Purple Toile Bedroom décor…

Toile or Toile de Jouy to give it its full title, is a fabric with roots in 18th century France, well known for its unique style of monochromatic designs typically featuring pastoral and floral scenes. White or creamy coloured linens are the fabrics of choice although a full range of colours are, in more recent times appropriate to the style. It is a design and fabric choice that lends itself particularly well to bedroom settings, where gentle designs and appealing colour tones set the scene for a pleasing visual effect that has cross-gender appeal if executed carefully. Purple hued toile is particularly enchanting here and flexible enough to establish a French Country, shabby chic,or generic comfortably elegant style to create an enticing room mood. Limit the amount of toile accents in the room to avoid overwhelming the space with the busy and bold nature of the design, for charming room aesthetics that are simple to achieve.

Set the scene with walls in a solid colour to create perfect background contrast for toile accents. For example, dark plum walls will create a striking partner for the popular hues of cream and lavender toile, but if you prefer you can paint multiple colours on the wall to create a feeling of greater dimension, such as dark purple up to white dado rail height, with lavender painted wall treatments above. Alternatively, create one accent wall such as the bed- head wall by applying purple toned toile patterned wallpaper, with purple, cream or vintage white hues on the other bedroom walls.

Integrate furniture to inspire the room design as a whole paying close attention to the colour mix. An ornate French style iron bed finished in satin black might look fabulous against a white or purple wall, but is likely to lose visual impact if the background is busy patterned toile wallpaper. Upholster a fancy headboard in purple toile fabric to feature against a cream wall to create a ravishing room focal point, or use a French lit bateaux style wooden bed in rosewood, walnut, or mahogany timbers for similar visual impact. Simple metal bed or wooden bedstead designs in white or ivory finishes create a more neutral colour statement that allows the use of more gregarious toile accents throughout the room without over-doing things, with transient accessories such as toile pillows and throws allowing for flexibility whenever a greater or lesser toile vibe is required.

In the same vein introduce the purple toile within the room in the form of linens and wall accents if you want the main room components to remain neutral. Pair up a purple and cream toile duvet cover with solid purple sheets and curtains topped with a toile valance, or choose a white bed cover to stand out against a purple toile wall backdrop with a purple toile patterned bed valance for a unified appearance. Incorporate simple patterns in the same colours if you are after a less formal shabby chic or casual look, such as scatter pillows that feature purple and cream stripes, floral prints and checks.

Solid white, cream, black, purple, or gilded frames work best alongside toile wallpaper in the form of pictures, mirrors and artwork that complement the toile theme. Alternatively, frame pieces of toile fabric as a feature to hang above the traditional bed or dresser if you want to weave hints of the toile print throughout the room. This is particularly effective for toile designs that feature a pastoral country scene with a little story to tell.

Finalise the room scheme with toile accents that tie the look together or that establish the story in their own right. For example, toile pillows, a toile upholstered love seat or chaises longue, or toile upholstered headboard, might serve as the catalyst for the purple toile room mood. Sprinkle in accents of toile against otherwise solid-coloured areas of the room, in the form of toile lampshades, a tablecloth over an occasional or bedside table, or shelf liners and hat boxes. Include decorative floor standing lamps and a fancy crystal glass chandelier for an eminently distinguished glamorous flavour…

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