Deep purple and silver teenage bedroom style

The colour purple has long been associated with royalty and the wealthy noble classes across the centuries. In darker tones it exudes a classy lavish aura with glamorous overtones with great universal appeal. On the home décor scene it remains relevant for many room schemes but no more so than within the bedroom where deep purple shades create the basis of a room style that at one extreme might be moody and cosseting, or more upbeat and contemporary when teamed up with silver accents for ultra-sophisticated teenage bedroom design.

For rooms that receive a good deal of natural light, consider a dark purple paint scheme on the walls or opt for just one accent wall in a darker shade with the remaining walls finished in a silvery grey. A silver and grey patterned wallpaper on the accent bed head wall also makes a good choice with over-sized floral designs or a stripy or bold geometric motif for an extrovert contemporary flavour.

Incorporating white or silver furniture within the room will also help to ensure that purple wall treatments do not create a closed-in claustrophobic feel, as on the contrary, deeper wall tones offer super contrast for lighter coloured room elements. A focal point modern metal bed or something a little more traditional depending on personal taste and the room style makes a great start point for the room furniture mix. Silver, pewter or chrome bed designswill all be right at home for a classy contemporary vibe, with white or ivory traditional iron bed creations for an interesting twist where “old meets new”. Upholstered headboards in purple or grey fabrics are another proposition whenever space is tight or you don’t care for the bedstead look, with DIY repurposed painted purple furniture as a cost effective alternative if you’ve opted for a neutral wall scheme.

Silvery grey sheets with a purple duvet cover or bedthrow continue the theme, with a silver duvet cover featuring an embroidered floral design for a soft feminine flavour that’s sweet enough for a teenage daughter, yet still in keeping with the sophisticated purple vibe. Strings of silver beads can serve as an inspired window treatment as long as you include shades or blinds for privacy, or consider sheer purple or silver window fabrics for a soft wispy aesthetic. Chrome or silver curtain rods look great against purple walls, perhaps picking up on the style of that minimalist contemporary metal bed.

Extend the purple décor story with area rugs, an upholstered chair, bedside table lamps, and mirror and picture frames, as a contrast against lighter coloured or neutral wall tones. Line a shelf or window ledge with metal or porcelain silver or steely-grey vases to show off some ornamental purple flowers, or a collection of silver candelabras complete with purple candles. Decorate a high-backed chair or the bed with silver and purple ribbons for a gentle girly look, with a collection of silver framed black and white family photos on an accent wall for a personalised homely touch…

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