Whimsical Bedroom themes…

There’s a noticeable trend towards retro-style mix and match designs out there on the catwalk at the moment. Loud colours and pattern clashes are very much the thing in 2012 for definitive female summer style. It’s a fashion statement that has never really gone away and harkens back in time to the 70s when brash colours and over-stylised graphics were very much the order of the day. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of mismatched whimsy, which despite the tenuous link, we might liken to a penchant for interior décor trends where whimsical room design is very much the thing for individuals who like to live just a little outside the box. For this is a style where colours run rampant, with a theme that is unashamedly eclectic, with an engaging assortment of patterns, textures and materials….just like those that you can’t fail to miss in High Street shop windows right now.

For the quintessential whimsical bedroom, forget the perfectly pulled together homes of interior design magazines, and instead incorporate textures, colours, furniture and accents that suit your whimsy. The biggest pitfall with this type of project is the danger of a lookthat stretches the boundaries too far with results that are cluttered and over-busy. Yet it is still possible to keep things neat and engaging without sacrificing your creativity, by tying it all together with a common thread for a room theme that defies convention.

Choose bedding in an assortment of eye-catching colours and patterns using a colour palette that inspires and stirs the senses. Explore unexpected colour combinations such as pale rosy pink and navy blue, bold hippy orange and electric purple, or teal and lime green. Stick with two or three primary colours to keep the look cohesive, but go wild with fabrics and accent colours in different shades and patterns that pick up on the main colour theme. Use a patchwork quilt to incorporate a jumble of fabrics together, or pile on the pillows or cushions in different colours and textures for the same effect. Team the fabrics up with an ornately styled antique wooden bed, or a heavy iron bedframe for a weathered vintage look, with solid brass bed creations for more than just a hint of romantic Victorian style.

Complement that centrepiece traditional bed with one-of-kind bedroom pieces hunted down at antique stores, house clearance sales, craft fairs, or incorporate or repurpose family heirloom pieces or existing furniture items. Ornately framed mirrors, emotively themed wall art, hand painted jewellery boxes, and dark antique wooden furniture with delicate carvings, are all sure to fit the eclectic mood. Ensure that they all include that common link in terms of material, texture or colour to avoid a mismatched garage sale look. Consider repainting or reupholstering existing pieces for a completely fresh and engaging persona that showcases your imagination. Paint, wallpaper or stencil individual dresser drawers in a different colour or pattern, or add little embellishments such as hand painted moons and stars or uneven stripes on chair legs. Hang a bunch of dried lavender or an embroidered heart from the head of that vintage metal bed, or sew sparkling beads along the base of an ottoman or around the edge of an upholstered headboard.

Sneak in these little artistic touches wherever you can, replacing standard run-of-the-mill room fixtures with more eccentric options. Use a thick wooden branch in place of a curtain rod and exchange standard drawer pulls with miniature bird-design hardware. Paint falling autumnal leaves on an accent wall for a nature-inspired vibe, and include colourful tasselled tie-backs, all manner of lace, piping and jewelled or mirrored embellishments on the bedding and other room fabrics, with rich fabric lampshades wrapped in an assortment of silk ribbons, for a whimsical touch that is unique and undeniably charming…

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