Apple Green walls for Black and White teen bedrooms…

For a bold contemporary vibe, the combination of crisp green wall finishes, counterpointed with ultra-stylish black and white room furnishings and décor, creates an undeniably trendy and yet timeless motif for a son’s or daughter’s bedroom. And better still, it’s one that can grow with your teen with the flexibility to accommodate revised décor and accessory accents as tastes or function requirements evolve. Personalise the space with funky plaids, bold damask designs, whimsical polka dots, or classic white walls should you prefer, with black and green splashes of room colour, for a décor statement that is exciting and unique. Give new life to jumble-shop finds or vintage items for a retro or shabby chic style. Transform tired old furniture with a coat of paint and updated knobs and hardware for a frugal room makeover or choose sleek modern bed and furniture designs for a minimalist flavour that will appeal to all the family.

Cast aside more conventional colour themes with an extrovert apple green wall scheme using several coats to ensure a bold saturated hue. Even in larger bedrooms a couple of walls finished in green with the remaining walls painted a complementary neutral tone, will be sufficient to establish the right vibe, whilst smaller rooms might benefit from just one bed-head accent wall so that the green does not overpower the space. Consider also painted green dado rails, coving or skirting boards to introduce an element of green to the walls whenever a more restrained approach is the requirement of the moment. There’s also the option of extending the apple green colour to the floor with a fitted carpet floor covering, although it’s no surprise that bright colours fall from favour more quickly than neutral tones, so a safer bet might be a carpet in a light beige or cream with perhaps an accent apple green bedside rug as a fail-safe and flexible accent option.

Look for coordinating accent furniture to establish the black and white motif within the room, playing off against those green backdrop tones. A white wooden bed design with a simple silhouette and low-rise stance will easily establish the contemporary mood here, whilst a modern metal bed finished in black or white with the bare minimum of detailing will strike an ascetic, upbeat chord. Chrome furniture and décor pieces might also work happily within this room style, with black/white checker-patterned bed duvets or a faux fur throw, extending the motif. Stripy black and white patterns such as zebra stripes bring a touch of tropicalinterest to the mix and bounce off those green room tones for a touch of jungle intrigue, while for truly individual and funky furniture style, consider revamping old vintage store wooden furniture finds with a few coats of apple green paint or neutral colours with green painted trim, which you can easily repurpose colour-wise when the time comes to redesign the room.

Finalise the scheme with accessories and décor pieces that pull the look together for a seamless design style that sits easily on the eye without resorting to excessive amounts of visual clutter that spoils the effect. Throw pillows, cushions, bed canopies and window dressings will all soften the look and allow for fine-tuning when it comes to the green/black/white colour mix. A bright green ceiling fan, stained glass bedside table lamp, or black and white wall photos or prints, will all bring an element of pizazz and texture interest to a personal space that’s truly funky-fabulous…

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