White Wicker Bedroom charm.

White wicker furniture offers an invitingly different proposition than more mainstream bedroom furniture styles, with a casual, airy look that is instantly appealing. Evoking memories of a beach-side cottage or a tropical hideaway, white wicker furniture and accent pieces have a charm all of their own that blends well with a variety of colours and textures. Its versatility means that with a few additional touches, a white wicker room can be transformed into a Caribbean beach location, a shabby chic cottage, or a room on Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you have some vintage wicker that you wish to repurpose or some newer pieces, wicker is an easy carefree style that is accommodating and quietly timeless.

White wicker furniture emanates a crisp and clean look, which because it is so neutral allows colour matching with just about any hue in the colour spectrum to establish the tone of your chosen theme. From pastel greens through to cool blues, lavender, shades of pink and sunshine yellow; all will harmonise wonderfully with white wicker to create the perfect backdrop. For a coastal flavour look for gentle blues and yellows to emulate the sun and the sea, whilst a more nautical look can be achieved by incorporating blue, yellow and red. If you are after a more tropical or garden setting, experiment with a peaceful soft green or lavender shades for the walls, with muted pinks suggesting a cottagey shabby chic theme.

Darker woods offer a pleasing counterbalance with white wicker, so don’t be afraid to incorporate them in the form of a focal point wooden bed in a simple rustic style, or even a vintage style iron bed with simple detailing. Wicker beds in white can be found to match other wicker elements in the room for a more unified look should you prefer, or a French style lime-washed bed might just fit the billfor a country Gallic flavour. Wicker is not always the most comfortable material upon which to sit, so bring soft fabrics into the mix in the form of comfy cushions on wicker chairs or sofas and for the bed throw. Try a bold green floral print, earthy green foliage patterns or even blue and white ticking within the design and extend the look to the widow dressings taking care to avoid overwhelming the room with too much visual distraction. For a tropical exotic feel soften the look of the room with a mosquito net hung from the ceiling and allowed to tumble over the sides of the bed. Keep this fabric sheer and plain for maximum effect.

To continue a beach theme, bring in nautical or seaside features and wall décor. Fill a glass vase with seashells or pebbles or glue shells around a picture frame. Model sailboats, lighthouses or antique nautical instruments and navigational lighting are all great decorative items that bring to life a nautical theme. Include yachting rope within the scheme to enhance a lamp shade or act as tie-backs for the window curtains. Install bead board behind the bed to act as an improvised headboard or install it on the walls up to the height of the dado rail, for an extra dimension.

Should you prefer a tropical or garden theme, add several vases of bold tropical flowers, a large specimen palm tree in a corner of the room, or colourful island artwork on the walls to tie the theme together. A trellis of silk vines installed as a wall feature will complete the impression of an outdoor garden, combined with whitewashed vintage iron architectural pieces for timeless understated appeal…

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