Houndstooth Bedroom style.

Houndstooth or dogtooth as it is also described, is a bold geometric pattern that comes into vogue at this time of the year; namely autumn and winter, to be found on the catwalk, home furnishings and in the form of fabrics for cushions and pillows. This classic pattern traditionally featured black and white designs, but is also seen in a wide variety of colour combinations, such as light and dark blue, and various shades of brown. Add a sophisticated edge to your bedroom by incorporating houndstooth patterns on the bed, walls, or within accent room fabrics. It’s a pattern that will enhance everything from a traditional vintage to contemporary-looking space.

The bed as room focal point is the obvious place to establish the theme, so choose a houndstooth duvet cover or bedspread for a classic look. Black and white patterns will harmonise with most room themes, or you might prefer a pink or red pattern with white contrast for a lively, less conventional flavour. Accent the bed fabrics by using solid-coloured decorative cushions and a throw blanket or runner at the foot of the bed.

The versatility of houndstooth enables it to work well in modern room settings, but it is particularly suited to more traditional room environments where a Victorian style iron bed or glamorous brass bedstead becomes the perfect partner for those houndstooth bed linens. Earthy wooden bed designs are also the ideal style of bed to showcase houndstooth. French inspired sleigh bed creations or simpler panelled beds in darker wood finishes, all fall into this category. Complete the statement by flanking your bed choice with matching bedside tables, for symmetry and a sense of room harmony.

Extend the theme by hanging houndstooth printed paper in the room for a bold look, or on an accent bedhead wall. Muted shades such as lavender or grey will soften the overall effect, and you might like to consider a houndstooth border at dado rail height or to frame the ceiling. Continue the vibe with black and white houndstooth cushions placed on antique chairs or a chaises longue, for a classy retro feel. Place a chair at a vintage vanity table, or use one to enhance a reading nook in the corner of the room. If you can’t track down houndstooth cushions, buy houndstooth fabric and create your own, or use it to reupholster furniture that deserves a new lease of life.

Bring to life hardwood floors with houndstooth-patterned rugs. A fabric such as wool adds warmth to the space, whilst the pattern ensures retro appeal. If you have a large area to cover, alternate the houndstooth rugs with others that have a complementary solid colour to avoid overkill. For example, use a bold patterned rug as the room focal point rug at the foot of the bed, and scatter plain black or white rugs elsewhere.

Accent the walls with houndstooth-printed wall décor, such as stretched canvas over a wooden frame to liven up a neutral toned wall, and don’t be afraid to play around with bold colours for a vibrant flavour. Non-traditional houndstooth colour combinations such as grass green and light blue, or burnt orange and vivid yellow are all worth considering, in this regard…

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