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Bedroom Furniture

No bedroom is complete without a selection of complementary furniture to add practicality and a sense of character.

Across the ages, for functional reasons as well as aesthetic considerations, bedroom furniture has always featured highly as part of the bedroom theme.

During medieval times and up until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution it was wood that was almost exclusively used for the creation of some of the fabulous pieces of furniture that personify that period.

Within the British Isles, English oak was available in abundance and gave rise to often intricately carved coffers, chests of drawers and early versions of the wardrobe, examples of which still survive today.

Nursing chairs, joint stools and candle tables were also part of a proliferation of furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries and would have been found in all but the very humblest homes.

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, new and exciting materials became available and started to find their way into the bedroom.

For the first time, iron and brass was available, not only for the creation of those fabulous bedstead designs of the time, but also for matching tables and bedroom accessories.

And by the time of the 1920s when the art deco movement was starting to gather pace, a medley of materials was within grasp of the furniture designers of the era.

Chrome, bronze, leather, glass and exotic woods all found their way into pieces of the age in response to a clamour for a return to glamour during the austere inter- war years.

Our eclectic collection of bedroom furniture has been selected with a broad range of bedroom styles and decorative themes in mind.

Our metal and glass Bedside Tables are enduringly popular and in either Victorian traditional style or more contemporary form, are designed to harmonise perfectly with any of the Iron or Antique Brass or Nickel and Chrome bedstead designs from our range.cont.........