Large Master Bedroom Décor Ideas…

They say that one of life’s great luxuries is that of space, but whatever your opinion of that rather sweeping observation, there is little doubt that larger homes with proportionally up-size rooms and bedroom size, present a great canvas upon which to project a whole new raft of creative design and decorative styles, creating an expansive scheme that simply wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. As always, whatever the architectural style or room configuration, it is our personal design and style tastes that should dictate the look, whether that be country-style shabby chic, an Asian inspired contemporary vibe , or something altogether more expressive, glamorous, or even a little decadent. Large bedrooms offer the unique opportunity of giving such themes room to breathe, although as with any project a set of design rules are the basis for success. Greater space offers greater margin for error, but achieve the perfect mix of colours, textures and furnishing style for ravishing room moods bar none.

Large master bedrooms offer the space, and invariably and just as importantly, the natural light to control the visual impact of bold wall and floor colours whenever a contemporary edge is the requirement of the moment. Warmer colours such as burgundy, burnt orange, crimson, chocolate brown and regal purple reduce any loftiness within the room, creating an area that is welcoming and romantic. Alternatively to maintain the feeling of space and airiness, opt for a pale cool colour such as mint green or a powder blue, with creamy or off-white neutral wall tones creating great contrast for bold room elements, fabrics and furniture selections. Where these light or neutral colours are the order of the day, consider a bolder accent bed-head wall in a toile or damask patterned paper, or even a fabric treatment for a warm sophisticated luxury hotel flavour.

When it comes to floor treatments, although traditionally larger bedrooms feature fitted carpet to ensure comfort and heat and sound insulation, it’s worth giving consideration to natural timber floor design for both traditional and contemporary room styles. For here the rich patina of woodgrain helps balance the light and textures within the room, with contemporary, Oriental, or retro-style area rugs flanking a focal point fabulous wooden bed or metal bed design, or picking up on colours or the pattern motif within a grand oversized tufted fabric or leather headboard.

Furniture selection demands a considered approach so instead of filling a large room with an equally large collection of oversized furniture pieces that invade the space, consider two or three showcase pieces that make a dramatic statement, complementing them with less imposing functional pieces in a supporting role. Large bedrooms open up all sorts of possibilities for furniture choice that simply wouldn’t be possible in smaller rooms, so it’s a shame to miss the opportunity. A canopy or ornately detailed wooden four poster bed adds an element of romantic opulence as the centrepiece of a large bedroom, with a large armoire or linen press cabinetry continuing the theme. A king sized iron bedstead in traditional or contemporary style depending upon the preferred décor  makes for an equally appealing centre-stage option, dressed with rich linens and bed throws to bring the bed design to life.

To create a welcoming dual-function room area that maximises the space on offer, consider designating an area of the bedroom as a seating area, particularly if the aesthetic is more traditional in nature, with a fireplace or stove, around which you might group an area rug and plush upholstered chairs or a sofa to define the area. Alternatively or as an inviting add-on, install a window seat or chaises longue beneath a tall window, lining the surrounding walls with book shelves to create a snug mini-library reading nook.

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