Chic Bedroom makeovers…

Chic, meaning “stylish” or “smart” is a French derived word from the 19th century, which these days is most usually bandied about in a fashion context with reference to catwalk style, classic architecture or anything with a lifestyle context. “Shabby chic” suggests making the best of what you have, whist “model chic” is a much overused term in glamour circles. “Bedroom chic” somewhat speaks for itself and has seen some interesting changes in recent years. No longer is an ornate romantic iron bedstead heaped with print on print fabrics the essential must-have item. For there are many schools of thought in the modern 21st century western world that express a distinct weariness with décor over-stimulation of all kinds. Rooms can still make a statement without relying on excess frippery, and in particular, chic bedrooms can do this whilst remaining almost silent. Adopt the strategies that will bring your bedroom up to chic international standards, then relax, rest, and enjoy simple stylish charm.

Remove or provide alternative storage solutions for any bedroom items that have a strong, visually distracting quality. This might include bright prints, anything with intense colours or glittery or heavy textures. A chic bedroom typically has quiet colours, simple lines, and lots of bare space. Keep decorative accents simple and few; one spectacular plant is much more impactful than a collection of many, and the same is true of other decorative collections or a jumble of photographs. Less is most definitely more here, and the chic bedroom should be visually restful. So provide adequate concealed storage for all the day-to-day items that you need to keep readily to hand. Open bins or cute baskets for jewelry, electronics and fashion accessories belong in a well-arranged closet, armoire, or out of sight in a drawer. Consider unobtrusive built-in storage solutions where the room style and budgets allow. Better to have a single armoire in classic style that performs many tasks, than several unrelated storage pieces.

Create and stick to a limited and calming colour scheme. Envisage your bedroom as a sanctuary for someone who spends all day being bombarded with the colours and movement of computers, television and advertising. Colours can be warm or cooler in nature but above all should coordinate closely. Think black, cream and soft green, peach, gentle yellow, ivory, and dark brown wood tones, to maybe harmonise with a traditional wooden bedstead in walnut or dark oak. Unmatched furniture can be brought into line with wood stains or new paint finishes whenever budgets are tight.

Keep textures simple and natural. A frequent layered look depends upon two quilts or blankets of the same fabric, texture and pattern, but in different colours. The textures of natural materials play a subtle role in interior décor. Driftwood, natural linens and jute in unadorned curtain fabrics and bed dressings, all have a part to play here. Likewise, glass objects, mirrors, and lighting fixtures are tailored and streamlined. Chic is simple in the extreme.

Make a feature of bare or polished natural wood floors, or unify the room with wall to wall fitted carpet in a shade that picks up on room colours for a warm and harmonious flavour. Alternatively combine a bare floor with islands of simply textured area rugs, at the foot or to one side of that stylish traditional wooden bed, or scattered strategically elsewhere in the room. Aim for materials that appear both luxurious, but at the same time, utilitarian, to extend the sophisticated vibe of the classiest of enticing bedroom schemes…

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