Antique Indian Bohemian Bedroom style.

The lavish bohemian look never seems to go out of style. There’s something about this timeless design trend that finds favour with just about anyone looking for a chic assortment of eclectic schemes with a decorating motif that draws together different textures and colours to create one enticing, cohesive look, far removed from more ubiquitous room settings. Bohemian décor finds inspiration from a range of different sources for a colour, texture, accents and furnishings room mix that defines the style, and one of the most important of these is Indian, or more specifically, antique Indian accents and artefacts. Incorporate elements of this design culture within your bohemian bedroom scheme for a vintage look that can’t fail to please…

Room colours are vibrant in Indian décor. While some palettes rely on eye-catching jewel tones such as sapphire, ruby, amethyst, emerald and garnet, less gregarious room settings will draw on more muted variations of these colours, although they should remain saturated and warm, particularly when complemented with deep shades of brown and black throughout the room. Consider also accents of metallic gold, bronze and copper for a truly authentic vibe. A liberal mix of different colours, textures and bright metal elements will provide the basis for a supremely cosy and inviting space.

Extend the colour theme with furnishings and cabinetry in dark stained ornately carved woods. These will help to balance the bold colour schemes so typical in Indian inspired bohemian room settings. A focal point wooden bed with high foot and head end detail in walnut or cherry will set the scene, or consider a heavy dark iron bed or antique brass bed design, for a colonial flavour. Along with dark woods and rustic metal furnishings, look out for upholstered pieces that feature prints and colours with an Indian influence such as floral or geometric shapes and prints and symbols with religious ancestry. Don’t be afraid to combine different images and textures, for even if they don’t match, the end result will be cohesive and welcoming as long as there is a common thread that ties the look together.

That focal point traditional bed design brings with it the perfect opportunity to incorporate further bohemian Indian style into the room scheme, in the form of decorative tapestry and lavish bed dressings. In India there is a time-honoured screen printing process known as batik, so look out for this style of bedding or wall or bed cover tapestries that replicate or exhibit the same qualities. The original item should not be too difficult to track down, or extend the bohemian vibe with an antique patchwork quilt with more modern pillow cases, such as those that feature metallic embroidery or lace trim, to continue the eclectic mood.

It is the accessories that will bring the final finishing flourish to this room style and a little research is sure to throw up a wealth of ideas. Look out for prints or paintings of bejewelled elephants or religious art or perhaps a bedside table lamp that has a base in the form of a Hindu figure. Throw a printed scarf over a lampshade, or a rich colourful throw over the back of a chair or at the foot of the bed. Coloured glass and rustic iron decorative pieces and hardware will always look at home here, with dark turned antique candlesticks adding to the story, and an iron chandelier above the bed for a touch of visual intrique…

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