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Brass Beds

It was the Victorians who first perfected the art of Brass Bed manufacture. By the early 1840.s brass was taking over from iron as the preferred metal of choice, and as the industrial revolution inexorably continued, hundreds of brass foundries became established across the British Isles to cater for a nation that had embraced this bedstead revolution.

From the smallest factories producing only a very few bespoke beds per week, to the largest, manufacturing on a grand scale, the highest concentration of plants were to be found in the industrial heartlands of The Midlands.

Here, skilled craftsmen would work with this expressive new metal to produce bedsteads of great elegance and style.

Incorporating such materials as porcelain and pearl into the designs, there are a wealth of timeless classics from this era that are still revered and treasured today.

Companies such as Winfield and Son would be commissioned to produce bedsteads for the nobility and some of the finest homes in England whilst at the other end of the scale many factories would craft more functional pieces for a wider, less privileged audience.

During a period of often great austerity, there can be no doubting the impact made by these wonderful pieces on the homes of the time.

With the grace and style to transform the simplest town or country bedroom, these timeless classics captured perfectly the infectious spirit of invention of the era.

And as the allure of brass replaced somewhat the fondness for iron, so wooden bedsteads also fell from favour. Brass was seen as being a more inspired and glamorous material with its lustrous and rather inviting finish that captured the imagination.

With a lacquer finish a certain ease of maintenance was also assured although unlacquered versions doubtless required plenty of hand polishing to maintain the trademark brass shine.

Today we revere the look and character of these antique brass originals and the beautiful patina that has developed with the passing of time.cont.........