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Brass Beds

..... And this is the finish that we strive to achieve for every brass bedstead that we create.

Drawing on those age old Victorian values and virtues, we select the heaviest pure brass tubing and solid brass knobs and components as the basic ingredient for each and every bed.

Once the brass tubing is carefully cut to size it is subjected to a laborious buffing process which achieves a perfectly flawless shining surface.

Only when we are confident that the finish is perfect, do we put every tube and brass knob and casting through the antiquing baths which imparts each component with the wonderful patina that we desire.

This finish suggests true heritage and more than a passing similarity with those expressive Victorian ancestors. Once assembled by our skilled craftsmen, each bed or headboard is subjected to a lacquering process, which ensures a protective layer that is highly durable and prevents oxidisation.

It imparts also a glossy characteristic, which emphasises the depth of the patina and draws out the true character of the bed.

Finally, each bedstead is oven baked to ensure that the lacquer coat is hard and super resilient, to last a lifetime.

It is these laborious but time- honoured methods that result in a bedstead of immense style and unquestionable durability.

When partnered with one of our bed base options, be that a quality sprung beech slatted base, a universal frame, surround frame or support frame, the result is a bedstead of great strength and manufacturing integrity that will remain reassuringly dependable over the generations.

And unlike some of those 19th century predecessors, the minimum of care is required to maintain those timeless good looks as the occasional attention of a dry duster will testify.

And finally, as we care so passionately that your brass bedstead should arrive with you just as it left our factory, we use a quality shrink wrap and heavy corrugated box packaging combination to withstand even the most unsympathetic transportation.

It is testimony to a manufacturing and customer service ethos for which we are widely recognised and justifiably proud.

A commitment to you of only the finest design and attention to detail that we believe maintains those beguiling Victorian aspirations and traditional values.