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Bed Linens

There is an unmistakably romantic appeal of a beautiful bedstead adorned with fresh linens, heavy textured throws and crisp white cotton sheets.

In a traditional country bedroom or majestic town house the visual effect and message of welcoming comfort is the same.

Climbing between the sheets of an opulent antique brass bedstead that is aired, scented and made up with starchy, pristine white cotton sheets, plump pillows and bolsters, is a feeling of pure joy and just a little decadence.

And yet it is an experience that is there for us all to enjoy, particularly so amongst the bustle of our modern age and frantic lifestyles.

As such, a timeless mix of comfort and style and understated good taste, is something that we have sought to capture for our new collection of linens and bed throws, drawing on our passion for quality and design detailing.

The richest colours and most tactile of fabrics personify this delightful range to complement and inspire in the most beguiling manner.

From the heaviest textured bed covers to fine chenille and sensuous silks, we introduce a stunning selection of linens and accessories to complement the most demanding bedroom style and bedstead design, whether traditionally glamorous or a little more minimalist in character.

In fact, the styling nuances of the bedstead and the use of different metals, colours and textures, demand linens that emphasise and flatter.

In effect to draw out the true flavour of the design to create a simply lovely style statement and room environment that promises great visual and sensory pleasure and lifestyle harmony. Within this evocative new range there are to be found some rather captivating and enchanting creations, to introduce a fresh dimension of luxury to any bedroom theme.