Décor ideas for Oak Floor Bedrooms.

Oak is universally popular as a construction material not only for furniture, but of course for hardwood floors, where its inherent beauty and hardwearing nature make it a hugely popular medium for use within commercial as well as domestic room settings. In the UK oak is one of the oldest construction materials having been fashioned and crafted for centuries and beyond. In antique guise it darkens down taking on a rich patina, whereas modern timbers, in the main these days, sourced from abroad, are typically light in colour unless subject to stains and wax treatments. If you are lucky enough to have genuine oak flooring in your bedroom, or are contemplating installing oak, it offers great scope in terms of the décor and textures that you might be hoping to use. In paler neutral finishes it suggests a modern aesthetic which harmonises with a wide range of wall colours and style themes. Here’s just a small selection of room styles that you may wish to consider when it comes to making the most of fabulous oak flooring.

Country style.Light oak in its natural form is perfectly suited to country styles of décor such as traditional cottage, contemporary country or garden styles. These themes are light and airy with a clean fresh look that is eminently versatile and able to be transformed into something a little more traditional with the use of accent rugs if desired. Use light natural shades on the walls that reflect the undertones of the wood, such as a neutral colour with warm yellow undertones if the oak floor exhibits yellowish-brown characteristics. Consider creating an accent wall with country style wallpaper and if the wood has white or creamy brown undertones, choose a rich cream colour. Marry up with a focal point wooden bed and furniture that is lime-washed or painted white, with contrasting natural light wood detailing in the form of the leg posts or headboard panels. Alternatively consider a simply styled iron bed design finished in satin white or ivory that is neither too modern or too traditional, but somewhat transitional in style. Add pretty light floral print fabrics to the mix in the form of bed dressings and window treatments with plain sheets and scatter cushions to tie the look together.

Japanese Zen styleprovides a pathway towards the creation of a calming, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, incorporating such materials as wood and bamboo, which when brought together with earthy neutral colours and minimalist furniture and accessories, creates a clean open space. As Zen styling almost exclusively favours wooden floor treatments, natural oak flooring becomes an obvious candidate for this style of makeover. Use gentle colours on the walls such as soft blues, light browns, and muted green tones, and accent with white or natural wooden bed designs and complimentary furniture for a serene and peaceful flavour. Bamboo furniture or a low traditional bed style with bamboo accents offers a different, but equally effective proposition. Team up with a natural fibre floor rug and lush green foliage plants to complete the look.

Country Rustic is an appealing room style with an earthier natural vibe that suits darker oak floors and particularly those with red undertones. Evoking a flavour of autumn, the great thing about this style of décor is the way that different woods can be mixed and matched, making matching the paint colour to one specific wood shade, less important. Everything in a rustic room should have a well-worn, well-loved look, without any glossy finishes or elaborate detailing. Colours should reflect the outdoors with earthy colours similar to an autumn inspired colour palette, but in slightly lighter tones. Use wrought iron accents to extend the theme with an assured wooden bed or traditional iron bed design to create a focal point for the room from which the scheme can draw inspiration. Stone cladding creates a fantastically rustic accent wall in this room setting, with the warm tones of rich red oak flooring together with a rustic tapestry and some plush accent rugs ensuring a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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