Black and Silver bedroom décor

For an upbeat contemporary take on bedroom style consider the combination of black and silver for an intriguing décor option that is not only gender neutral but offers great flexibility when it comes to creating a personal space that is instantly inviting. Adjust the mood with the colour mix of these complementary shades, adding brighter accent colours for a splash of visual verve in the form of fabrics, décor pieces and evocative wall art.

As always it is the backdrop wall colours that set the tone for the room scheme as a whole. White walls or off-white derivatives serve as a great neutral canvas against which to feature contrasting colour furniture selections or fabric choices, or you might have some wallpaper styles in mind to use on some or perhaps just one accent wall. If you are considering using a white or silver contemporary bed to establish the mood, a black paint finish on the bed head wall will strike a sophisticated urban tone, although if the thought of an all-black paint job is a step too far, explore black and silver patterns as an alternative. Damask, swirls, diamond grid patterns and geometric motifs are all worthy of consideration, whilst a silver/blue or grey wall colour or wallpaper design would also ensure easy classic modern style.

Incorporate white furniture such as a white painted simple wooden bed design and matching pieces if you want something lighter and airier to balance the room. White metal bedsteads with a streamlined contemporary edge will also work here, whilst a colourful headboard in a rich red, yellow or turquoise fabric is sure to create a splash against white, silver, or black walls bringing a funky vibe to the room. Black furniture also suits the room style and offers the flexibility to coordinate well with future décor updates should you wish to change the aesthetic at a later date. Another great option comes in the form of chrome accents and chrome bed designs, adding sparkle and an almost art deco flair to the room for an ultra-sophisticated statement, although just one or two key furniture pieces will be enough to create the mood without overkill. For a modern eclectic look, marry a streamlined chrome bedstead design with a mirrored dresser, a black storage chest at the foot of the bed, and a pair of reflective silver bedside tables.

Softer room textures such as bedding, window fabrics and area rugs should complement the furniture mix and the walls, bringing balance to the black and silver colour palette. A silver bed valance, black sheets, and a cream duvet cover with pillows in all three colours will work against darker walls or furniture to retain an airier room feel. A silver duvet with black lace overlay is a great option for adding a romantic sensual flavour in the room, extending the same treatment to the widows with black lace curtains and sheer silver panels, whilst a black bed throw or duvet featuring silver motifs is a good choice for a teenager’s bedroom. Consider grey bedside rugs to lighten up rooms where black is the dominant colour, or plush black rugs to counterbalance silver room themes.

Dress up the room with interesting black and silver accessories, adding a third brighter colour tone in the form of table lamps, decorative porcelain or some scatter cushions for a pop of colour. These smaller room accents can easily be exchanged for other colours for a seasonal or fashion change on a whim, changing the character of the room without investing a lot of time or resources. Incorporate flowers, candles, bed runners and artwork to get the desired look, with perhaps a dynamic piece of artwork in a chromed frame on the bed head wall for a dramatic individual room statement…

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