Simple Black bedspread style…

For simple no-nonsense contemporary bedroom design look no further than the humble black duvet or a bedspread to strike a bold bedroom note from which the room décor as a whole can draw inspiration. Black bed coverings, whatever their nature together with black wooden or metal bed designs are a useful staple feature in just about any modern bedroom scheme, as they coordinate with such a wide raft of colours and decorating styles, offering great flexibility. Black as a neutral colour provides a blank slate for bedroom décor, no matter how many times you choose to change or update your bedroom décor. Weave other black details throughout the room to connect the look for a balanced style that is easy on the eye with the minimum of effort.

Stick with the simple approach by painting an accent wall behind the bed in a bright colour such as fuchsia or crimson, or a lighter shade to act as stark contrast such as vintage white or a creamy hue. Alternatively use a dramatic patterned wallpaper in a bold floral or graphic motif, or use interesting paint textures and techniques for depth and texture. Polka dot black and white designs or stripy patterns offer a funky note whilst grey damask patterns suggest a more classic design approach.

Marry-up those black fabric bed fabrics with lighter coloured wooden bed frames and furniture for contrast, or consider a white metal headboard or ivory coloured iron bed in streamlined contemporary style. For a moodier more masculine vibe, stick with darker furniture such as a black wrought iron bedframe or dark wooden furniture pieces in walnut, mahogany or dark oak for an earthy timeless quality. Add to this theme vintage leather accents or a mocha leather headboard for a “clubby” feel, or look to mirrored furniture for an art deco flavour with some black/white zebra stripe scatter cushions atop that black bedthrow for a punch of visual drama.

Bring other black textiles into the mix including window dressings, upholstery and an area rug. Black and white wavy rug patterns, together with those zebra print cushions, or black lace curtains over  gold silk panels, create a unified look that binds the theme together. Brighter colours come into their own here whenever a funky upbeat look is the order of the day, whilst neutral and metallic shades, and creams and beige harmonise with black for a classy and sophisticated aesthetic. For youthful bedroom themes bring in a pop of colour with bright pink or orange sheets to contrast with the black bed dressings, or cream and tan bed fabrics for a more luxurious mature flavour in a master bedroom or a bachelors hideaway.

Bring walls alive with artwork or family portraits. Black frames are the perfect companion for black and white photos and to pick up on those other black accents throughout the room. Add a splash of colour with a few boldly coloured décor pieces or a charming floral accent such as some red roses in a black vase on a dresser or mantel or a lime green and aqua lamp for some gentle night time illumination on a bedside table.

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