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More Mexican Bedroom moods…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Inspirational bedroom moods come in many guises, but for a bolder room theme full of colour, interesting textures and intriguing accents, a Mexican décor style remains one of our favourites for a sunny vibe to lift the mood and brighten the dullest day. With its enticing mix of warm earthy colours and rustic hand-crafted furnishings, a Mexican themed room offers a medley of the very best colours, shapes and fabrics to create a visual feast that’s a welcome change from more introverted décor trends. With a little flair and arty inspiration it’s a great DIY challenge that promises much enjoyment and satisfaction without busting the budget.

For true authenticity and a style platform, background colour and room textures establish the scene with the warm tones of terracotta or burnt gold for bedroom walls or rich blues for a tropical flavour in an eggshell or matt finish. For smaller rooms or whenever you are hesitant about introducing too much colour, choose just one or two accent walls such as the bed head wall for a backdrop of colour, with the remaining walls finished in a contrasting but complementary shade of cream or beige or light mocha tone.  Plaster techniques shout Mexican rustic country style through and through, coordinating perfectly with terracotta or weathered gold colours, for a colour/texture mix that is authentic and inviting. It’s not the easiest of finishes to create however, so you might want to call in some skilled help here or maybe compromise with a stucco effect that is easier to apply and still creates texture interest. For a different take on wall décor for those with an arty bent or a talented friend, consider wall murals to evoke the Mexican mood. Landscape themes are particularly appropriate here to jazz up an accent wall in true Latin American style.

Furniture choice brings character and structure to the room, creating a design mix that is unique and personal, setting a base theme that makes the selection of harmonious fabrics and room décor an easier task. Rustic wood and wrought iron furniture is the style of choice, and start with the bed as the room focal point. Weathered heavy wooden bed designs with chunky leg posts and hammered iron detailing are sure to please, or opt for a sturdy iron bed in a black finish, for a no-nonsense design decision to continue the Mexican story. If space is tight or should you fancy a more whimsical approach, consider old window shutters as an improvised headboard design, continuing the mood with a pair of rustic bedside tables, complete with hammered wrought iron trim and primitive iron drawer pulls. Keep the costs down with tired old pine furniture, repurposed with a coat or two of brightly coloured paint and then distressed down with wire wool or sandpaper for an aged well-worn appearance. Turquoise, sky blue and that ever-relevant terracotta hue are all great colour choices here to maintain the exotic colour theme.

Window treatments should be simple and feature bamboo shades or vintage window shutters with fabrics that pick up on the colours within a bed throw or scatter pillows. Avoid window fabrics that are heavily patterned…here plain is best, and the same applies to bed linens where light beige or creamy coloured sheets and a plain chocolate or ocean blue throw or duvet cover are all you need to make the style statement. Bring colour to the fabric aesthetic with a bright bed runner at the foot of the traditional rustic bed that bucks the pattern rule with a bold Mexican-inspiredgraphic design, should you wish.

Finalise the scheme with a flourish with accessories and accents that bring the space to life, stamping a unique and personalised identity. Primitive Mexican art pieces such as religious icons, crosses, or hand-painted tiles to dress up walls, table tops, or a dresser are all appropriate here, as is anythingcreated from iron such as candle sconces, light fittings and furniture or window hardware. Look out for traditional brightly coloured Mexican pottery and ceramics in the form of decorative wall art or urns and vases, and include some large specimen cactus plants to decorate a window sill, mantel or as a floor standing feature in a corner of the room. Floors should be finished in natural hardwood, but softened with a Mexican or Aztec-style patterned area rug or rugs to the side or at the foot of the bed, to warm up the room, with an enticing splash of visual flair…

Springtime Shabby Chic…

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

With springtime in full flow and the advent of some welcome floral colour in the garden and hedgerows, we are inspired to contemplate some bright and fresh décor ideas for the home that capture the essence of the season. The shabby chic design style is one such aesthetic with huge vintage appeal that can be used to create an elegant, yet extremely comfortable, informal space. Recognised by light or white painted furniture pieces and gentle floral fabrics, it exudes enticingly fresh spring-time qualities with a timeless quality that is easy to introduce into the home without breaking your décor budgets. And there’s no better time than now to consider a bedroom makeover when the outdoors best mimic the light, airy, and floral elements that give this design theme its unmistakable signature style…

Along with a fresh coat of cream or faded pastel wall paint, one of the fastest and easiest ways of giving your room an instant shabby chic makeover is with furniture slipcovers. Not only is this an instant and inexpensive way to update that that tired old chair, sofa or chaises longue, but it is also a very authentic design element within the shabby chic style. Look for slipcover materials made from natural fabrics, preferably in solid cream, white or pastel colours, that you can bring to life with numerous and gorgeous floral throw pillows. If you are handy with a needle and thread you might like to create your own slipcovers including such dressmaker details as pleats, rosettes and ties, created such that a hint of the furniture detail beneath is still visible. If you are creating a shabby chic feel in a very small bedroom or one that has no seating, apply the same principles to the bedding atop a charming vintage metal bedstead design or an old cottage-style wooden bed, using white or cream natural fabrics to allow the design of the traditional bed to shine through, and not compete with more ornately patterned accent pillows or scatter cushions.

Those pillows, cushions, and throw-overs are great for creating springtime splashes of colour, just like the spring flowers in the garden. Throwing together a wide variety of pillows and cushions in various shapes, sizes and textures works well for a shabby chic theme. Large or small floral prints mixed with striped or coordinating materials will do just nicely as long as you don’t select fabrics that are too perfectly matched. After all, the key to visual success here is an eclectic mix of vintage fabrics and room elements that give the impression that the room style came together over the course of time with different antique pieces and maybe inherited items, rather than having been put together as part of a design project. Use original vintage fabrics within the mix if at all possible for true authenticity, or create pillows with old lace handkerchiefs and tea-stained fabrics.

Another good reason for a springtime shabby chic makeover is that you can bring elements of the outside into your bedroom scheme, by incorporating some outside-style pieces within the décor. White wicker patio-style furniture is particularly appropriate here as an inexpensive solution that you can freshen up with paint or even distress down if desired. Wicker with its natural hand-crafted qualities mixes well with other room furniture or that focal point wooden or vintage iron bed, and even a couple of well- chosen pieces such as a little chair or bedside table, can dramatically transform the overall feeling of the space. Dress a small wicker table with a little floral-patterned tablecloth and consider also a weathered wooden and metal garden bench which you can place at the foot of the bed or against the wall and decorate with floral cushions, as the perfect spot for discarded clothes, a bed blanket, or a quiet reflective springtime sit-down…

Ivory Bedroom schemes

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Consider the natural shades of ivory to form the basis of a bedroom makeover that showcases your personal taste and individual style. Ivory is eminently versatile because it is a neutral colour, allowing you to incorporate almost any other colour accents with fabulous results. Plan out the scheme for your room in advance taking note of existing furniture pieces and accessories that you wish to include, so that the end result is seamless, conveying the look and personality that you are looking to achieve. The end result should be a coherently designed sanctuary away from the fast pace of modern life. The perfect space in which to relax and unwind…

Start by choosing a room theme that effortlessly uses those ivory backdrop hues. Schemes might be as diverse as a romantic Victorian theme, a far more contemporary modern décor style or a luxury hotel-inspired theme. Ivory has the versatility to work with most room styles and depending on the shade that you use can create a vintage country house flavour or something far more urban and gritty. Blues, purples, greens and red hues all work well with ivory, with black offering the perfect contrast for a supremely stylish modern room design.

Increase or decrease the ivory room influence by adding furniture and other colours in contrasting or emulating shades to get the balance just right. Lighter coloured wooden beds in light oak or beech promise a calm and contemporary vibe against an ivory backdrop, whilst a metal bed in a darker shade such as black or pewter or a dark wooden bedstead suggests a totally different proposition. Vintage beds and furniture in dark finishes are a perfect counterpoint with the neutral shades of ivory, allowing the furniture to stand out against a neutral contrast backdrop. Accordingly, more modern furniture pieces are allowed to shine for the very same reason, but with a contemporary cutting edge for modern apartments and minimalist room settings.

Extend your chosen theme with bedding and curtain or window treatments that tie the scheme together. Should you wish to increase the dominance of ivory, emulate the colour with duvet covers and pillow sets, introducing a splash of colour with scatter cushions or a folded blanket, or a runner at the foot of the bed. Hang ivory curtains for a quieter room persona or select a contrasting colour for more dramatic effect, particularly relevant in modern room schemes. Darker coloured or black duvets or bed throws will introduce the same effect and for a super stylish stance, look fabulous with lighter wooden beds,or contemporary bed designs in colour finishes such as white, glossy ivory or even chrome. Chrome bed designs are possibly the ultimate style statement but only for very cutting- edge urban settings where a sophisticated ascetic aesthetic is the order of the day.

Finalise with accessories that add those all-important personalised accents whilst offering a splash of visual pop or a more harmonious flavour when desired. For our contemporary black and ivory bedroom add comfort and contrast in the form of a black upholstered bedroom chair or upholstered bench to sit at the foot of the bed, with a black area rug and black and white art or photographs in black frames or a black framed mirror. One or two bright accessories, such as lime green accent pillows and lamps, or turquoise candles and vases might do a controversial but good job of brightening an ivory and black room scheme without jarring. Other effective accessories that you might consider include pottery and porcelain or bronze statuary, with of course a leafy feature houseplant for a natural touch of floral style…

Romantic Purple bedrooms…

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

The colour purple has a beguiling feminine and somewhat regal appeal, making it a particularly appropriate colour for the basis of any romantic bedroom décor scheme. With the right balance of paint or wallpaper treatments, linens, furniture and decorative accents, a room style becomes possible that invites relaxation and intimacy. In addition to use of purple for backdrop shades and fabric choice, choose an accent colour that complements the dominant hue to break up any monotony or overkill, to create a stunning bedroom mood to stir the emotions…

Choose purple as the primary wall colour, and should you opt for a paler derivative such as lilac or lavender, give all the walls the same colour treatment. For deeper shades of purple, such as amethyst, you may just prefer to feature an accent wall such as at the head of the bed, with other surfaces finished in a lighter complementary purple shade, or a neutral colour for appealing contrast, such as cream or vintage white.

Repeat the purple treatment in the form of a plush purple area rug, at the foot or to the side of a glamorous traditionally styled iron bedstead, which will add warmth to the floor and ensure colour continuity within the room. That traditional bed will look great in an ivory or white satin finish, as the perfect contrast to purple tones. Antique white dressers, chests of drawers and nightstands will continue the theme, and choose a white wooden headboard that matches the other wooden elements within the room, should you prefer. For a softer flavour a white upholstered tufted headboard will also fit the bill, perhaps complemented by a white settee or love seat at the foot of the bed, when space allows, or in a corner of the room to create a cosy seating area.

Incorporate luxurious linens into the room, in the form of a crushed velvet or satin comforter atop the metal bedstead, in a purple shade that contrasts with your chosen wall colour. Suspend purple organza over the bed for a romantic canopy effect, with floor to ceiling purple silk or velvet drapes at the windows. Consider also sheer fabrics in different shades of purple as suitably enticing window dressings, for a more whimsical arty look.

Hang a decadent crystal chandelier over the bed or in the centre of the room, and flank the bedstead or headboard with crystal wall sconces. Carefully selected accents and accessories will complete the room theme, such as wall art in the form of purple flower art against a white or cream background or fresh purple flower displays on the dresser or a bedside table. Arrange a purple throw blanket or pillows on the couch or bed, along with white or cream cushions for appealing contrast. Create clusters of different shaped and sized purple or ivory candles on silver platters, and set them on a windowsill or occasional tables to create a beguiling ambiance for those dreamy romantic moments…

More 1920s Bedroom moods…

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Nearly a century has passed since the dawn of the 1920s and yet there are many elements and décor trends from that era which remain relevant within the 21st century western world. We’ve spoken of this period before and yet there are so many interesting design nuances and influences from those inter-war daysthat we make no apology for covering old ground. It was a time in history that embraced all things machine and industrial, with the beginnings of the modernist design period with the emphasis on form following function. Art Deco was to manifest this sensibility with bold colours, lavish textures, high contrast, and sleek, clean lines. In addition to the popularity of wood, glamorous lacquered finishes, and chrome, mirrored, metal and glass furniture, as well as animal print accents, epitomise the 1920s inspired bedroom…

Art Deco reacted against art nouveau’s passion for pastels, and instead focused on high contrast colours. If you fancy a less assertive room colour scheme, you might prefer sea green or a deep blue, whilst cream and silver or black is classic 20s Hollywood, as is burnt orange or rich reds for a slightly different twist. Consider also, chocolate brown, hot pink, pure white and ultramarine, which are Art Deco through and through. Remember to keep skirting board and crown mouldings in a deep accent colour in order to accentuate the geometry of the room.

1920s bedroom furniture featured straight clean lines with bullnose curves and simple ornamentation, compared to more detailed rococo and art nouveau designs. Sunburst bed headboards were common with inlaid corona rays in a high gloss veneer finish, whilst upholstered oversized headboards were also in vogue in shimmery fabrics or rich buttoned velours and animal print designs. Varnished wooden bedsteads featuring chevrons or geometric patterns were favourites, in exotic timbers such as ebony or mahogany, whilst mirror finish, chrome bed creations and transitionally styled metal bed designs were also on the art deco scene. Glass and mirrored furniture pieces also defined the era, and these elements would also be found in accents such as drawer pulls and lighting features. Glamorous highly lacquered furniture in piano gloss black, light yellow or deep red were also highly influential in art Deco bedroom decor trends.

Floor décor tended to continue the wood theme, so if you have hardwood bedroom flooring, leave it bare. 1920s art Deco style was all about polished and patterned wood features with chevron and diamond detailing. Fitted wall to wall carpet was popular as were Persian or Turkish rugs featuring geometric patterns. For a glamorous vintage touch include a zebra print accent rug at the foot of the lavish wooden or metal bedstead, and if you want high contrast, go for a bold coloured dark carpet. Some ocean liners even used black within their cabin designs, which was a common trim colour in the 1920s.

For wall treatments, look out for glossy finish paint or wallpaper to realise that authentic 20s style. Wallpaper was very popular and bold vertical stripes and Egyptian motifs reigned. For that Hollywood look, use light creams and tea stained hues for the backdrop tones, accented with gold and silver. Whilst for a more feminine touch consider art deco style floral motifs, as a gentler, but nonetheless authentic alternative room feature with a touch of romance…

Contemporary Spa ideas for smaller bedrooms

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Sophisticated contemporary spas have an upscale feel made possible by large quantities of available space, stylish fittings, and bespoke design that is intended to lend them an upmarket flavour that is spacious, bright and open. For those in search of a similar vibe in the home environment there are a number of immediately obvious stumbling blocks. Size limitations impose the first hurdle, and without access to the services of an interior designer or the accents and features found in a modern day spa environment, the task might seem particularly daunting. However, with careful use of colours, textures, furniture and fabrics, it is possible to emulate the feel and characteristics of an upsize spa inspired bedroom, without resorting to the use of specifically created bespoke objects or breaking the bank in search of the look…

Choose the right colour mix and you are well on the way to a spa bedroom with a contemporary feel. The trick here is to mix neutral colours in in both warmer and cooler shades, with neutral warmer colours for fabrics and the bedding, including ever-popular tans and creams. Mix and match patterns, using striped sheets and comforters with pillows that have a floral pattern for example. Stick with the same colour palette for a complementary cohesive look for bed and window dressings and choose a wall colour from a similar colour spectrum. Once again, creamy shades or off white tones are always successful here. Warmer shades will liven up the room when desired but again, neutral tones are best offering a great backdrop to accent features in darker finishes or stylish furniture pieces.

Storage space is often an issue in smaller bedrooms but there are several ways to tackle the problem. Contemporary metal beds in chrome or funky silver paint finishes, may be low rise but still offer under bed storage solutions in the form of trundle boxes or custom made storage containers. For an inviting mix of old and new, an antique chest placed at the foot of a contemporary bedstead or more vintage traditional bed style, should you desire, offers a great storage spot for extra bedding, out of season clothing or extra towels, as well as a bed throw when not in use or required. Where space allows, an armoire might also fit the room scheme and is totally in tune with the hotel spa look where style meets practicality. Pick a design that matches with the other furniture or offers a pleasing contrast and consider it for use to house a TV or other electronics, with extra drawer space offering additional storage solutions for clothes and all the other usual paraphernalia always to be found in the bedroom which we’d prefer to have out of sight.

Reduce the clutter within the room for the fresh airy look that you’d expect to encounter in a typical spa hotel bedroom. Opt for accessories and accents in lighter cooler colours such as blue, green and clear glass pieces. Incorporate translucent accents that catch the light and reflect it about the room to give the space a larger and more open ambiance. Use the armoire or bedside tables as perfect display areas for accent art, flower displays or a bowl of fruit. Hang a piece of contemporary art over that art deco style chrome metal bedstead orstand a bronze figurine atop a vanity dresser or corner table for the perfect finishing touch.

Purple bedroom styles for teenagers

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

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It’s a well acknowledged fact that teenagers are notoriously hard to please when it comes to room décor, as their personal styles and tastes are an often ever moving raft of contrasts.

So when it comes to bedroom style and colour choice it’s important to find out what your teen prefers and opt for a basic style that will not only fit in with your budgets and their tastes, but will also likely stand the test of time in terms of fad and fashion.

Purple wall tones and accent colours are a popular choice in this regard, with characteristics that can accommodate a variety of room schemes, as well as being considered a modern funky colour in tune with the 21st century.

Any teen Drama diva in particular with a penchant for the colour purple, will appreciate a wild and slightly outrageous purple bedroom design. Include other colours such as black and pink for a really dramatic statement and use music, drama or the arts for inspiration when it comes to accents and accessories. Extend the look to bed dressings that includes purple hues, and pink and blue against a black background. A contemporary metal bed in a satin black or pewter finish would work well here also, against a wall backdrop of darker or lighter purple shades with light purple accents in the form of poster frames, cork boards, or similar items.

As an alternative approach for all those romantic dreamers and delicate princesses with a taste for feminine styles, purple is the perfect colour to bring out the quiet nature of a girl. Paint the walls a very pale lavender or pale purple as a background colour and add slightly darker, yet still light purple accents around windows and doors. Lacy white or creamy coloured curtains or bedspreads atop a traditional metal bedstead will add a further touch of romance and lend a delicate touch.

Sophisticated teen girls might appreciate a slightly more adult style in their bedroom, so when using purple here, paint the walls with a medium grape shade or similar medium purple and add light lavender curtains in a gauzy material with additional purple accents in the blankets, bedthrows and pillows. A wall painting of a beautiful flower such as cherry blossoms or roses can bring other vibrant accent colours such as pink, yellow, red and orange to the room. Include a funky crystal glass chandelier for a sophisticated modern touch and a vanity or window seat for classic teenage room style.

For a classy man cave it’s worth remembering that most teenage boys are likely to be at the age where they are looking for a more adult theme. The colours for a boy differ fundamentaly by primarily gravitating to blues, greens, oranges and other similar shades. It is still possible to bring purple into the mix by opting for a contemporary furniture and modern metal bed theme as a room focal point, and then adding accent purple colours in the form of purple pillows and bed dressings. Include purple to contrast with black or add a little light purple around blue hues for more gradual colour changes.

Brown Bedroom moods…

Monday, October 17th, 2011

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Brown and derivative shades continue to enjoy huge popularity within interior design circles and on the home décor front. Nowhere is this more true than within bedroom settings where the versatile earthy tones of brown are particularly relevant, creating a warm and comfortable backdrop that harmonises with a wealth of other colours, for a sophisticated room scheme.

A hint of romance is also on offer here, should that thought appeal as rich brown or somewhat more muted tones, or a combination of both transform your bedroom space into an inviting retreat for relaxation and solitude.

If you are a coffee or chocolate lover then what better way to indulge your favourite penchant than to surround yourself with the delicious shades of espresso, mocha and cocoa without having to worry about calorie or caffeine excesses….?!

Choose a bedroom brown scheme that you enjoy. A trawl through interior magazines and the internet should provide plenty of inspiration, whilst paint colour charts and some tester paint pots should do the rest. Consider starting with a rich chocolate dark brown and lightening up the look with touches of rose, butter yellow, or turquoise. Combine deep brown shades with lighter complementary hues such as cappuccino, taupe and tan.

Enhance the space with soft textiles and natural wood furniture such as a French lit bateau style wooden bedstead in teak, cherry or mahogany hardwoods. This will ensure a rich elegant room focal point, whilst for a lighter softer look, paler woods such as light oak and maple will create a pleasing counterpoint with darker wall and accent finishes. Buy a matching headboard as an alternative to the full wooden bed option, with desk, dresser and night stand set for a cohesive look. Iron bed designs in darker shades such as satin or textured black, offer another inspired alternative, whilst traditional metal bed designs in ivory shades ensure a slightly more contemporary stance that is no less appealing.

Breathe life into your bed choice with a sophisticated brown- on- brown look by draping a caramel coloured bed throw over the bed. Faux fur or rich damask designs are popular choices, or for a fresher look combine dark brown woods or darker metal furniture pieces  with optic white rugs, curtains and bed dressings. Lighter wood furniture mixes well with sunny yellow or ocean blue bedding and curtain fabrics, and consider throwing in a few touches of red or coral for a splash of accent colour in the form of scatter cushions, bolsters or picture frames.

Cinnamon brown walls complement spicy Moroccan décor pieces, such as opulent paprika and a gold beaded pillow or bedspread, should you be looking for a theme with an exotic twist. Play with any variety of colour combinations and don’t be afraid to mix traditional brown hues with a range of bright or more muted shades. Create a retro look by mixing chocolate brown with peacock blue, or combine mocha brown with dusty rose for a romantic vintage inspired flavour whilst the combination of black décor accents against a tan backdrop will ensure a stylish contemporary style statement…

Art Deco bedroom themes

Saturday, October 15th, 2011
Tain Chrome Bed by Original Bedstead.

Tain Chrome Bed by Original Bedstead.

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Enduringly recognisable and endearingly timeless, Art Deco took its name from the Exposition of ArtesDecoratifs held in Paris in 1925. It is a look that defined an era, particularly within the USA and the movement was unfailingly popular from the 1920s onwards right through until the 40s. It peaked during the optimistic and glamorous inter-war years of the 1930s and came to symbolise romance, style and decadence with an intrinsic link to Hollywood movie sets and the stars of the Golden Screen.

Art deco design is defined typically by curved edges, high gloss finishes, and polished metal accents, with Middle Eastern and Latin influences and cubism. It’s a style that has been revived many times and one that still has huge relevance within the context of today’s home themes, where its mix of timeless class and defined detailing ensure ongoing acceptance and popularity.

All or just some elements of Art Deco style can be incorporated into 21st century home design and nowhere more so than within the bedroom. Capture the spirit of Art Deco and make it your own, with subtle or more extensive Deco room style that will delight and inspire.

Start from the floor upwards with classic Art Deco design which often featured linoleum or marble tile, which had bold geometric patterns and checkered designs. Black and white themes would have been popular as were red and chocolate hues, and whilst this approach might be a little too extreme for some bedroom themes, you could always capture the spirit by leaving wooden floors bare and introducing comfort with a plush rug that features geometric patterns. Focus on patterns that have simple straight lines rather than curves or floral patterns, and you won’t go far wrong.

Wall treatments were typically defined by their simplicity making this an easy aspect of Art Deco design makeovers. Bare walls with a simple border stencilling near the ceiling and floor capture the style well. A stippling paint finish is another option and colours such as yellow, beige, and cream for walls with black border accents, are very authentic and create bold visual contrast.

A trawl through the internet and Interior magazines will provide plenty of inspiration for furniture selection. Wooden, metal and upholstered pieces were all in vogue, and why not upholster a headboard in matching fabrics for a classic art Deco look? Consider also incorporating wooden furniture in hardwoods such as mahogany and ebony that were consistently popular through the era, featuring simple lines and rounded corners. Alternatively a glamorous metal bedstead might just tick all the right boxes as the perfect room focal point. Chrome beds, and iron bed designs were a feature of many Art Deco bedrooms within American hotels and the private homes of the wealthy. Brass bedstead designs would also have featured in gleaming polished finishes. Undoubtedly a fitting tribute to the aspirational mood of the times and the pervading scent of glamour and romance.

Amirrored vanity table for a woman’s bedroom adds further Hollywood glamour, and for accent ideas consider window dressings in simple boxy shades in a neutral or accent colour based on the window size, and reflecting other colours, textures and elements within the room. Art Deco furniture or wall art featuring flamingos, palm trees or lilies is also true to the spirit of the era, and prints featuring these themes are particularly appropriate.

Finish the whole scheme with an Art Deco flourish, with geometric wall sconces in coloured glass or metal designs, and incorporate nightstand lamps that have fringe or beading details for a gentle moody glow. For small accent lamps consider popular Art Deco colours such as black, peacock blue, or purple. Timeless Hollywood glamour personified…

Bedroom mini-makeovers in a weekend

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Fancy a change of bedroom style? Bored with waking up to the same tired old room design every day? Then maybe it’s time to add a touch of sparkle and a new twist to your bedroom decor.

Visual change is good and inspiring. It’s far too easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to room style, when with a few simple changes we can introduce a whole new perspective that doesn’t break the bank that can be achieved in a weekend or maybe less…

After all, we spend a whole lot of time in the bedroom. It’s the last space that we see when we fall asleep at night and the first every morning. So why not, with a tweak here and there, treat yourself and your bedroom to a few simple changes that are sure to bring a smile and a new dimension to this often neglected corner of the home.

So, here’s a few quick and simple thoughts to hopefully inspire, some requiring a little outlay, but others none at all. A trawl through the internet and home design periodicals are sure to fill in any gaps!

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up the bedroom is to invest in a new duvet cover or quilt in a different colour and style to which you are drawn. The choice these days, from faux fur and animal print designs, to silks, damasks and good old plain cotton styles, is vast. While you’re at it why not invest in a new set of complementary sheets and bed linens too? You’d be surprised how just this simple change can alter the whole look of a room.

For added impact, if you’re happy with a little extra outlay, consider a new metal bedstead in contemporary or traditional style, dependent upon your room theme. As a room focal point, the introduction of a new iron bed, or glamorous brass bedstead, or perhaps even a sophisticated chrome bed design for truly minimalist contemporary room spaces, cannot fail to create great impact as the room focal point, which in turn might just inspire other colour and accessory changes throughout the room.

In tandem with a new set of bed linens and bed throw, the effect is amplified. Why not consider going bright or graphical if you’ve had a plain or pastel bed cover beforehand? The bigger the contrast, the more it will feel like a real redesign, and as long as it suits the style and personality of the metal bed and the room colours as a hole, you are well on your way to a whole new room feel with the minimum of fuss.

Hunt down a couple of accessories to match, like a pair of bedside lamps, some throw pillows, a new floor rug or some different pictures and picture frames. Stores like Ikea and Habitat are great for these sort of items without breaking the bank, or search the flea markets and antique bazaars for  vintage items and maybe a touch of retro charm…

Rotate your wall pictures or other wall decor or try new photos of family and happy memory times, in the same frames. A new hanging mirror is sure to introduce a new airy look to the room space, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, get out the roller and paint brush and go for a room colour makeover on all or just accent walls, that complements your window dressings and bed linens selection.

A pair of candlesticks atop a dresser or wall shelf complete with Church candles, might just add that final finishing flourish, for a little touch of romance to ensure many nights of sweet dreams in your new bedroom…!