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More 1920s Bedroom moods…

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Nearly a century has passed since the dawn of the 1920s and yet there are many elements and décor trends from that era which remain relevant within the 21st century western world. We’ve spoken of this period before and yet there are so many interesting design nuances and influences from those inter-war daysthat we make no apology for covering old ground. It was a time in history that embraced all things machine and industrial, with the beginnings of the modernist design period with the emphasis on form following function. Art Deco was to manifest this sensibility with bold colours, lavish textures, high contrast, and sleek, clean lines. In addition to the popularity of wood, glamorous lacquered finishes, and chrome, mirrored, metal and glass furniture, as well as animal print accents, epitomise the 1920s inspired bedroom…

Art Deco reacted against art nouveau’s passion for pastels, and instead focused on high contrast colours. If you fancy a less assertive room colour scheme, you might prefer sea green or a deep blue, whilst cream and silver or black is classic 20s Hollywood, as is burnt orange or rich reds for a slightly different twist. Consider also, chocolate brown, hot pink, pure white and ultramarine, which are Art Deco through and through. Remember to keep skirting board and crown mouldings in a deep accent colour in order to accentuate the geometry of the room.

1920s bedroom furniture featured straight clean lines with bullnose curves and simple ornamentation, compared to more detailed rococo and art nouveau designs. Sunburst bed headboards were common with inlaid corona rays in a high gloss veneer finish, whilst upholstered oversized headboards were also in vogue in shimmery fabrics or rich buttoned velours and animal print designs. Varnished wooden bedsteads featuring chevrons or geometric patterns were favourites, in exotic timbers such as ebony or mahogany, whilst mirror finish, chrome bed creations and transitionally styled metal bed designs were also on the art deco scene. Glass and mirrored furniture pieces also defined the era, and these elements would also be found in accents such as drawer pulls and lighting features. Glamorous highly lacquered furniture in piano gloss black, light yellow or deep red were also highly influential in art Deco bedroom decor trends.

Floor décor tended to continue the wood theme, so if you have hardwood bedroom flooring, leave it bare. 1920s art Deco style was all about polished and patterned wood features with chevron and diamond detailing. Fitted wall to wall carpet was popular as were Persian or Turkish rugs featuring geometric patterns. For a glamorous vintage touch include a zebra print accent rug at the foot of the lavish wooden or metal bedstead, and if you want high contrast, go for a bold coloured dark carpet. Some ocean liners even used black within their cabin designs, which was a common trim colour in the 1920s.

For wall treatments, look out for glossy finish paint or wallpaper to realise that authentic 20s style. Wallpaper was very popular and bold vertical stripes and Egyptian motifs reigned. For that Hollywood look, use light creams and tea stained hues for the backdrop tones, accented with gold and silver. Whilst for a more feminine touch consider art deco style floral motifs, as a gentler, but nonetheless authentic alternative room feature with a touch of romance…

Cottage style decorating trends.

Monday, June 14th, 2010

There is no doubt that when we’re searching for the quintessential Cottage style looks the temptation is to go the mix and match route and certainly this is by no means without considerable charm.

Think of the typical English country cottage from the last century, and an eclectic mix of fabrics used for everything from upholstery, curtains, draperies, table skirts and bed linens would have been the norm.

Prints such as floral, stripes, checks and plaids would abound for a thrown together but homely look. In true cottage style, anything and everything really did go together with period and handed down furniture with an overall effect that was inviting and comfortable. Such cottage style interiors are still alive and well today and for anyone striving to replicate the look, there are a wealth of colours, patterns, accessories and furniture to choose from.

Despite the diversity, it’s always a good idea however to have a unifying colour theme and neutral cream shades, particularly in smaller rooms, always work well with pinks and greens in floral prints or washed out greens, rust and golden tones to harmonise with rustic furniture.

For cottage style homes close to the sea, beach beige hues look fabulous when co-ordinated with soft blues and plenty of white. Indeed, most faded colour schemes are successful within the casual surroundings of a cottage style home, but let us not forget the importance of white in all it’s many shades and textures for those times when a fresher, less cosy look is required. White décor need not detract from the cottage charm, and in fact for a backdrop to period oak furniture and rich upholstery it provides the perfect solution for anyone looking for a more contemporary twist whilst retaining the traditional mood. Punctuate with vintage rugs and contrasting fabrics for an alluring effect.

Romantic hint of pink whites for the bedroom and washroom, or yellow tinged whites to show off dark wood period pieces in a hallway or main living rooms are invariably beguiling. There is such a huge wealth of white toned premium quality emulsion paints available today, that the toughest job might be choosing the one that fits the bill perfectly.

In the bedroom, white paintwork and walls create an airy feeling and are a great contrast for gentle washed our fabric colours and crisp linens. Team up with a traditionally romantic iron bed in contrasting satin black or perhaps glossy ivory for a softer look.

Two of our cottage style favorites at the moment are the Cara iron bed and the Marseille iron bed although any of the traditional cast metal bed designs would form a lovely centerpiece. Alternatively a delicate antique brass bed might just make an equally compelling case for itself and in this respect the Kendal brass bed never fails to fall from popularity in cottage style homes.