Comfortable Black and Grey bedroom style.

We’ve touched before on the appeal of black and grey colour combinations in the bedroom. It’s a tone partnership with great versatility where an infinite variety of grey hues play off nicely against the grounded richness of black for room schemes that are urban and edgy, or more glamorous with undertones of Parisian chic. Whatever the room mood, a touch of cosy elegance is assured that not only has a timeless quality but also has universal gender-friendliness appeal for master bedroom or younger family member room themes. Accent with splashes of red or pink for a contemporary quality, or rely solely on the natural harmony of these two colours to establish the décor story.

Establish the theme with grey wall treatments ranging from the lightest tones to darker more assertive shades depending on preference and room style. Lighter shades are in keeping within smaller rooms for an airy open feel, with paint or wallpaper treatments for different texture solutions. A soft dove grey has a romantic edge, particularly when paired with ebony skirting board or window woodwork, whereas a charcoal grey works with black vertical stripes to introduce the illusion of added height with a visual graphic appeal. Pearl grey tones with a tinge of blue, provides endless colour variations when sunlight enters the room, particularly if you pair it with a satin black finish on the lower part of the walls up to dado rail height.

A black leather headboard becomes the focal point against a grey wall in a contemporary bedroom setting, or you might consider other materials such as a black-on-grey damask patterned fabric, tufted faux suede styles or one created from a solid black silk or velvet material for a boudoir flavour. For real impact in more traditional schemes a wooden or metal four poster bed crafted from ebony or dark oak or heavy iron components, is sure to create a stunning room focal point with surface finishes that continue the black theme. Victorian inspired metal bed designs will be equally at home here, with more minimalist, low-rise contemporary bed designs finding favour within more gritty minimalist room settings. Black, silver, or pewter colour finishes are all appropriate whenever a modern vibe is the décor strategy.

Choose black and grey patterned fabrics to extend the theme or solid colours in interesting textures. Window treatments might include a black leather pelmet feature with black and grey striped panel curtains, a black and grey damask cornice with matching floor to ceiling curtains with black sheers beneath, or even a simple black silk swathe of fabric draped over a curtain pole with black lace detailing, for a sensual flavour. Extend the look with bed dressings that pick up on the window fabrics, with damask materials or toile for an inviting feel, or black or grey silk sheets and a striped bed skirt for that Parisian look.

Finalise the makeover with accents and accessories that add an individualistic and unique touch. Black framed photographs line the shelves or a mantel next to black marble statuary, whilst a metallic grey silver-leafed frame showcases an art deco print on the wall as a visual pop above a modern metal bed or chrome bedstead design in ultra-stylish contemporary room settings. Silver based bedside table or side table lamps sport black fabric lampshades, whilst the smaller room details and hardware such as drawer pulls, door knobs and window fittings are exchanged for those with a black or metallic finish to complete this most appealing of room designs…

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