Ivory Bedroom schemes

Consider the natural shades of ivory to form the basis of a bedroom makeover that showcases your personal taste and individual style. Ivory is eminently versatile because it is a neutral colour, allowing you to incorporate almost any other colour accents with fabulous results. Plan out the scheme for your room in advance taking note of existing furniture pieces and accessories that you wish to include, so that the end result is seamless, conveying the look and personality that you are looking to achieve. The end result should be a coherently designed sanctuary away from the fast pace of modern life. The perfect space in which to relax and unwind…

Start by choosing a room theme that effortlessly uses those ivory backdrop hues. Schemes might be as diverse as a romantic Victorian theme, a far more contemporary modern décor style or a luxury hotel-inspired theme. Ivory has the versatility to work with most room styles and depending on the shade that you use can create a vintage country house flavour or something far more urban and gritty. Blues, purples, greens and red hues all work well with ivory, with black offering the perfect contrast for a supremely stylish modern room design.

Increase or decrease the ivory room influence by adding furniture and other colours in contrasting or emulating shades to get the balance just right. Lighter coloured wooden beds in light oak or beech promise a calm and contemporary vibe against an ivory backdrop, whilst a metal bed in a darker shade such as black or pewter or a dark wooden bedstead suggests a totally different proposition. Vintage beds and furniture in dark finishes are a perfect counterpoint with the neutral shades of ivory, allowing the furniture to stand out against a neutral contrast backdrop. Accordingly, more modern furniture pieces are allowed to shine for the very same reason, but with a contemporary cutting edge for modern apartments and minimalist room settings.

Extend your chosen theme with bedding and curtain or window treatments that tie the scheme together. Should you wish to increase the dominance of ivory, emulate the colour with duvet covers and pillow sets, introducing a splash of colour with scatter cushions or a folded blanket, or a runner at the foot of the bed. Hang ivory curtains for a quieter room persona or select a contrasting colour for more dramatic effect, particularly relevant in modern room schemes. Darker coloured or black duvets or bed throws will introduce the same effect and for a super stylish stance, look fabulous with lighter wooden beds,or contemporary bed designs in colour finishes such as white, glossy ivory or even chrome. Chrome bed designs are possibly the ultimate style statement but only for very cutting- edge urban settings where a sophisticated ascetic aesthetic is the order of the day.

Finalise with accessories that add those all-important personalised accents whilst offering a splash of visual pop or a more harmonious flavour when desired. For our contemporary black and ivory bedroom add comfort and contrast in the form of a black upholstered bedroom chair or upholstered bench to sit at the foot of the bed, with a black area rug and black and white art or photographs in black frames or a black framed mirror. One or two bright accessories, such as lime green accent pillows and lamps, or turquoise candles and vases might do a controversial but good job of brightening an ivory and black room scheme without jarring. Other effective accessories that you might consider include pottery and porcelain or bronze statuary, with of course a leafy feature houseplant for a natural touch of floral style…

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