Retro bedroom design for girls…

Retro design is back with a vengeance. In the bedroom it’s a funky alternative décor theme that is appropriate for adults and children alike. Colourful, vibrant and splashy, retro bedroom design offers teenage girls an opportunity to express a bold individualistic style within their own personal space. Retro styling sees zebra patterned, faux-fur covered sling chairs co-existing with bright orange shag pile rugs, minimalist metal bed designs, and rainbow coloured bead curtains. From the bright polka-dots of the 1950s through the era of the tie-dyed flower power 60s, and glitzy disco themes of the 1970s, retro décor is most glorious when it is eclectic and gaudy…the perfect alternative bedroom design statement.

If you’re in love with images from the time of “rock and roll” pick a theme that suits a daughter’s personality and get busy with paints and accents. Pink painted walls with posters of rock stars such as Elvis Presley epitomise this era, or you might prefer an all-American vibe with pink poodles, ponytails and ribbons, bobby sox and saddle shoes for a true touch of 50s nostalgia. Select window dressings and bed linens made from natural cotton in solid colours, polka dots, or those that depict patterns relevant to your chosen theme. Team them together with a retro styled iron bed in a bright finish to form the perfect room focal point. Decorate walls with a collage of magazine covers and movie posters featuring stars like Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson and Marlon Brando. Old copies of Life magazine make for great inspiration and you might like to frame a page or two. Hunt them down at specialist antique stores and estate sales.

Moving on to the 60s, the era was personified by the hippie movement and the height of British musical and fashion talent from The Beatles and the Rolling Stones through to Twiggy and Mary Quant on the catwalks of the western world. Colours, designs and accessories were distinctive and expressive, so include elements within your room décor such as tie-dyed fabrics for bed sheets and pillows on a low platform wooden bed or strings of funky multi-coloured plastic beads hanging from curtain rods to evoke the flower power mood. Complete the look with a display of peace symbols or oversized daisy flowers in bright lime green, sapphire blue, orange, yellow or bright red on a shelf or hand-made headboard feature. Liven the walls with a collage of posters or old album covers of a favourite band, artist or musical for a true taste of sixties nostalgia.

The 1970s were all about glitz and disco on the teenage scene, so be bold and integrate vibrant accents and accessories into the scheme that awaken the flavour of 70s culture. Paint walls with a glittery silver finish and hang sequined or retro patterned curtains at the windows. A mirrored disco ball feature is the epitome of nightclub style, and no room scheme would be complete without the ubiquitous lava lamp…all the rage back then and enjoying something of a retro revival today. Place a large freestanding design in the corner of a room along with some scatter cushions to create a cosy nook for lounging or reading, or a smaller version on a bedside table. Spice up the mood with a brightly coloured thick shag rug and faux-fur animal skin or psychedelic patterned bedspread atop vivid bed linens on a contemporary chrome bed, with a bean bag or two completing the 70s vibe for good measure…

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