Thoughts on Black bedroom themes

Chrome and Nickel Beds from Original Bedstead.

Chrome and Nickel Beds from Original Bedstead.

A step too far? Well, quite possibly, although no one here is advocating an all-black colour job in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter unless you have a morbid obsession with the occult or wish to reawaken old college basement night club memories.

But black is “the new black”, as they say, and elements or accents of black, or an even bolder approach, can prove very sophisticated when tackled with flair and matched sympathetically with contrasting colour and accessories.

For the very brave, painting the walls black is akin to taking the ultimate plunge, and whilst probably not the best idea for a rental apartment, if you’re planning to be in a particular space for some time to come and want to make the bedroom your own with a super-bold statement, then don’t hold back.

Choose black shades carefully. As with white, black comes in many different hues so some experimentation with sample pots might be required. If black walls are too much of a commitment it’s still possible to create a black theme with floor length curtains for a softer feel that can be replaced with ease, on a whim or with the seasons.

A black bedroom is undoubtedly bold but for contrast consider painting two walls black, and the others, white, grey or another accent colour for a two-tone look, whilst a black textured paint job for the ceiling or black lacquered floor treatment, will lend the bedroom black overtones, away from eye level.

For an assured look, choose furniture that is in keeping with the contemporary mood. Dark or black walls make a great backdrop for chrome. Selecting a low level modern chrome bedstead with matching bedside tables, is bound to ensure a sensual look. A contrasting modern metal bed in white or glossy ivory finish might work equally well, and there would certainly be little chance of it being overlooked as the room focal point within a moody black room setting!

And yet for true sophistication, we’re erring on the side of chrome, with perhaps a faux fur zebra print throw for a touch of Art Deco style. In fact it’s such accessories and soft furnishings that are going to tame the look, ensuring that those black accents or bolder applications, don’t overpower. No one wants to sleep in a dungeon but with splashes of red and grey and the contrast of white linens and complementary soft furnishing patterns, an intriguing room environment is assured.

Cricket stripes, spotty patterns, gingham or plainer styles are all at home here and can’t help but capture the eye against a dark background theme. Mounds of pillows or a bolster on the chrome bedstead or modern metal bed, finished in these fabric options will introduce a feeling of comfort to the space , whilst not detracting from the ascetic flavour.

Arguably it’s harder to get “just right” a black themed bedroom than it is when working with lighter shades. After all, some blacks look bluer than others, particularly when in situ and in different lighting conditions, and differences between glossy and matt finishes as well as differing fabric thread counts, can throw even the most carefully planned room scheme.

And yet, get it right, and the results can be ravishing.

In fact possibly the ultimate inspired solution for anyone in search of a classic contemporary look that dares to be different… ?

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