Masculine bedrooms with Black Furniture

Black furniture in the form of a stylish metal bed frame, dressers, desks, and perhaps a contemporary work bureau, can give the blandest of room spaces an instantly functional and sophisticated vibe that inspires other colour and decorative accents within the room. The real beauty of black furniture is that it complements a vast range of textures and colour trends, and with such flexibility, any number of décor styles become possible. Depending on personal taste and preference, choose furniture pieces in moody black wooden finishes, assertive wrought iron, steel, or softer finishes such as acrylic and rattan. Richly upholstered headboards or upholstered bedsteads, would also be in keeping here, in lustrous black suede finish or dark leather for a clubby feel. Take into account hobbies, interests and family links when choosing accents and features within such a room scheme, for a makeover that is a true reflection of personality for a bold personal décor statement.

Stick with wall treatments, be that paint, fabric finishes, or wallpaper, in the light natural colours of neutral white, taupe or pale silvery greys, to provide a backdrop contrast for the black furniture elements. Avoid colours that are too dark if you want to avoid a closed-in cave-like feeling, although a darker accent wall in a rich burgundy or burnt gold might make for an appealing feature in larger rooms. Choose black furniture pieces that complement each other. That doesn’t necessarily mean going for a room set, but there should be colour and/or design style that ties them all together. For example, select a black contemporary or traditional iron bed or metal headboard, that has masculine rustic or modern appeal, depending upon the overall room theme, and marry it up with a wooden black dresser. A black fabric or rattan headboard would work equally well here, but if you are working to a tight budget, consider transforming existing furniture pieces with a lick of black paint to give them a new lease of life.

Enhance the bed with a duvet or bed throw that complements the black scheme whilst exuding comfort and style. Subdued tones such as burgundy, dark grey, storm blue, or a mid- tone beige will do the job, and consider accenting the bed with black decorative pillows and a matching runner at the foot. Place a plush black area rug to the side or at the foot of the bed to soften up the mood, particularly if the bedroom features a bare hardwood floor.

Incorporate a space in the bedroom for reading and relaxation when budgets and room dimensions permit. A comfortable black leather recliner with a chrome or brushed nickel reading lamp, and a bookcase filled with favourite novels, would be the perfect addition to a contemporary room theme, with perhaps additional chrome room accents to extend the design message. Drawer pulls, chrome  light sconces flanking the bed, or some brushed nickel shelving to display personal memorabilia, should all push the right décor buttons.

Lastly, choose chrome or polished metal frames for favourite posters or family black and white photographs to hang on the wall or beside the bed for that final individualistic touch…

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