“Sleeping under the stars….”

The bed is the ultimate escape. A pocket of sanctuary for renewal, respite and romance.

Creating a hideaway where the bed becomes a self- contained haven, means that wherever you may be, and however small the sleeping area, it is possible to climb between sheets and be instantly transported to a quieter place in time.

When on the move or sleeping under the stars, the sensory effect is sharpened and as a way of reclaiming our links with nature and recapturing a simplicity of experience, it has little equal, although one which we all too rarely capture.

A hammock or tree house in the garden during balmy summer months can provide a wonderfully simple escape, whilst a flight of fancy exotic beachfront retreat with a basic platform bed under a canopy of palms and the sound of the sea, might be the ultimate tropical fantasy.

The countryside, mountains and sea all provide favourite time-out destinations where the transport itself will often provide a sleeping sanctuary.

Train sleepers or cabin beds on river barges and ocean liners all provide such calm. Allowing ourselves to be transported to new destinations under the cloak of night frees body and mind with the promise of new adventures and experiences.

And likewise, small cocoon-like berths on seafaring yachts, whether at anchor in some tucked away cove or sailing before the wind, offer a truly unique experience. Allowing nature and the elements to rock us gently to sleep is as far removed from the bustle of everyday life as it is possible to imagine.

As a feeling that briefly frees us from responsibility and liberates our thoughts from the daily routine, it has the potential to induce truly deep and restoring slumber.

And away from the obvious allure of those enticing faraway colonial holiday escapes, more bohemian sleeping retreats can provide equal charm and more than just a hint of quiet romance.

With an undoubted spirit of adventure, subtly hedonistic escapism is within the grasp of most, whenever climate, time and the imagination permits….

Beneath the stars, below the moon.

There is a place that I call home.

It calls me now, it always has,

A wondrous love that draws me still.

At peace, am I when in those arms,

To rest ’til dawn and dream of thee.

For ever yours, for ever ours,

For all of time, beneath the stars…



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