Vintage bedroom chic…

The term “vintage” summons up any number of different images, and it is the very uniqueness of the vintage style of decorating that makes this room theme so bespoke and appealing. Personalise a vintage style bedroom with antiques, accents and enticing colours, for a makeover that showcases your creative style and individualistic good taste. Whether it’s shabby chic, old Hollywood glamour, a feminine floral vibe, or any number of different variations that you enjoy, create a look that is all your own, for enduring, timeless appeal. For inspiration wander around antique arcades, car boot sales, bric a brac stores or research online or within decorating magazines for the perfect bedroom scheme. Sometimes a great find such as an antique armoire or rusty iron bed will create inspiration for the whole room. Take your time in your search for the perfect inspirational piece, as this part of the process is half the fun, and will make the transformation process all the easier as the correct choice of complementary accessories and fabrics falls into place.

Start by drawing a scale plan of the room and incorporate scale cut-outs of the pieces of furniture that you hope to buy or have already acquired. If you have an interesting architectural detail in the room such as a window seat or archway, you may wish to accentuate it and allow it to become the focal point. Alternatively you would most probably choose the bed as the likeliest largest room element to place centre stage, and inspire the room theme as a whole.

Select vintage style wallpaper for a great oldie feel, to offset the furniture collection and create the perfect mood. For a sophisticated and formal look choose damask floral wallpaper in a floral or crest design, or a vintage tropical leaf design for a Palm Beach look. Retro floral wallpaper designs are appropriate for a feminine bedroom style, whilst for a son or daughter’s bedroom look at old style images of zoo animals, or trains, planes and classic cars. Faded yellow wallpaper colours are a popular choice for a child’s room, with pink and green being particularly suited to floral feminine schemes. Silver damask is one to consider for a glamorous silver and white vibe.

Use that glamorous antique or reproduction iron bed or wooden bed to become the room focal point, in true Victorian or 20th century vintage spirit. A spectacular Rococo style wooden bedstead would be eye-catching, and canopy beds or an antique four poster bed will undoubtedly inspire a vintage room theme. Antique style brass bed designs are also wonderfully in keeping here, and will harmonise nicely with vintage style wooden dressing tables and writing desks, with antique armoires and wardrobes providing ideal storage solutions.

Dress the bed with fabrics and linens that bring it to life. Plump pillows, down filled duvets, bed throws, quilts and crocheted Afghans will introduce a lavish and comfortable feel to the room, with a thick accent rug at the foot or to the side of the bed to continue the theme. It’s easy to transform linens that you already own into a retro look by sewing crocheted lace detailing onto pillowcases and sheetsand using lace doilies as accent features on bedside tables.

Complete the vintage room theme with enchanting accessories that you may already own or have tracked down in your antique hunt travels. Antique mirrors with gilt frames, beaded lampshades, a vintage bird cage, or old wooden coat stand, will all incorporate beautifully. Antique water pitchers and bowls can be displayed on an occasional table, with a silver vanity hairbrush set on the dressing table for a generous helping of vintage charm, with such accents as pretty Victorian jewelry boxes, heavy glass candlesticks, and old fashioned hat boxes all adding to the authentic beguiling allure…

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