Contemporary Spa ideas for smaller bedrooms

Sophisticated contemporary spas have an upscale feel made possible by large quantities of available space, stylish fittings, and bespoke design that is intended to lend them an upmarket flavour that is spacious, bright and open. For those in search of a similar vibe in the home environment there are a number of immediately obvious stumbling blocks. Size limitations impose the first hurdle, and without access to the services of an interior designer or the accents and features found in a modern day spa environment, the task might seem particularly daunting. However, with careful use of colours, textures, furniture and fabrics, it is possible to emulate the feel and characteristics of an upsize spa inspired bedroom, without resorting to the use of specifically created bespoke objects or breaking the bank in search of the look…

Choose the right colour mix and you are well on the way to a spa bedroom with a contemporary feel. The trick here is to mix neutral colours in in both warmer and cooler shades, with neutral warmer colours for fabrics and the bedding, including ever-popular tans and creams. Mix and match patterns, using striped sheets and comforters with pillows that have a floral pattern for example. Stick with the same colour palette for a complementary cohesive look for bed and window dressings and choose a wall colour from a similar colour spectrum. Once again, creamy shades or off white tones are always successful here. Warmer shades will liven up the room when desired but again, neutral tones are best offering a great backdrop to accent features in darker finishes or stylish furniture pieces.

Storage space is often an issue in smaller bedrooms but there are several ways to tackle the problem. Contemporary metal beds in chrome or funky silver paint finishes, may be low rise but still offer under bed storage solutions in the form of trundle boxes or custom made storage containers. For an inviting mix of old and new, an antique chest placed at the foot of a contemporary bedstead or more vintage traditional bed style, should you desire, offers a great storage spot for extra bedding, out of season clothing or extra towels, as well as a bed throw when not in use or required. Where space allows, an armoire might also fit the room scheme and is totally in tune with the hotel spa look where style meets practicality. Pick a design that matches with the other furniture or offers a pleasing contrast and consider it for use to house a TV or other electronics, with extra drawer space offering additional storage solutions for clothes and all the other usual paraphernalia always to be found in the bedroom which we’d prefer to have out of sight.

Reduce the clutter within the room for the fresh airy look that you’d expect to encounter in a typical spa hotel bedroom. Opt for accessories and accents in lighter cooler colours such as blue, green and clear glass pieces. Incorporate translucent accents that catch the light and reflect it about the room to give the space a larger and more open ambiance. Use the armoire or bedside tables as perfect display areas for accent art, flower displays or a bowl of fruit. Hang a piece of contemporary art over that art deco style chrome metal bedstead orstand a bronze figurine atop a vanity dresser or corner table for the perfect finishing touch.

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