Salmon shades for FengShui bedrooms…

Experience serenity and comfort with a soothing fengshui bedroom design that incorporates the colour salmon to create a calming and enticing aura, perfectly in tune with contemporary bedroom style. With interior decorating trends that rely heavily on the incorporation of Asian elements, a modern, yet timeless room vibe is easy to achieve with a warming salmon backdrop for lasting visual pleasure.

Use salmon paint schemes as the perfect start point using a soft salmon shade to transform the whole room. Since salmon is not a boisterous or dominant colour, it can be used throughout the room with confidence to create the feeling of warmth and security. For best results, choose a shade of salmon that exhibits just a hint of rust or peach in its composition whilst avoiding shades that are overtly pink. If the bedroom is small, you might prefer to paint just one accent wall a salmon colour leaving the remaining walls white or a vintage white shade. Stick to wall paints that have a matt or eggshell finish and texture, rather than high gloss sheens that are too assertive.

Select bedroom furniture that extends the Asian theme, choosing bed designs and coordinating furniture that have natural brown wood tones that complement peachy hued salmon contrasts. Avoid furniture that has light oak, maple or pine finishes that tend to wash out and decrease salmon colour finishes, and instead look out for low profile wooden bed designs in mahogany, walnut and dark oak. Alternatively for a strong fengshui theme, incorporate black furniture with Asian etchings and hardware, or a simple satin black iron bed to create the feeling of comfort and harmony within the room. Whatever your choice, select pieces with a modern, global appeal.

Add salmon bedding to that simple modern bed design with coordinating decorative accents. Choose window treatments partnered with wrought iron or bamboo curtain rods and salmon coloured silky fabrics, where the luxury of the fengshui design blends traditional Asian style with modern romanticism. The colour salmon can be extended to not only the bed dressings, but throw pillows, wall art, table decorations, lamps and decorative candles. Avoid overkill by using salmon coloured wall to wall carpet in the room design, and instead choose natural coloured carpet, or better still natural sisal floor coverings or natural wooden flooring with accent sisal rugs.

Conclude the room scheme by introducing elements of the natural botanical world. Add a peaceful water fountain with salmon coloured or creamy pebbles with several colourful Asian plants and an assortment of bamboo artefacts. Fengshui has a spa-like vibe that thrives on these seducing natural elements, so anything with a floral theme, natural greenery, or woody accents, will all extend the fengshui theme. Use them sparinglyon the “less is more” principle to create a room style that will never fail to please, calming the senses after the rigours of everyday lifestyles…

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