Quick and easy Small bedroom décor solutions

For many people looking to buy a new home or apartment, small bedrooms can be a deal breaker. But as a buyer or vendor, there are several quick and simple strategies at our disposal to create larger than life bedroom spaces that are not only eminently functional but beautiful too. So whether you are looking to raise the desirability of your home with a view to selling,or simply looking for a space efficient bedroom makeover, options such as easy construction projects to simple storage and design changes are readily accessible to make all the difference.

An easy start point is to prepare the palette. Piles of magazines, souvenirs and the usual bedroom detritus are the bane of a small bedroom. So be headstrong and de-clutter with a vengeance. Purge, donate or recycle whatever you can and bin the remainder or find items another home within the house. This really is the most instantaneous way of creating the illusion of more space even if in actuality the extra room created is not that great. Many bedroom items can be repurposed or relocated, so move that rarely used filing cabinet down into the basement and those spare liens into the bathroom.

It’s a well- known fact that lighter walls and ceiling treatments can open up a room scheme, so unleash any closed-feeling spaces by freshening up the room with a new coat of paint. Even a fresh coat of paint that is the same or similar to one that is existing, will make all the difference, and brighter colours work well for accent walls or a bed head wall, wooden trim, doors and windows and other decorative accents. Extend the theme with light textiles and translucent whites or pale shades for curtain dressings, to make the most of natural light.

The bed is always going to have the biggest footprint in any small bedroom, so choose the design and size wisely. If your bedroom is home to a single bed then there is probably not much that you can do about space intrusion other than to reposition it or replace it with a single contemporary style metal bedstead with a low profile or a no-footend design. Alternatively a metal daybed might fit the bill that offers a handy seating solution when it is not in use as a bed. Double-bedded rooms might be subject to the same solutions or you can downsize from 4.6ft divan sets or a wooden bedstead to a 4ft model to free up more space if the bed is in a guest room and used only occasionally or is to be used by a son or daughter. For those in search of the traditional wooden or iron bedstead look when space is at a premium, there is also always the option of a low foot-end design which offers all the vintage style without compromising available space.

Think vertically, New York style, as limited floor space does not always equate to limited headroom. You can create a loft or small gallery or choose a loft or bunk bed, perhaps with a built in work station to take advantage of vertical space. A skylight is another solution to create a feeling of openness, and stack artwork vertically on the wall, using matching minimalist gallery frames. Wardrobes also are great furniture solutions with a small footprint, yet offering multiple storage options, whilst under-bed storage makes the most of otherwise redundant space. Several bed designs come with built in drawers or you can purchase trundle bins or something as simple as low wicker baskets to store items which slide under a metal bed or simple wooden panelled bed. A wall mounted bookshelf with cabinets offers more hidden storage, while large scatter cushions on the bed introduce a feeling of comfort to the room without sacrificing space, but can be tossed on the floor whenever an impromptu lounging area is required.

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