Fabulous Victorian Bedrooms

Timeless and globally recognised, Victorian décor styles are ever-popular with a mood to suit most tastes and architectural styles. Queen Victoria famously favoured abundantly feminine and ornate décor during her long reign with a legacy that we still revere and emulate in 21st century times. For floral or overtly feminine rooms it is eminently relevant and is a look that translates particularly successfully within the bedroom. Amongst many softer room décor options, it is one to consider if you are searching for a room theme that encompasses practicality with heavily decorated frilly accents in an unmistakably traditional manner. And for added versatility, Victorian themed bedrooms can work for couples also, as long as you incorporate a few neutral colours or slate blues, to offset more floral romantic elements within the room.

The Victorians loved heavily patterned and textured wallpapers, particularly those that featured a floral, scroll, or damask design. Fabulous wallpaper designs that evoke the era are available today, so consider them as the basis of your room theme, with colours such as pinks, powder blues, rich reds, dark greens and gold hues, all very typical of the era. If patterns are too much for you or if the room is small, consider painted wall options instead, and once again, pinks, blues and ivory shades are good choices here, Alternatively wallpaper just one accent wall such as at the bed head with a damask pattern, with painted neutral shades for the remaining walls.

Continue the theme with a colourful, intricate Oriental rug placed at the foot of a glamorous traditional bedstead, or place a series of Oriental runners around the room. Allow hardwood floors to work in harmony with the rugs; a better and more authentic solution than wall to wall carpeting, although carpeted rooms will also work when the carpeted look is broken up by those Oriental accent rugs.

Create a romantic room mood with a majestic bed in true Victorian style positioned against an accent wall. Victorian style wooden beds are typically ornate and hand carved in darker wood finishes such as oak, walnut and cherry. Canopy beds or four poster beds were also popular in the 19th century within grander homes, as were majestic brass bed designs and forged iron beds that featured brass, porcelain, or mother of pearl detailing. Bedsteads of this style captured the very essence of the Victorian spirit and were a definitive statement of the manufacturing and technological advances of the era. Originals can be found but may require reconditioning and are invariably expensive, whilst modern day reproductions are no less classy and just as functional, without the downsides. Complement the bed with carved wood dressers, night tables and vanities with marble tops for true authenticity. A pair of glass and doily topped bedside tables is Victorian to the core, flanking the bed for natural symmetry .

Hang ornate mirrors and pictures with gilded black or gold frames on the walls, and needlepoint pictures and Victorian samplers are also highly appropriate as are ornate wall sconces of all shapes and sizes. Continue the wall and window theme with lacy curtains layered under heavy draperies in rich fabrics and patterns, such as floral print velvet drapes. Incorporate header valances and tiebacks with ornate tassels and corded ties, and hang the curtains from metal or wooden curtain poles that feature ornate carved or forged finials.

Extend the lace and doily theme to vanity tables and dresser tops, and scatter needlepoint cushions on top of the bed or on an overstuffed floral patterned love seat or bedroom chair. Place brass dark glass shaded lamps on the bedside tables and arrange little collections of memorabilia and silver framed photographs on bedroom shelves, a mantelpiece or windowsill for a charming personal flavour. Complete the story with a well-loved tattered teddy bear or a wooden rocking horse feature for a room mood that is unmistakably vintage Victorian through and through…

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