Oriental Bedroom Décor

Deciding to decorate a bedroom with an Oriental theme promises a styling adventure as well as offering the perfect platform from which to express your unique taste and creativity. The Asian culture is rich and full of beauty on so many different levels promising a style particularly well suited to enticing bedroom moods. From historical traditions to modern Asian fashion, there really is a look for every occasion and architectural persona. Think outside the mundane norm and create a one- of a- kind décor that is sure to infuse your bedroom with a welcoming sense of Eastern culture…

Use traditional colour schemes to transform an ordinary bedroom into one that exudes Asian flair. Black and red colour contrasts are in keeping here, so consider painting a bed head accent wall black, with the remaining walls finished in a vibrant red hue. Incorporate plush red and black carpet tile squares and arrange them in a pattern on the floor that creates a small black square within a larger red one. These are sensual and powerful visual cues in Oriental tradition, which will create the basis of an inviting and romantic Asian-inspired bedroom design.

If you want authenticity and comfort within your Oriental themed room, choose wooden or iron furniture in satin or polished black finishes that extends the Asian vibe. A black, brushed iron bed futon frame is the perfect addition for this sleek and modern bedroom space, or consider low-rise metal bed platform frames with a simple detail and streamlined silhouette. Wooden beds in familiar platform style will also be totally in keeping here, in piano black finish with the minimum of decorative detailing. Create extra comfort by teaming up with a rich deep mattress, or in the case of a futon mattress, by unzipping it and stuffing it extra full with goose down or a down alternative. It will probably mean that you will no longer be able to fold it futon-style to convert into a sofa, but no matter,for comfort is of paramount importance in your Oriental-inspired sleeping sanctuary. For extra cosiness, incorporate extra padding such as an extra thick feather bed topper, and place it atop the futon mattress. This will create a super-plush sleeping space that will make you feel like royalty. Complete the look with sensual black and red silk sheets and complementary bed coverings for a truly enticing flavour.

Lighting and décor add those all- important touches and pull any room scheme together, particularly so when you are looking to create an Oriental themed room. Follow some tips from a fengshui source and decorate your room according to the Chi that you want to attract. Table-top fountains are always attractive as well as being delightfully soporific, and adding soft pools of yellow light throughout the room is the ideal lighting solution, rather than artificial light that is harsh or sterile. The bedroom mood needs to be warm and sensual, so including burning incense will create a wonderful room scent as well as promoting serenity. Include also mirrored walls where possible for an Oriental touch, as well as living plants for a hint of nature such as exotic orchids or a large specimen plant such as the hardy Golden Pothos.

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