Turquoise bedroom moods…

Whilst perceived as a somewhat cool colour, shades of blue integrate nicely within many bedroom schemes when partnered with other contrasting hues and accents, for a sophisticated and classy aesthetic. Turquoise is one such blue/green tone that has great appeal, evoking the flavour of crystal clear waters and exotic locations, bringing a crisp, clear and refreshing feeling to contemporary room schemes. Balance this bright intriguing colour with neutral or complimentary shades such as white, ivory, black or mocha brown, or go bright and bold with pink, lime green, orange, or red accents for an assertive colour statement.

Check the colour charts and experiment with a tester pot of paint or two to find the shade of turquoise that works for you and looks right for the room style. Ambient and natural light sources make a huge difference on the appearance of wall colours, and a little time spent choosing the correct hue will pay dividends. Fora big statement paint all the walls turquoise if the room space is not too small and the furniture colours are predominantly neutral. Alternatively paint one accent wall turquoise or choose a wallpaper pattern that evokes the mood. A funkier option is to paint the lower part of the walls turquoise and add lime green circles or stripes. Install a white chair rail and then paint the upper walls a neutral colour such as white or ivory.

Use furniture pieces to balance the room by playing off the wall colour. A focal point contemporary metal bed design finished in satin white offers the perfect counterpoint within this room style, with a sophisticated chrome bed as an option for a gritty urban flavour. Whitewashed or creamy coloured wooden bed creations are likely to be modern in appearance with a simple silhouette for maximum effect, or consider an imposing upholstered bedstead in a rich turquoise fabric to pop against white or neutral walls. Turquoise slipcovers and bed dressings allow the flexibility to easily update a turquoise room scheme without fully committing to a colour, or to oblige for seasonal room scheme preferences.

Include window treatments that enhance the colour scheme and style such as sheer white curtains in a predominantly turquoise beach-themed bedroom, or ivory and turquoise patterned curtains to complement yet break up turquoise coloured walls. Incorporate wall décor to extend the theme, pulling the room style together into a coherent whole. Black and white family photographs or moody landscapes in turquoise frames to contrast against white walls, will ensure great style, or choose an accent painting to hang above the bed in soothing, neutral tones to contrast with that turquoise accent bed-head wall. Candle sconces, mirrors and metal wall art, provide other options for appropriate wall features. Consider also chromed elements or chrome framed prints for any modern setting that features a nickel or chrome bed as the defining room statement.

Finalise the scheme with turquoise coloured accents in neutral bedroom spaces. Along with bed dressings, turquoise accessories and décor pieces provide the option to quickly and easily update the room, should you tire of turquoise or fancy a seasonal colour change. Vases, lampshades, bed throws, pillows and rugs, are all common accessories that will set the turquoise tone, yet can be easily repurposed or mothballed on a whim, whenever the mood dictates…

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