Mid-century colour styles…

June 13th, 2012

The period of time which is often referred to as “Mid-century modern” was strongly associated with the use of bold colours, geometric patterns and an excess of chrome both within the home and in more commercial environments. Liberated and carefree, the optimism of the early post-war years and the period through the decade of the 60s gave rise to this style which still retains much relevance within more recent day contemporary home designs. Houses of the era were often notable for a more open plan approach to domestic architecture where the boundaries between living space, the kitchen and dining areas were blurred, requiring careful planning when it came to colour and style selection that was universally suited to different space usage. For bedroom style this is less of an issue, with the flexibility to choose from typical mid-century era colours, or update the look by incorporating more subdued colour tones from the same colour palette.

Go authentic with a nod to mid-century décor by seeking out those bold bright colours of red, aqua and yellow that were synonymous with the era and remain appropriate today for extrovert room themes with a vibrant contemporary edge. These wall and accent colours come into their own when stainless steel, chrome, or black furniture pieces are brought into the equation, where the texture and finish contrast does all the talking. In a mid-century bedroom setting look out for low-rise simply styled metal bed designs, or mirror-finish chrome bed frames teamed up with a pair of matching bedside tables and a chromed framed chair, for a touch of American diner chic. For a more updated look on this classic style, bring in tones closely related to these bold primary colours in the more restrained hues of burnt orange, copper or pale aqua, allowing the scheme to come alive with dark cabinetry and furnishings, or iron beds and metal furniture in transitional designs.

For a quieter room vibe particularly suited to bedroom moods, neutral colours are often favoured over more extrovert colour medleys for a more soothing aesthetic in low-light rooms or whenever a more sophisticated flavour is the order of the day. Muted tones of blue, green, taupe or mocha are all appropriate here, offering a more diverse canvas that is likely to have broader appeal, particularly when the time comes to put the house on the market. These tones are eminently flexible and will work well with both light and dark furniture choices of mid-century style, with any combination of accent shades, and bed linens and décor, including fabric design and wallpapers featuring bold geometric patterns.

For yet more flexibility, a white backdrop or those derivative white hues remain a staple in modern home décor just as they might have been half a century ago offering an easy room style where the room furnishings and colour mix is allowed to stand out against a clean background. Textures, bold fabric designs, and contemporary styled focal-point metal beds and complementary furnishings, set the scene here. White is particularly useful as a base colour in smaller bedrooms or those that lack natural light, and as with those other slightly bolder neutral counterparts, it offers a blank sheet of canvas for brightly coloured, high gloss or steely finished furnishings, to evoke the definitive flavour of post-war décor flair.

Black and Blue Bedroom style…

June 13th, 2012

It might not appear on too many shortlists when it comes to bedroom colour choice, but blue, with perhaps the exception of navy blue and some other darker derivatives is a calming and serene colour that makes it particularly well suited for use in the bedroom. In partnership with sophisticated black accents in the form of furniture, fabrics and accessories the decor effect can be striking and enormously attractive. For a soft nature-inspired aesthetic or a contemporary room design with a modern vibrant vibe, it’s a colour combo that is not only gender neutral but one that offers great flexibility to suit all tastes and architectural styles…

Choose a room backdrop colour to start the scheme, opting for a light blue shade rather than something too dark to avoid any dungeon-like associations, with softer pastel blue shades for a gentle feminine aura, or a brighter blue treatment with turquoise or cerulean for a bolder more forceful impression, suited to more masculine room style. When using these brighter shades, paint just one or two walls in the bold tones with a neutral wall colour such as light mocha or cream for the remaining walls, to turn down the brightness levels for a colour scheme that is balanced and not overpowering.

Alternatively create an accent wall using a favourite wallpaper pattern. Choose a design that compliments the other colours within the room and one perhaps that features a black motif. Something with a nature-inspired theme is in keeping with the feminine country cottage look or perhaps a pastoral toile design might fit the bill?Prominent geometric or abstract patterns play-up a more modern vibe, or you could try using a faux paint effect such as sponge painting to introduce texture interest into the room theme behind the head of a featured contemporary iron bed design.

Incorporate black furniture within the room for a strong, striking and thoroughly modern effect. That sophisticated black metal bed creation might be low and streamlined or something more transitional in style, depending upon the room mood. Look also at black modern wooden bed designs in lacquered, painted or very dark stain finishes. Where budgets are tight old tired pine can be repurposed in this way, or you might prefer wooden furniture pieces in natural finishes for a softer more natural feel. White oak and ash are two timbers to consider here, with white painted wooden or metal beds or even white wicker, for a fresh airy vibe, particularly suited to more feminine bedroom schemes.

Dress up the bed in a range on blue and black tones and textures that pick up on the colours within the room, with a plush black bedside rug to warm up natural wooden floors or a fitted carpet. Add plenty of scatter cushions and pillows for an inviting flavour, combining pastels with bolder colour tones and black accents, mixing such textures as velvet, silk, cotton, and corduroy for visual and tactile intrigue. Drape a faux fur black runner over the foot of the bed and reupholster a chaises longue or love seat in black velvet or a black damask, with a black velvet deeply padded or zebra print headboard for a romantic variation on the bedstead theme, whenever space is tight or an art deco boudoirflavour ticks the boxes…

Simple Black bedspread style…

June 13th, 2012

For simple no-nonsense contemporary bedroom design look no further than the humble black duvet or a bedspread to strike a bold bedroom note from which the room décor as a whole can draw inspiration. Black bed coverings, whatever their nature together with black wooden or metal bed designs are a useful staple feature in just about any modern bedroom scheme, as they coordinate with such a wide raft of colours and decorating styles, offering great flexibility. Black as a neutral colour provides a blank slate for bedroom décor, no matter how many times you choose to change or update your bedroom décor. Weave other black details throughout the room to connect the look for a balanced style that is easy on the eye with the minimum of effort.

Stick with the simple approach by painting an accent wall behind the bed in a bright colour such as fuchsia or crimson, or a lighter shade to act as stark contrast such as vintage white or a creamy hue. Alternatively use a dramatic patterned wallpaper in a bold floral or graphic motif, or use interesting paint textures and techniques for depth and texture. Polka dot black and white designs or stripy patterns offer a funky note whilst grey damask patterns suggest a more classic design approach.

Marry-up those black fabric bed fabrics with lighter coloured wooden bed frames and furniture for contrast, or consider a white metal headboard or ivory coloured iron bed in streamlined contemporary style. For a moodier more masculine vibe, stick with darker furniture such as a black wrought iron bedframe or dark wooden furniture pieces in walnut, mahogany or dark oak for an earthy timeless quality. Add to this theme vintage leather accents or a mocha leather headboard for a “clubby” feel, or look to mirrored furniture for an art deco flavour with some black/white zebra stripe scatter cushions atop that black bedthrow for a punch of visual drama.

Bring other black textiles into the mix including window dressings, upholstery and an area rug. Black and white wavy rug patterns, together with those zebra print cushions, or black lace curtains over  gold silk panels, create a unified look that binds the theme together. Brighter colours come into their own here whenever a funky upbeat look is the order of the day, whilst neutral and metallic shades, and creams and beige harmonise with black for a classy and sophisticated aesthetic. For youthful bedroom themes bring in a pop of colour with bright pink or orange sheets to contrast with the black bed dressings, or cream and tan bed fabrics for a more luxurious mature flavour in a master bedroom or a bachelors hideaway.

Bring walls alive with artwork or family portraits. Black frames are the perfect companion for black and white photos and to pick up on those other black accents throughout the room. Add a splash of colour with a few boldly coloured décor pieces or a charming floral accent such as some red roses in a black vase on a dresser or mantel or a lime green and aqua lamp for some gentle night time illumination on a bedside table.

Teen Four Poster Bedroom ideas…

June 13th, 2012

A four poster bed makes an undeniably dramatic statement in any bedroom scheme, whether comfortably traditional or contemporary in style. It’s a look that lends itself supremely well to classic adult master bedroom designs, yet has just as much relevance for younger family members where the combination of visual drama and cosy night time and chilling-out time comfort holds great appeal. Where space, budgets and aspirations allow, create a teenage bedroom with a stylish four poster bed as the room showpiece from which the décor theme draws inspiration, with colour, fabric and complementary furniture choices that unify the scheme for visual pleasure and sensory calm.

Tracking down a suitable four poster bed design is an easy enough task although enthusiasm needs to be tempered by consideration for any space limiting factors!Furniture invariably appears smaller when it is out of situ in open display areas. Original carved Tudor or Tudor-style four posters are a wonderful acquisition with family heirloom credentials, but wildly expensive, a pig to transport, and scarcer than you might anticipate, whilst reproduction wooden bed designs are more accessible yet still far from affordable. More simply styled wooden or metal four poster bed creations are possibly the preferred choice here, not lacking that all-important wow-factor and offering all the functionality aspects without the cost and flexibility downsides. Anyhow, simpler four posters have the advantage that you can dress them up or down according to taste, tying ribbons to bed posts for a charming feminine touch and warming up the bed with rich curtains, or sheer fabrics for a wispier airy flavour. Incorporate large tassels to tie back drapes, should you choose to feature them, for times when the bed is vacant, or leave the drapes drawn for an appealing dramatic, private vibe.

Minimalist metal four poster bed frames have particular appeal to teenage tastes with a more streamlined contemporary edge well suited to younger family member’s lifestyles and ideals. Metal designs finished in silver, pewter, black or even chromewill coordinate well with most modern room motifs and colours, and can still be dressed up with drapes and over-bed materials for a cocoon-style flavour that will appeal tomany. Half tester and poster beds that lack a canopy are all variants of the traditional four post bed design, offering a wealth of design style inspiration for stimulating teenage bedroom themes.

Use room and material colours in bold and interesting ways to create a personalised room space that allows a focal point four poster bed to shine. Contemporary shades of mocha, blue,red or yellow are all appropriate here, offering a great colour counterpoint for modern bed designs in charcoal, pewter or other moody colour finishes. If you are incorporating bed drapes within the scheme pick out the same colours within window curtains or look at a combination such as sand beige window fabrics withocean blue bed dressings and drapes, for a cohesive ultra-modern design message.

Ground the scheme with floor treatments that continue the chosen decor style. Old traditional dark wooden four poster beds look fabulous against natural wooden flooring of similar tone and characteristic, softened by bedside area rugs of Oriental style or those that pick up on the colour of fabrics elsewhere in the room. As a more likely scenario, fitted carpet treatments offer more warmth and 21st century practicality in lighter shades as a contrast for darker contemporary bed finishes, or in a colour that complements bed curtain tie-backs and tassels or other fabrics and upholstery accents throughout the room.

Some more thoughts on Olive Green bedroom décor…

June 13th, 2012

After a spell in the doldrums there has been something of a resurgence in recent years of the popularity of olive green as a home décor colour suited to essentially contemporary home-style where the emphasis is on understated classic décor with perhaps just a hint of retro. We’ve applauded the merits of olive green before although admittedly it requires a little care when it comes to successful mixing and matching with other colours and textures. Yet get the combinations and balance right and some inspired room schemes can become reality. From light and airy to masculine and dramatic, olive green sets the tone for a wealth of room styles to suit all tastes and budgets. And whilst we are leaning towards the modern room-set here, with a little care and sensitivity, olive green has a part to play in more traditional environments where accents of this earthy colour lend a fresh twist to room spaces with a vintage flavour.

As a starter thought why not consider a combination of light olive green walls with bright white woodwork as the basis for a breezy, fresh looking room? Paint decorative plaster, skirting boards, doors and window frames a gloss or satin white finish and incorporate a modern-style wooden bed and matching wooden furniture in solid light oak or ash, or in painted white finishes to pick up on other white elements in the room. A white contemporary metal bed design might also work well here. For a personalised arty statement add a white decorative stencil design or mural to an accent wall in attractive nature inspired patterns such as vines, floral motifs or free-flowing art-nouveau shapes, dressing the bed with a combination of olive green and white fabrics for a cohesive, unified room vibe.

Create a bolder feel with the combination of olive green and black, or black and white patterned fabrics for a less assertive flavour. Choose black and white patterned curtains and anolive green blind and likewise black and white bedding with green and black scatter cushions. You might even like to consider some zebra stripe accents here which should counterpoint the olive green tones just perfectly, for a retro art deco flavour with a modern stylish twist. Black wooden or metallic furniture and a streamlined black modern bed design will lend a sophisticated masculine feel to the room, or keep things lighter with white oak furniture styles and black tabletop accessories.

Using gentle shades of grey with light olive bedroom walls lightens things up still further, or for a more feminine touch bring in some splashes of dusty pink. Combine a grey border within the walls for extra texture with soft pink flower artwork or a floral display. Dress a lime-washed wooden bed or pretty traditionally styled ivory iron bed with grey or grey and white linens, adding splashes of pink in the form of cushions or a cosy bed throw. Warm things up if you prefer with a combination of light olive green with a range of soft yellows and creams for a room with pretty, warm feel, adding perhaps a mural design to a feature wall and picking up the same creamy colour for woodwork finishes. Accessorise with fresh flower displays and botanical prints, whilst for an ultra-fresh summery look team up yellow accents with bright white detailing and bed linens in place of those creamier tones.

As a parting thought we shouldn’t ignore those earthy autumnal shades which parry well with olive tones to create a room aesthetic that is supremely cosy and inviting. A palette of browns and rusty reds will fit the brief here with some leaf-inspired or floral patterned fabric or stencil designs, and appropriate wall art featuring landscapes or scenes of nature. Choose wooden furniture pieces that echo those autumnal shades in rich red-brown hues such as mahogany, walnut, or dark oak, with a chocolate brown bed throw or faux fur bed runner and deep red and olive green scatter cushions for the perfect finishing touch…

Olive Green Bedroom décor…

June 13th, 2012

The humble olive… In all its very many incarnations pervades our lives in so many different ways, and yet when it comes to olive green as a décor colour, it’s a shade that has risen and fallen from grace over the years. During the 70s it enjoyed a heyday, yet with its characteristic yellowish undertones was to be side-lined for brighter hues as the 80s ensued. In more recent times olive green, when coordinated with other modern room colours takes on an ultra-stylish stance with wood tones, and rich shades of purple, black, or yellow adding definition to an olive green room scheme for a dramatic statement that invites you in, with gentler applications for a lighter more airy décor style…

Try pulling together olive green with the earthy qualities of brown. Both are rich natural colours and together they make a good partnership for an inviting bedroom colour scheme that is restful and assured. Accentuate olive green walls with dark wooden furnishings such as a modern or vintage wooden bedstead in dark oak, walnut, or mahogany, with other bedroom furniture such as a dresser, wardrobes or a pair of bedside tables in complementary finishes. Dress the bed with olive green linens and a combination of green and chocolate or coffee brown pillows to tie the look together. Add brushed silver finishes in the form of table lamps, mirror frames and picture frames to add a splash of visual brightness, to counterpoint this rich, essentially masculine room scheme.

As a contemporary alternative to the earthy green/brown combo you might prefer the union of olive green and black for a stylish modern twist that still has very much a masculine vibe, with a sophisticated slant that is suited to many different contemporary architectural styles or minimalist city apartments. Use sleek black furniture and a low profile black modern metal bed or platform wooden bed design with metal accents to create an uncluttered aesthetic that is dramatic and classy. Flank the bed with a pair of matching bedside tables topped with black-shaded table lamps to cast a deep sensual glow, dressing the bed in black and green fabrics to create balance and room synergy. Consider hanging a framed Andy Warhol print featuring green and black graphics above the bed head to draw the eye, with a black leather bench at the foot of the bed to complete the sophisticated urban mood.

Replicating the colours of the eggplant, olive green and purple were simply made for each other and as the basis for a bedroom scheme add a beautifully soft touch like no other. This is a great colour combo with universal gender and age group appeal, where multiple hues of purple parry with the earthy shades of olive green for a truly stylish room flavour. Include a highly textured purple duvet or bed throw atop a traditional or contemporary brass bedstead or a slinky low-rise chrome bed design for an unmistakably modern room focal point. Pile up a selection of scatter pillows in purple and green hues to coordinate the space, hanging sheer purple curtains at the windows to diffuse light within the room, with chrome or silver framed prints on an accent wall or in metallic finishes that pick up on the bed design.

As a final colour combo thought, consider the warmer hues of olive green and yellow for a brighter room scheme and a happy partnership that suggests a retro feel. Paint one wall a buttery yellow to lighten the mood, creating a backdrop for an upholstered or white wooden bed or headboard, or perhaps a white or ivory metal bed in a transitional design. Mix olive green bed linens with a patterned green and yellow bed throw, including a pale white bedside rug and white embellished throw pillows on the bed to define the space and update the look from the original 70s aesthetic. Whitewashed furniture and lime washed wooden bed designs are another pleasing option here, where a touch of French country style dances with retro green/yellow shades enhancing the natural lighting for a softer more feminine décor solution…

Deep purple and silver teenage bedroom style

June 13th, 2012

The colour purple has long been associated with royalty and the wealthy noble classes across the centuries. In darker tones it exudes a classy lavish aura with glamorous overtones with great universal appeal. On the home décor scene it remains relevant for many room schemes but no more so than within the bedroom where deep purple shades create the basis of a room style that at one extreme might be moody and cosseting, or more upbeat and contemporary when teamed up with silver accents for ultra-sophisticated teenage bedroom design.

For rooms that receive a good deal of natural light, consider a dark purple paint scheme on the walls or opt for just one accent wall in a darker shade with the remaining walls finished in a silvery grey. A silver and grey patterned wallpaper on the accent bed head wall also makes a good choice with over-sized floral designs or a stripy or bold geometric motif for an extrovert contemporary flavour.

Incorporating white or silver furniture within the room will also help to ensure that purple wall treatments do not create a closed-in claustrophobic feel, as on the contrary, deeper wall tones offer super contrast for lighter coloured room elements. A focal point modern metal bed or something a little more traditional depending on personal taste and the room style makes a great start point for the room furniture mix. Silver, pewter or chrome bed designswill all be right at home for a classy contemporary vibe, with white or ivory traditional iron bed creations for an interesting twist where “old meets new”. Upholstered headboards in purple or grey fabrics are another proposition whenever space is tight or you don’t care for the bedstead look, with DIY repurposed painted purple furniture as a cost effective alternative if you’ve opted for a neutral wall scheme.

Silvery grey sheets with a purple duvet cover or bedthrow continue the theme, with a silver duvet cover featuring an embroidered floral design for a soft feminine flavour that’s sweet enough for a teenage daughter, yet still in keeping with the sophisticated purple vibe. Strings of silver beads can serve as an inspired window treatment as long as you include shades or blinds for privacy, or consider sheer purple or silver window fabrics for a soft wispy aesthetic. Chrome or silver curtain rods look great against purple walls, perhaps picking up on the style of that minimalist contemporary metal bed.

Extend the purple décor story with area rugs, an upholstered chair, bedside table lamps, and mirror and picture frames, as a contrast against lighter coloured or neutral wall tones. Line a shelf or window ledge with metal or porcelain silver or steely-grey vases to show off some ornamental purple flowers, or a collection of silver candelabras complete with purple candles. Decorate a high-backed chair or the bed with silver and purple ribbons for a gentle girly look, with a collection of silver framed black and white family photos on an accent wall for a personalised homely touch…

Teen Girl’s Antique Bedroom style…

June 13th, 2012

For a timeless teenage bedroom mood that breaks with more contemporary pop-art minimalist themes, a vintage bedroom aesthetic ticks lots of boxes for any young teen who prefers a more classical approach to room décor whether in the form of a few choice accent pieces or a more comprehensive room makeover. As a décor scheme it is one that can draw colourful history and treasures from the past as well as being the perfect showcase for precious family heirlooms and inheritance pieces. Use the theme to focus on a specific era from history or to feature an eclectic mix of antique pieces, each with an interesting story to tell. Create the ultimate antique themed bedroom with furniture, accent pieces, and colour combinations with a whimsical twist and a splash of Victoriana romance that appeals to all the family…

A wide variety of colours harmonise with vintage room schemes and the internet or home-style magazines will throw up all sort of colour ideas that will work with your choice of furniture and room elements. Brighter bolder colours are probably a no-no, but pastel pinks, yellows, lavender, plum shades and any number of vintage white hues are sure to be at home here. These are particularly suited to Victorian era bedrooms with a pleasing mixture of femininity and an instantly recognisable antique vibe. A classic look is what we are striving for here with perhaps an accent bed-head wall in a darker shade, with more neutral colours on the remaining walls providing a perfect backdrop for antique furniture pieces and rich fabrics.

Look out for specific types of antique furniture when decorating a bedroom for a teenage girl. White Victorian style “little princess” iron beds will never fail to please. Originals are invariably charming but expensive and often were manufactured in quirky sizes, whilst modern day reproductions look just as good without any of the drawbacks. Look out also for a metal bed that features antique brass detailing for an extra splash of classic style, or those with pretty swooping hoops and curves or delicate floral inspired details. Traditional iron bed designs invariably fit happily alongside vintage wooden furniture pieces. Oak dressers, chests of drawers and occasional tables will all fit the brief here, with darker wood stains providing a pleasing counterpoint against metal beds in lighter shades of white or ivory. Consider also other antique room elements that continue the vintage theme, such as a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed as a great storage option for bedroom clutter, or an old wooden rocking chair for a sense of late 19th century style. Tie pink ribbons to the chair for girly appeal together with a soft chair cushion in a complimentary colour and design.

Fabrics and materials in the form of rugs, bedding and curtains tie the scheme together for a unified, balanced visual message. Hunt down Victorian or country-style antique rugs such Persian or Oriental designs, and look out for bedding and curtain fabrics that continue the vintage theme. The Victorians loved their over-styled patterns and glamorous fabrics, and antique floral motifs are especially in keeping, with patchwork quilts and lacy window dressings, bed fabric trim, and bedside table –top doilies, all favouring the scheme.

Finalise the room decor with antique pieces that have particular personal relevance such as family heirlooms or those with well-loved childhood relevance. An old wooden rocking horse makes a fabulous room feature, whilst a collection of antique-style dolls or a favourite teddy bear bring vintage charm and comfortable familiarity. Dolls houses, tea sets, or an antique brush and mirror set are all going to strike the perfect chord here for a totally charming room mood with universal appeal…

Chic Purple and Grey Bedroom moods…

June 13th, 2012

Purple is an ever-popular bedroom colour that spans all genders and age groups, and no more so than when in the company of grey tones for a combination that is effortlessly versatile. From casually chic to bohemian contemporary, or unmistakably upscale and sophisticated, this is a colour partnership that can’t fail to impress. Match up with funky patterns, metallic accents and complementary colours such as leaf green and burnt orange for a real visual treat. Classic furniture styles or more modern interpretations counterpointed with unexpected accents and design twists, coordinate and complete the look of a room scheme that is a far cry from more utilitarian bedroom designs.

Highlight classic black or white furniture with purple and grey detail work, patterns or accents. A modern or traditional metal bed or timeless wooden bedstead design makes a bold statement in a bedroom theme where a purple/grey colour theme is the order of the day, providing great contrast and a style in spades. If you’re after a funkier mood consider painting tired old furniture in a purple and grey colour combo or add purple knobs to a light grey painted cabinetry for a classy vibe. Most furniture, whatever the style can be repurposed in this way to create a whole new motif.

Emphasise the rich and regal qualities of purple with satin sheets, sumptuous duvet covers or bed throws and plush throw pillows. Introduce varying shades and textures of purple and grey into the fabric décor mix to create diversity and visual intrigue within the colour scheme, and create versatility by using a mix of prints and solid coloured materials, as well as reversible duvet covers or pillow shams. For a sophisticated flavour hang purple curtains that feature a grey or silver trim or fringe, or soft grey window fabrics featuring fun purple designs for a touch of bedroom whimsy.

Wall colours create a visual backdrop that establishes the room mood, and as always an accent wall in a darker shade is the preferred aesthetic. Paint three walls in a lighter shade of purple with the wall against which the bed will rest in a brighter richer shade of purple to add contrast, or grey as an alternative for a different dimension. Damask patterns, harlequin diamonds, stripes, or even polka dots or funky 70s style swirls, in shades of iridescent purple and silvery greys, bring their own unique individuality to the room scheme, whatever your preferred style.

Finalise the purple and grey theme with accessories and decorative accents that pull the décor story together for room balance and colour synergy. Silver grey picture and mirror frames, beaded purple bedside table lampshades, and plush grey rugs add texture and dimension to the room whilst personalising the scheme as a whole. Chrome hardware and furniture might also tick the boxes whenever a highbrow ultra- sophisticated look is desired, with mirrored furniture or decorative boxes for a stylish splash of Art Deco. Experiment with patterns and designs that might not immediately spring to mind, such as animal stripes or animal prints with radical splashes of accent colour such as lime green or deep crimson in the form of wall art, lampshades or scatter cushions for an assured contemporary twist…

Magical Wizard-themed bedroom ideas…

June 13th, 2012

Indulge in flights of fantasy for a son or daughter with the creation of a magical bedroom haven drawing on weird and wonderful wizard themes, for a look that is quite literally out of this world… With inspired use of opulent fabrics, interesting furniture styles, rich colours and mysterious decorative accessories, it’s not difficult to create a bedroom mood that awakens the imagination. Glean inspiration from wizard-themed movies, books and fables, allowing the imagination to run free for a fantasy theme that can’t fail to induce a smile on young and old alike…

Create a mystical mood with rich paint colours in the darker hues of royal purple, crimson, or midnight blue. Use this colour for an accent wall such as the bed head wall using lighter derivatives of the same shade for the remainder of the room, so as not to overwhelm and make the space feel constricted and small. Consider however breaking this rule by painting the ceiling a moody shade of darker blue  to mimic the night time sky, to which you can attach luminous stars and celestial images.

Continue the wizard theme with a dungeon, cave or castle images and elements in true fantasy style, with a wall mural or decorative wall features such as artwork and posters that evoke the mood. A traditional vintage “bedknobs and broomsticks” style iron bed is the essential room feature for all aspiring wizards, complete with brass corner knobs and ornate antique detailing, in a sultry dark finish or a creamy hue for a more feminine touch. A charming four poster bed design in carved wood or metal is also appropriate for any self-respecting wizard’s lair, although space and cost considerations might overrule anything quite so adventurous. Where space or cost really is an issue, consider interesting headboard designs that might appeal to our creative side as well as the pocket. Fabric headboards in dark faux suede’s or old headboards reupholstered in a material that features a stars and moon design are just a couple of options that might have great magical-style appeal.

Vamp up the room theme with opulent or opulent-looking fabric styles, such as a regal purple or  deep crimson satin bed throw or duvet cover, repeating the colour within the window curtains, with royal red scatter cushions for an extra splash of colour or star shaped silver satin pillows to really turn up the fantasy style. Turn a corner of the room into an area fit for conjuring spells with a high-backed wooden chair complete with wizard’s hat, next to a wrought iron plant stand topped with a glass garden globe replicating the look of a magic crystal ball.

Finalise the scheme with decorative features and accessories that evoke the mystical mood such as images of dragons and dungeons, or wooden carvings and decorative wrought iron castle-style features and light or candle sconces. Feature an old wooden travel or steamer trunk at the foot of that wonderful vintage attic bedroom iron bed, draped with a cape, as the perfect spot to store wizard-bedroom clutter, or to sit awhile whilst thumbing through a book of spells in true Harry Potter style…