Dark brown furniture bedroom style.

Whilst the dark brown tones of wooden bedroom furniture might be perceived as being best suited to essentially traditional room themes, there is in fact a natural flexibility with this most appealing of wooden furniture styles that allows it to inspire any number of room schemes, from those with an antique country flavour to the most contemporary of settings. Dark brown furniture in all its guises can be played up or down through sympathetic decorating techniques, careful use of colour and fabric textures and other room accents. Dark oaks, cherry woods, mahogany and exotic timbers all fit the brief with unique grain structures and patinas that ensure individuality and timeless style. Dark brown woods have a reassuring and comfortable personality with gender and age-group friendly appeal. Allow brown wooden bed and furniture designs to flatter the senses for an enticing bedroom mood.

Decide on the room layout using existing dark furniture pieces or items that you intend to buy. In smaller rooms there may not be too much flexibility here but larger spaces offer the possibility of some more inspired arrangements. Start with the focal point and work outwards. In most settings this is likely to be a contemporary or traditional wooden bedstead design with or without matching furniture, although a feature window might also fit the brief or perhaps an imposing fireplace in more period style room settings. The focal point will essentially create the room persona, providing the aesthetic catalyst from which other room elements draw inspiration.

Identify the preferred décor theme and stick to the design brief. Simply styled wooden bed creations with a clean silhouette and understated decorative detailing suit clean minimalist surroundings and look fabulously stylish when dressed with creamy linens and perhaps a faux fur bed runner in mocha or animal print patterns. Vintage style original or reproduction designs, from the timeless styling of French lit bateau sleigh beds to heavy antique English dark oak bedsteads and four poster bed designs, are natural partners for traditional room settings where wood wall panelling and natural wood floorboarding softened with a timeworn rug or two, extend the traditional theme.

Choose complementary secondary colours to suit the décor style. Warm colours such as deep reds, burnt gold and creamy shades with a yellow undertone are great in period room or a country house setting, and harmonise fabulously with gold tones for a touch of drama. Cooler colours such as soft greens and mellow blues suit more modern bedroom styling for a calm tranquil atmosphere, and blue and chocolate brown go particularly well together, with woody browns and forest greens for an earthy relaxed quality. Steer clear of colours that are too energetic unless the room statement is rather more minimalist urban, where a few splashes of colour within fabrics and artwork might lift the room with exciting visual appeal.

Enliven modern room settings with natural elements that suit dark brown, more contemporary bed designs. Bright green specimen foliage plants breathe a fresh flavour into the mix without creating clutter or disharmony. Place two identical plants on bedside tables to flank the bed or set one atop a dresser or side table. If the feel of the room is becoming two dark and earthy remember that brown furniture adds weight to the room, and if not incorporated carefully can make the space feel small and cluttered. Neutral accents such as white, beige or cream are your friends here. Window dressings and bed throws in these hues will all lift the mood and create a stylish airy quality to awaken the décor story. Continue this theme with soft window fabrics that let sunshine spill into the room. Natural light invigorates the senses and highlights the wonderful grain and patina of natural dark wood beds and furniture allowing the true beauty to shine through. It’s a recipe for beguiling success in any room scheme, whenever fabulous wooden furniture designs steal the limelight…

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