Country Gothic bedrooms

Boyne Brass Bed from Original Bedstead.

Boyne Brass Bed from Original Bedstead.

Country Gothic styling offers a less formal, arguably softer approach to Gothic design projects. This style movement was particularly popular during the 1840s onwards when it was also referred to as Revival Gothic or American Gothic. Of course it was the Victorians who really embraced the look, as the architectural elements to be found in both public and private buildings from the era, bear testament today.

Gothic styling remained popular through the reign of Queen Victoria, for it was the dark woods, carved furniture, rich colours and arched features that so captured the imagination of our ancestors.

As a design trait that has endured through the passage of time, it still enjoys particular relevance within the 21st century, although these days we might prefer a lightening up of the Victorian interpretation of the style. However, true Gothic interiors still rely on beautiful wooden features and an elegant mix of ornate and country decor, to capture the heart of this most emotive of decorative solutions. As a fun and timeless approach to interior design, it might just be an option that appeals, with sympathetic use of elements of the look, or a complete makeover, for ravishing Country Gothic romance.

Antique markets and reclamation yards, make happy hunting grounds for any budding interior designer with Gothic yearnings. Look out for architectural and accessory elements that embrace Country Gothic style. The arch practically defined the look, so any arch-shaped features such as window frames, wall sconces, or actual wall or door arches, in original form or recreated using lighter materials, will set the scene. For those building or altering a house, or perhaps creating a whimsical folly, modern arched windows and arched features are fairly easy to obtain, and wooden features can be distressed down to impart a time-worn appearance.

Stain floors to resemble antique oak, or paint with patterns such as diamonds or hexagons. The ornate Gothic style would also have extended to the floors, and add an imposing focal point with a heavy and glamorous four poster bed in a moody dark finish with antique brass detailing, or perhaps an ornately carved wooden four poster bedstead. Allowing the bed to set the scene for the room set as a whole, will always pay dividends, and where space is tighter, a traditional normal height iron bed or romantic brass bedstead , is sure to be equally appealing as well as possibly a little more affordable.

Whatever your choice, bring the bed to life with a bedspread that features a richly coloured large scale floral print. Dressers and chests made from walnut or oak would also be appropriate, as would a glass or marble topped bedside table. Large scale gilt framed mirrors will add depth to the walls and impart a feeling of space to the room.

Complement the whole ensemble with colours that offer warmth and comfort. The Victorians absolutely loved the dark toned jewel tones that defined the Gothic period, and rich reds and burnt gold’s are particularly appropriate. Add a country element to the rich colour theme by using creamy white accents for trim on fabrics and window dressings. Alternatively you might choose to paint your walls a vintage white for a fresher, more contemporary Gothic feel, and as the perfect backdrop contrast for that glamorous traditional bed and dark wood furniture pieces.

Accent pieces such as leather topped chairs and ottomans will bring comfort and style to the room setting, or breathe new life into a chaise longue or wing-backed chair by reupholstering in rich damasks or velvets in dark brown, burgundy or royal blue.

Crucifix details will introduce another authentic dimension, whilst some richly patterned cushions and bolsters will add extra comfort and visual appeal to the most enticing of bedroom settings…

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