Pastel bedroom moods…

Gentle pastel bedroom colours bring a breath of fresh air to bedroom style with shades and textures to promote relaxation and serenity. With hues that evoke the feel of springtime, pastel colour room schemes create the backdrop for any number of room styles, from vintage Victorian, to country cottage style, shabby chic, or as the colour scheme for a nursery or guest room. With careful execution, pastels become suited to more contemporary room design also, where room furnishings and elements contrast with neutral pastel backgrounds. In fact whatever the design aesthetic, with the sympathetic execution of the colour and patterns mix and with the inclusion of interesting textures and some bolder accent pieces, this is a décor theme that will promote relaxation without becoming too girlie or mundane.

Set the scene with a soft pastel wall colour such as peach or spring green or a soft lilac blue. These colours create the perfect backdrop for a number of room styles, setting  the mood for the room as a whole and offering a soft glow that would be missing from bedrooms painted in white or off-white hues. In addition, gentle blue and green of soft yellow tones are good mood enhancers, with faded yellow walls particularly welcome in rooms that are north facing, lacking in natural sunlight. For a touch of visual interest consider drawing attention to an accent or bed head wall with a colour contrast that extends the pastel theme in an understated manner. A blue wall against a yellow wall scheme might work here or vice versa, whilst a gently patterned wallpapered accent wall is another pleasing option. Consider wallpapers featuring simple floral designs or perhaps a muted toile motif for a country house flavour.

Bring a little visual interest into the design mix with a selection of patterns that pick up on the pastel theme of the room. That toile design is a good example, but look at mixing and matching other patterns that work together with a colour thread that ties them all together. For example a traditional brass bedstead or Victorian inspired iron bed might just be the perfect focal point for a shabby chic or country cottage style room. Introduce pattern interest and breathe life into the bed with a vintage patchwork bedspread and yellow paisley checkered pillows and matching bed valance. As long as the motif mix isn’t too busy and there is that common colour theme, the patterns will harmonise forming the perfect counterpoint for a pastel backdrop.

Extend the theme with some shabby chic country-style window fabrics to contrast gently with the wall tones. Those that feature a floral pattern or simple stripe design will be in keeping here such as a motif of pale pink tea roses against the contrast of a mint green wall, continuing the effect with a bedside rug to bring warmth and texture interest to the floor, creating a link with those other pastel room shades. Remember also those little forgotten nooks and corners of the room, adding pastel or patterned wallpaper to the shelves in a closet or a chest of drawers, or perhaps painting or wallpapering a dressing screen for soothing room balance.

Finalise the pastel scheme with wall artwork that evokes the springtime flavour such as vintage illustrations of vegetables or floral compositions,complemented with a pastel coloured flower arrangement. A vase of lilacs or an orchid display on a bedside table or mantel, are sure to lift the spirits, whatever the season…

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