French Country Bedroom colour

French Country style never falls from favour for the simple reason that it is instantly appealing and undeniably timeless. In the home it is a look that exemplifies comfort, easy grace, and a casual, refined elegance as opposed to more formal prim room styles. French country style exudes a persona that is distinctive without being showy that is at home in most traditional surroundings and architectural settings. It is this very flexibility that makes it particularly suited to relaxed bedroom moods, where colour, textures and accents come together with enormously appealing results.

When first pulling together the ideas for your French Country makeover, give the scheme a head start by choosing backdrop colours that are bright and vibrant, such as sunny yellows, clear blues, soft greens, and vintage whites that are creamy and serene. These are all good choices for wall and ceiling colours, which contrast well with the rustic distressed look of wooden or rusted iron furniture pieces, typical of French Country decor. Heavy cotton fabrics and rustic pine furniture adds texture and depth and a feeling of age.Counterbalance these weightier elements with lacy, airy window dressings for a summery flavour. Toile and floral fabrics are good choices for bedroom fabrics, both for the bedding and wallpaper design and elsewhere within the room. Curtains and drapes should reach the floor and fall softly, often with lace curtains enclosed by heavier floral patterned drapes. Include elegant tie-backs and ornate swags to finish the look and incorporate shutters for true French country authenticity.

Furniture choice is of importance here to create the perfect scheme. Wooden pieces that are grounded and solid without excessive detailing are the look that we are striving for. Wooden bed designs in simple panelled style, naturally stained or painted in shades of green, blue, white or faded yellow, will all help to coordinate the room and inject that French Country flavour, whilst a simple iron bed will serve the same purpose, as long as it is a little time-worn, yet retains that elegant persona. More substantial furniture pieces can co-exist happily with more delicate designs here should you wish, helping to strike a good visual balance. In fact an underlying feeling of informal shabby chic-ness is a sure sign that the room mix is right on track.

Just as some of those room elements might exude a rustic, worn and distressed flavour, your choice of bedding and room fabrics can complement the time-worn look for a charming counterpoint. Incorporate throw pillows in luxurious fabrics such as brocade and silk for a touch of country elegance, and throws can be tossed over the backs of chairs or draped over the foot end of that traditional bed for an extra helping of luxury. A soft plush rug laid over whitewashed wooden floors to the side, or at the foot of the bed introduces a comfortable touch, and don’t overlook the importance of those quirky little vintage accents that make all the difference in this essentially traditional room setting. Local antique arcades and flea markets are a great resource in this regard. Old metal lamps, candlesticks, china vases, bowls and more, areall lovely additions to the French Country bedroom, and can be repurposed to perform all sorts of roles if not just purely decorative.

And finally, keep your lighting theme ornate if possible with free standing lamps and ornately shaded bedside table illumination. Tiffany style lamps are perfectly at home here for a beautiful bedroom accent, whilst fabric lampshades can be made to match wallpaper or bedding fabrics. This is a particularly charming look when toile fabrics are part of the room theme. French Country style and graceful Gallic elegance personified…

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