass ornamentation for a different slant on the same traditional theme.

Integrate luxurious textiles throughout the bachelor pad bedroom, whatever the chosen scheme, to soften surfaces and give the space comfort, colour, and texture. Sheets with high thread counts and lightweight down quilts dress up even the simplest mattresses. A plush rug, bamboo floor mat or modular accent rug sited near an armchair or tufted ottoman creates a small vignette within a larger space, with sheer cotton window treatments in pale hues allowing natural light to flood the room, whilst affording privacy, or neutral linen blinds for a clean and simple contemporary look.

Illuminate bedroom décor with mood, task, and ambient lighting to bring the room scheme to life. Modern modular cabinets either sideof the bed might feature low watt integral lighting to cast light for reading or illuminate bedside areas, whilst wall sconces or more traditional wall lamps can flank a large painting or mirror over the bed. Table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and pendant lamps provide brighter light whenever required for working, reading and writing.

Parisian themed bedrooms on a budget…

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

If you’re in the market for a romantic bedroom theme with a Gallic twist that won’t break the bank, a Parisian themed makeover might just be the perfect solution. As with most room makeovers the key to success is getting the colour, accessory and furniture mix just right, and black and white is always a safe choice when it comes to the former. Opt for a soft warm white or ivory if you can, with a few gold accents to up the haute couture temperature. Incorporate faux architectural details that evoke classic urban French design, and accessorise with lace, roses and toile prints; in fact anything with a Gallic accent to create a bedroom that is straight out of the pages of a classic Parisian novel.

Choose a warm tone for the walls, and ivory, beige or tan make a great backdrop for black and white colour accents and fabrics. For an ultra- feminine retreat, incorporate sensual accents of pink such as pardon moi, peche or faded rose shades, before marrying them up with black and ivory companion fabrics on the bed, within window dressings or upholstered furniture. You can save money by buying smaller amounts of fabric online or from remnant shops. Toile is a fabulous fabric choice and refers to fabrics that have an all-over pastoral print. Black and white striped ticking or checks, lace, natural linen, or even silk moire in solid black or ivory, can all be mixed and matched together, whilst an ivory matelassé bedspread atop an antique iron bed frame will complement toile pillow shams.

Even if budgets are tight it’s always worth pushing the boat out a little when it comes to your choice of bed. If you already have a wooden bedframe or metal bedstead that is appropriate to the room scheme, then the choice may already be made for you, but if not a delicate wrought iron or vintage Victorian  metal bed-frame with lots of curvy detailing will be the perfect centrepiece for any such room style and the focal point from which the remainder of the room scheme can draw inspiration. An antique original bedstead might be an expensive purchase, and yet classic reproductions look just asauthentic as well as being more practical and constructed to modern day sizes and stability standards. If you prefer, trawling through second hand stores and antique parades might unearth a treasure or two that requires refurbishment should you feel so inclined, and likewise old wrought iron patio furniture might be the cheapest source of accent furniture pieces for the bedroom scheme. Black or white painted furniture with gold highlights is typical of French furnishings and a look that is relatively easy to achieve, or you may prefer a slightly softer look by upholstering a headboard cut from plywood with the same material as one of your fabric selections. Make sure to incorporate some curves into the design and finished any padded headboard with black gimping or cord for a professional finish.

Save on extra costs by breathing new life into any comfy old chair that suits you. As long as it is structurally sound and the padding is serviceable you can make it room –ready with a simple slipover, and white duck is so simple it can be used almost anywhere. For the more adventurous a full reupholster might be very rewarding using black velvet fabric, or a black and white toile print or stripe, sure to look the part.

Track down a small wrought iron or wire table, with a glass or marble top for use as a bedside table and continue the theme with a battered old French provincial dining chair which you can refurbish with a coat of paint and then cover the seat with one of the room fabrics to use at the vanity table or when dressing. Look out for black wire or cast metal lamp bases at bric a brac or discount stores and finish off with black or ivory toile shades for a romantic touch on the bedside tables or to illuminate the dressing table. Decorate the walls with moody monochrome prints of Paris scenes or oil paintings in appropriate style. Add some throw pillows for a final French flourish and a splash of comfort with perhaps a pink mohair throw for the bed and a pale silk rose in a bud vase for a touch of charm by the bedside…

Some more ways to incorporate Animal Print…

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Beds MattressesLinens

We’ve spoken before about the allure of animal print décor. It’s a look that never really fades from fashion, be that on the catwalk or within the home, and in the bedroom it’s particularly effective as a style that can be used to create many appealing effects, from wild and sexy to sophisticated and earthy. A piece of animal print furniture may at first glance appear difficult to incorporate within a room scheme, but whether it’s a funky one-off statement piece or combined with other animal prints to create a theme, bringing the whole look together  for a stunning room style, is actually an easy process.

The obvious start point is to determine which animal print and style of furniture you are going to be working with. A modern black aluminium chair with a zebra print and a rustic wooden chair with a leopard print are two very different pieces of furniture that can create two completely different looks. Bold modern pieces in chrome, aluminium, steel or painted metal are invariably going to be better suited to a more cutting edge type of décor, whilst rustic pieces are suited to a natural earthy style.

Consider creating an African safari-style theme. This has clear affinity with animal print design with the colour palette reflecting the great African savannah. Incorporate a range of browns from golden brown to darker moodier shades, with deep reds, burnt oranges, and splashes of green and blue also playing a part. Combine a mixture of different animal prints in the form of throws for a rustic wooden traditional bedstead, cushions and area rugs. Hang artwork that features safari scenes, traditional African motifs and carved wooden masks.

Alternatively use your animal print furniture to create a British Colonial style room. This look is a combination of elegant Victorian design elements, tropical Caribbean and animal motifs. Showcase dark wood furniture and ornately carved wooden bedsteads with wicker and leather accents, using a colour palette of muted browns and tans. Combine the rustic animal print furniture pieces with complimentary fabric animal prints on the bed and in the form of scatter cushions or lamp shades, and display carved elephant and lion figurines. Introduce an alternative Victorian element in the form of a heavy iron bedstead complete with antique brass detailing or a romantic antique brass bed in true Victorian spirit. Complete the look with an antique mirror in a gilt frame and vintage perfume bottles and a vanity set, displayed on an old dresser.

For a contemporary twist, develop a funky and sexy look to the room based around a modern piece of animal print furniture such as a chaises longue or deeply upholstered bedstead. This room style is particularly suited to zebra prints teamed up with a colour palette of black and a bold bright colour, such as sexy pink or electric blue. Alternatively go for a chic black and white interior with splashes of colour in the form of cushions, bed throws and accent rugs to lift the monochrome design theme. Add updated table top accessories, modern metal furniture with clean simple lines, or an art deco style chrome bedstead for a sophisticated touch. Glitzy fabrics are at home here and the soft furnishings that feature animal print should match the print on the furniture for a co ordinated stylish look.

For an extra dose of animal print drama, go wild with print selection whilst keeping a neutral backdrop to avoid a garish outcome. Pile animal print cushions and throws on the bed in a range of prints such as zebra, leopard and tiger. Maintain a grounding neutral feel with the rest of the bedding, but incorporate animal print accessories such as a mirror with an animal print frame, animal print lampshades and curtains. Accent the room theme as a whole with black to add depth, whilst in larger room, consider an animal print border along the top of the walls to introduce an extra element of animal print design verve…