Sunny Italian-inspired bedrooms

Within the home a sunroom can take on many different guises, be it an indoor enclosed garden, a conservatory or old- style orangery, a small enclosed porch, an entertainment room or perhaps a  spa–like indoor swimming or plunge pool room. Sunny bedrooms with a southerly aspect might also fall into this category, and whilst they might not be considered sunrooms in the true sense of the word per se, there is no doubt that they are enjoyable places in which to spend time for reading, relaxing or taking a snooze, whenever the occasion permits. Sunshine and Italy go together hand-in-glove and an Italian décor theme for sunny bedrooms is a charming way to give the space a continental flavour with broad appeal. Incorporate a touch of Tuscany with its unique mix of colour, warmth and old world charm, to make the most of any sunny room, whatever the season…

Begin with a colour theme that evokes images of rolling vineyards and country farmhouse style. The trademark palette of Tuscany is natural earthy tones, with shades of gold and deep terracotta hues. You might like to paint the bed head wall a deep espresso brown or a dusty red shade, and you can replicate terracotta flooring with area rugs of the same hue or that feature splashes of gold, red, and indigo. Alternatively make a feature of natural rustic wood flooring in dark hues with a rich patina. Add extra splashes of colour with majolica pottery, tiled mosaic surfaces and wall art that features landscapes or still life paintings, with wrought iron hardware and wall sconces for an authentic flavour.

Furnish the room in Italian country style, keeping the overall feel of the space simple, uncluttered and homespun. If the room majors on wooden elements such as a rustic wooden bed complete with heavy leg posts and wrought iron hardware, complement the scheme with natural materials such as wicker and rattan as well as other harmonious wooden pieces. An old ornately styled iron bed will also adapt well to this décor scenario, offering a pleasing counterpoint to other more woody accents within the room. Overall the desired look should be time-worn rather than sleek, so distressed wooden furniture and vintage items are ideal. Where space allows, another quick way to introduce a casual homely touch is to introduce a three piece table and chairs bistro set to an unused corner of the room, as the perfect spot to relax or read a book, Italian style.

Lighting solutions should complement the natural light that a sunny bedroom enjoys offering a restrained artificial light solution during hours of dusk or darkness. Recessed lighting options are well suited to this theme and wall sconces that become an integral part of wall plasterwork or stucco effects are perfect. For a touch of Italian panache, consider antique or rustic-looking light fixtures or a wrought iron or crystal chandelier. Window treatments should allow the natural sunlight to flood the room whilst offering shady respite on the brightest days whenever required. Light sheer fabrics teamed up with wicker or bamboo shades are a pleasing and practical solution, with rustic window shutters striking an authentic Tuscan chord.

To finalise the scheme, hunt down some artisan Italian accessories and decorative-ware that lends the room a unique and personalised identity. Those trademark ceramics and landscape paintings, will continue the theme, and include accents that showcase Tuscan design that features the fruits of the earth, such as plain pitchers filled with wildflowers, dried peppers hung on a line, leafy plants in earthenware pots, and large bowls of fruit. Do not worry about achieving a seamless coordinated look. The typical Italian country room scheme is delightfully eclectic and simple…

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